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Do you like sports? If the answer is “yes”, then you probably have your favorite athlete or sports team. Because of that, every weekend, you probably divide two or three hours watching a soccer/basketball match. It is an excellent way to relax, forget about all the problems that you have at work, and recharge your batteries.

The question is – have you ever tried to turn your favorite activity into a profit? Many people do not use the opportunity that online technology provides them with. There are thousands of sports betting sites (one of them is  in the online world that allow you to bet on your favorite individual or team.

Unfortunately, if you have never done something like that, you will have to pass through a knowledge improvement process. The good news is that the online world is full of educational content that can teach you how to create an account in an online betting site, how to deposit money, etc. A good example of that is, for instance, where you can teach how to register for fun88.

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After you improve your theoretical knowledge and get familiar with the technical side of betting, the next thing you have to do is to pick the right strategy. Fortunately for you, there are a big number of betting strategies that you can use, and they can all ensure you profit in different ways. One of the betting strategies we would like to talk about in this article is the 60% betting strategy.

The name of the betting method probably does not say the full story. That is the reason why we would like to provide you with an appropriate explanation. After you read the description below, you will easily determine whether this betting strategy is good for you or not. Let’s go!

How Does 60% Betting Strategy Work

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The entire process starts before you even place the first bet. You need to determine precisely how much money you can deposit into your bookmaker account. Keep in mind that you, as a beginner, should not this journey with some big amounts. Despite that, look for the casinos that offer welcome bonuses. In some cases, you can get 100% of the amount you invested for free.

After you make your own calculation, the next step is to divide your deposit into five different parts. These five parts are not going to be equal. You should divide that amount in the way described in the list below

  • First Part: 1% of Deposit
  • Second Part: 3.5% of Deposit
  • Third Part: 9.5% of Deposit
  • Fourth Part: 24.5% of Deposit
  • Fifth Part: 61.5% of Deposit
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Let’s convert that into real numbers. If your deposit is $100, then you need to invest $1, $3.5, $9.5, $24.5, and $61.5 for each part. The entire journey starts with one dollar. You place the bet that seems like the one that can bring you profit. In case you make a mistake, you move to the second step. In that way, you go way up to the fifth part until you win some money.

It doesn’t exactly matter in which part of your betting journey you will win the money. Whenever something like that happens, you need to get back to the first part. On the other hand, if you lose five times in a row, you will have to invest 61.5% of your deposit every next time, which requires additional investments.

The goal that you must have is not to find yourself in that situation. All the experienced bettors that use this strategy will bet on 1.7 odd. The betting sites consider that players have 56% to make a profit with that odd. That would mean that your chances of losing 5 bets in a row are only 0.05%. You probably understand now why this betting strategy is less risky compared to some other ones.

How Often Should I Bet This Way?

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Speaking of the number of times you should bet this way, things are pretty obvious. First of all, when you find yourself in a winning strike, do not get motivated enough to spend the entire day on your betting account.

According to experts, it is going to be enough to use the same strategy 3 times a day. More precisely, it will be enough to place 90 bets every single month. That will allow you to increase your monthly deposit by 60%.

Another thing you need to work on is self-discipline. No one says that you need to raise your deposit whenever you find yourself a winning strike. Instead of that, invest only the amount of money you can afford to spend. Indeed, the chances you will not raise your deposit for 60% are only 0.05%, but that doesn’t mean a certain risk does not exist.

You Have to Improve Your Knowledge about Particular Sport

It doesn’t matter which betting strategy you will use. They all come with certain patterns you have to follow. Yet, these patterns will not mean anything to you if you are not familiar with the sports you are betting on. That is the reason why you have to follow the latest news, check out the statistics, and listen to your instinct before you place a bet. With a good strategy, pieces of information, and self-discipline, the chances that you reach your goal will be much higher.

Is 60% Betting Strategy the Only One?

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The answer to the question from the subtitle is “no” without any doubt. You can, for instance, use the 1X home outsider strategy. More precisely, you will try to predict when the outsiders will win or play a draw against favorites. Doing this will help you earn more money as the 1X bet, in this case, brings an amazing odd. However, the chances you will lose money are a lot higher compared to the 60% betting strategy.

Some other strategies that you can use are early or late goals, half-time bets, over/under bet (refers to the number of goals during the match), etc. However, neither of those strategies is safe as the one that we review in this article. Because of that, we suggest you try it out.