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It’s something that everyone who has been through the betting arena has wondered about. Why does someone lose a bet? What are the reasons? What are we doing wrong, and how can we fix it?

The easiest thing to do is to blame it on bad luck. We are sure about ourselves and our capabilities, that we tend to believe that the whole universe conspires to keep losing our bet even if it is in However, that isn’t the case. The universe doesn’t care. Let’s see the main reasons why we can lose the betting battle.

Because you want to play in all the leagues

This is not possible. You can’t know from the outside what happens in every league. What you should know is the statistics on the result, goals, special bets, and in general what is played in the league, which is practically impossible, even if you are a journalist. Learn one league (instead of two at most) and focus your attention there. Even professionals don’t write about all leagues. There is another that deals with the US, another for England, Spain, and so on. Have you ever seen in any betting newspaper or magazine the same analyst writing about 5-6 leagues? No, and if you have seen it, don’t rebuy it.

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Because you want to play in all sports

Just as it isn’t possible to know all the championships, it isn’t possible to learn all the sports. It’s one thing to know the rules and how they are played and another to know in-depth what factors can be decisive for its development and how to move to make a betting choice. Stay with 1-2 sports, and you’ll be fine.

Because you don’t have the correct information

The internet world is chaotic. There are now dozens, not to mention hundreds of sites where everyone writes what they want. One is valid, and another is not. Information, like  statistics, is an essential factor in knowledge and weapons in betting. You need to choose the media that gives you valid information. Make a proper discard in the media from which you are informed.

Because you play whenever you feel like

Betting is not for satiety. We don’t play unorganized. There is certainly nothing more beautiful and exciting than watching a game and betting on it. For this reason, moreover, in live betting, the turnovers are skyrocketing. But therein lies the trap. Play wisely, not just because you watch a game on streaming or TV, but because there is a reason and a chance to win.

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Because you don’t have capital management

The bet is played with money, your money. You have to respect it. Don’t fall into the other trap of betting on the winnings. Maximum error. From the moment you won, it’s your money. You made it by risking capital. Never forget that.

The biggest mistake you can make is chasing the lost money when you want to gain it back. Never play in a panic because you will be led to destruction. Put a ceiling on your winnings and losses before you start playing.

Because you are constantly thinking about betting

Betting should be a hobby, a pastime while respecting the amount you risk. It is not our whole life, or at least it should not be. If you have started thinking about betting even when you are walking with your partner, or if you are thinking about what you will play the next day when you go to bed at night, or even further if you see the bet in your sleep, then you might have a problem. This is a dangerously addictive attitude towards gambling and will lead you to big losses and not only money. Keep betting as a hobby in which you happily spend a percentage of your free time. In any other case, unless you plan to make a living out of it, the problem is much bigger than the fact that you constantly lose in the bet.

Because you follow whichever tip you come across

With the development of the internet and sites, it has been found that anyone can write whatever they want on some websites. Everyone sells themselves as a tipster, a guru, a specialist, and whatever else comes to your mind. A performance hits at 20.00, and you say, “Oh, here we are.” This isn’t the case, though. Read the tipster in depth. What he has given in his last 100 proposals, in what odds he plays, with what method he bets, what he touches, what he avoids. See also some of the matches he suggests. If he caught an under 2.5 in 1-0 and the match, there were ten shots on goal, four four-on-four, and a penalty was lost, then he probably didn’t read the game very well. So, before you decide to follow a specialist or “guru,” watch him for a long time and then trust him.

In closing, we will remind you the following: For the profit or the loss in the bet, first you are to blame and then anyone else. If you are organized, relaxed, informed, and play tactically and sparingly, then you increase the chances of combining your hobby with a profit. But if you do some of what’s written above, then it’s very likely that you will lose a lot.