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Any occupation implies having one’s own tools and attributes. Even to meditate it is desirable to have at least a mat. And such seemingly utilitarian activity as sports betting also requires its own set of tools and equipment. Since our project is dedicated to betting, we pay attention even to such, at first glance, unimportant details. But do not underestimate the little things, in them, as the proverb says, hides the devil. The field of betting is already full of uncertainties and risks to lose even a couple of percent to success out of the blue. So let’s take a closer look at what players use, break down the role of each of the tools, and give recommendations on how to choose and optimize them.

Some would say that the player doesn’t need anything at all in terms of logistics. But this is a superficial view. Yes, you can go to a betting shop and at random stick cash on some outcome. But it is clear that today, in the XXI century more than 90% of sports betting is done over the Internet. And here you can’t do without basic equipment. And if we look at the side of professional betting, it requires a lot of important little things. On them we will focus our attention. 


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Since most modern bettors bet from home, they need an Internet connection. The main parameter in this part is the connection speed. Anyone who is seriously involved in sports betting will use a fairly wide channel. This will include open bookmaker sites, various statistical services and, most traffic-consuming is the live broadcasts of the matches themselves. When playing in live mode all that stuff is running at full speed with a lot of windows open. If the network is weak, the brakes at the most unfortunate moment will not allow you to make a quick bet for the most favorable odds. In order not to then have to bite your elbows that because of a bad connection could not overlap, back up the main bet in play, or just make a profitable move, do not skimp on a good operator and tariff. This is especially important for those who do not use TV as a source of sports broadcasts, and watch everything exclusively through the Internet.

Another important aspect is how you connect from the main cable to your equipment. If you work strictly in one place, for example, sitting in a chair in front of a desktop computer, then there are no options – cable connection. If you can walk around, watch something from a tablet or phone in other parts of the apartment, then you definitely need a router that supports Wi-Fi, wireless network distribution. It should be taken into account that wifi eats up about 10% of the speed. So it makes no sense for owners of modest rates to connect wirelessly if they are working stationary. On the contrary, a direct cable connection will give better speeds. Of course, holders of fiber-optic lines and packages with good speeds are no longer limited by this loss of speed in any way.

So, we found out that the Internet is almost the main tool for the modern gambler. So it is definitely not worth saving on it. Moving on.


Actually, the main material equipment of the bettor is his PC or laptop. In general, the choice between these options is not critical. If you have one main device, and you occasionally move somewhere with it, it will definitely be a laptop. If you work with bets in one location, then it can be a desktop PC.

The main requirement, as we see it, is a fairly large screen diagonal. The player often has to open several browser tabs in parallel, spreading them out for convenience in different parts of the screen. If it is a laptop with a diagonal of less than 15 inches, it is frankly not convenient to do. So if your choice of primary machine fell on the laptop, then choose a diagonal of at least 17 inches. On the other hand, machines with large diagonals lose their meaning in terms of portability. Then the computer looks more preferable.

If you settled on a PC, then the main object, to which there are increased requirements, again, will be the monitor. Here the bigger the better. Naturally, provided that a big screen will fit nicely into your interior. On a good widescreen monitor, with a diagonal of 19 + inches, to work much more comfortable than a laptop. If you can fit 30″ – take it.

As for the hardware, there are no special requirements. The thing is that the open bookmaker sites, programs, and even watching a couple of streams broadcast matches, will not create any serious load, by today’s standards. Even machines that were considered average 5-7 years ago will handle everything just fine. Of course, some weak old Celeron processor and up to 2Gb of RAM is not enough. But any average machine to $ 800-1000 will do. Usually the requirements of modern games, programs, renderers, are much higher than the parameters that will be required when betting on the maximum load machine. Buying a computer solely for betting activities is an exotic phenomenon. Usually a PC is taken for other tasks, and those requirements are an order of magnitude higher than the resources consumed in the process of betting.  


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In addition to the main computer, many bettors use auxiliary gadgets. Here, too, there can be two solutions: a tablet or a small laptop (netbook). Such a device is used to work with statistics, for betting, including in play, to view the broadcasts of matches. That is, all the same tasks are allowed as on the main machine, but the tablet or netbook can be taken anywhere in the apartment. For example, with it you can go to the kitchen table, sit down in a chair or on the couch, go to the balcony. Also many people take such a light and compact device to nature, in cafes. Today in large and even medium-sized cities there are a lot of wireless Internet access points by Wi-Fi, so it is a common practice. As an alternative, you can use mobile Internet. Tablets often have the ability to install a SIM card, and for netbooks use USB modems from mobile operators.

The choice between a tablet and a netbook is more a matter of taste. The tablet is lighter, thinner. It has a touch screen. It can not be called an advantage or a disadvantage. Some people like it, others don’t. The absence of the usual keyboard, even a small one, as in a netbook – this is not an argument, because there are separate wireless keyboards, which can be connected to the tablet and work. In terms of surface capability, there is also equality here. The tablet is usually immediately equipped with a protective case, which can be transformed into a stand, so as not to keep the device constantly in your hands. So the final choice is up to you. There are good netbooks, and tablets.

The main selection criteria here will still be: speed and battery life. So you can hardly do without absolutely cheap variants. In a very compact case it is impossible to implement a full-fledged cooling system. So, the parameters of the stuffing of such devices are always a compromise. We do not advise you of any specific brands, just be guided by the phrase: a miser pays twice. Can one of the objectives for the next game in the betting be assigned a certain amount and buy a good tablet or netbook, which will come in handy in the future.


Finally, many players like to watch games right in stadiums or pubs. You can’t go there with a tablet. More likely to break it in the crowd, and use it inconvenient when around a bunch of people and are in cramped conditions. Nevertheless, it is not necessary to completely fall out of the gameplay in these situations. New information may appear, something will be noticed in the match. This is often a signal for a live bet or insurance. The optimal device for such actions in these places will be a modern cell phone, a touch screen smartphone with a fairly impressive screen. The main thing is that it must be connected to the mobile Internet and have the mobile applications of the betting shops where you play. Today almost everyone has such phones. So, you do not have to specially buy it. It is enough to prepare in advance for the possibility to place bets anywhere and at any time.

If we are talking about buying a new one, then it all depends on your preferences. Some people do not like anything but “Apple” equipment, and they are willing to pay triple the price. If this is your credo and you can afford an iPhone – great phones, take it. Well, if you are not so attached to this brand, you can save money. There are many excellent Chinese and Korean smartphones on the market today, which are inferior to the American in only a few, and very subjective, factors.


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The army of bettors can be divided into three categories, relative to the source where they watch the matches, sporting events. Some of them watch everything on the Internet, some only on TV, and the third group – both. In today’s environment, using exclusively television sports channels is a fairly narrow stream. It all depends, of course, on the sports and leagues on which you bet. Many very exotic championships simply don’t broadcast. So without fast Internet they are not available. At the same time, we must pay tribute to the television picture. Big screen, Russian commentators. So if you’re serious about betting on sports, it’s a good idea to get an extended package of soccer and other sports channels. As for the TV itself, it’s up to your tastes and budget. A good TV system can also be set for yourself, as one of your goals for the next gambling period in betting. Showing profits, gradually gaining experience and acquiring quality equipment bought with betting profits is great.


Since we are not always alone in a room, an apartment, we need a certain degree of autonomy, so that we do not disturb the housemates, or they us. This is especially true for those who still live in cramped apartments with little room and no space at all. Some of the family can watch their program, make noise with household appliances, or just sleep after work. It is necessary to create a mutually comfortable environment, since you have not yet earned a villa with 28 bedrooms. So the problem with suppressing noise from the outside and inside, as well as more comfortable listening to commentary broadcasts, is provided by using headphones. It is advisable to have two pairs. One should be large, overhead, with a long wire or extension cord. This will allow you to sit comfortably even at a small distance from the monitor or TV. Noise cancellation in high-quality overhead headphones is at a level, so that the sound isolation will provide adequate comfort. The second – small earplugs, which are convenient to work with a netbook or tablet. You can also connect them to your smartphone.


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The furniture plays an important role in the organization of the stage work process. The workplace should be comfortable. One way or another, several hours a day or a week you devote to viewing statistics, reviewing sports events. During this time, you sit somewhere and work with a computer or laptop. If the work process takes place on a stool at the kitchen table or on the coffee table – this is not very cool and comfortable. It is necessary to organize a compact size, but a full-fledged table at which you can sit not bent over in a “curve”, and normally. Also it is worth splurging and buying a good computer chair. This object does not allow savings. You can not do it on health, especially for people who spend a lot of time sitting. It is better to take care of this in advance than to suffer from back problems later.

You should also think about lighting. Often you have to work in the dark hours of the day. A general light in the room is not always convenient, or it is not possible to keep it on. In this case it is worth buying a desk lamp, which will illuminate the work area, your notes.


It may seem strange to beginners, but professional betting is based on strict calculations. The player is constantly calculating financial strategies, betting sizes and other metrics. So an ordinary office electronic calculator is a must in the workplace. Some people are comfortable using the standard program in Windows. But many are not comfortable and a separate device is preferable. It is desirable that the calculator was of impressive size. And it is not about problems with eyesight, but about the fact that it was easy to find amongst the piles of papers on the table.


Speaking of papers. Keeping all betting information in your head is a bad idea. Those who are serious about betting are sure to keep notes. This requires certain stationery, which should always be available in the lockers of a desk or secretary.

Usually the information on paper is divided into different directions and purposes. We do not assume to put forward any dogmas, but mark one of the possible variants of a complete set.


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A good solution for a bettor is to have a large notebook or a thorough notebook. It is convenient to describe and calculate the financial and game strategies that you plan to implement and test.

There may be two notebooks. One contains strategies that have already been tested and are in operation. The second notebook will be more operational. In it, the bettor will record the results of strategies testing, the course of implementing the plan. Such records are very important in terms of information management. After all, very often people play and do not know what they have gambled. Drained, replenished, drained. If you keep such records, then you can track the dynamics. If something goes wrong, there are numbers, specific indicators on which you can and should work, identify your mistakes and improve your quality as a prognosticator and player.

A third notebook is often made for the profiles of the teams, the athletes on whom they bet most often. Some players prefer to keep these moments in electronic form. But to each his own, it’s a matter of taste. You can divide one large notebook into parts: on the front side write about strategies, and on the back side fill out profiles of teams.


In addition to notebooks and notebooks it is very nice to have a simple office paper, A4 size. Such sheets are convenient to cross out and write matches in the resulting rectangular boxes. Here they also enter the selected types of bets and odds. Also, some additional information, special signs mark priorities, the degree of confidence in one outcome or another. Having all the interesting matches for the next few days written down on two or three of these sheets, it is convenient to spread them out in front of you to look at the whole picture and choose the best bets.

So this kind of paper is an expendable item. There’s not much sense in storing it. The bets you made are saved in the memory of the bookmaker’s account anyway. So, having written out the sheets on both sides, you can gradually get rid of them. As an alternative, you can keep them in a folder for a year and only then throw them away if it’s more convenient to get back to your old thoughts in a paper form, rather than in your personal account on the betting shop’s site.


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It doesn’t hurt to buy a couple of plastic paper folders. One can hold a small operational supply of blank sheets, and the second is used for current work. The third folder, as mentioned above, can be set aside as an archive.

This is not a mandatory option, but it is better to create such a structure than to have your entire desk cluttered with paper and have trouble finding the necessary records in time.

By the way, a thick folder will also be useful as a support for writing. It is not always convenient or there is room to write on A4 sheets directly on the table. This can be done by putting under them some dense support, a book, the same notebook.


And to finish the theme of office supplies, let’s mention writing utensils. These can be usual ballpoint or helium pens, automatic or usual pencils, markers. It is desirable to have a supply of pastes, as well as pens of different colors. Once you have developed your marking system, you can easily read your notes. Write down team names in one color, circle or mark bets with different odds ranges and degrees of confidence in another.


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A marker board is an optional, but very useful element of the bettor’s work area. On such a board, you can indicate the goal of the game period and paint your current strategy. When the scheme of work is always before your eyes, it additionally motivates you to observe discipline and not to deviate from the plan. Also on such a board you can write for yourself some theses, mottos. Something like a quote from “Agent of National Security”: “without discipline there is no organization” or the like. Basically, it’s up to you.


Besides tangible objects, there are many intellectual products such as web-sites, Internet services and programs, which are useful for working with betting. On statistical sites, a player can view information about past matches, find patterns and trends. These sites should be saved in your browser bookmarks to have instant access to them. The same applies to various sports news resources, which also help in making predictions.

Different online betting calculators and strategies are also in use. Depending on the objectives, it is worth buying programs that help work with the same statistics. This saves time, and it is known to be a more valuable resource than money. Here we can not advise anything specific, because everyone has different tasks, and there are a lot of tools. So choose the software for your needs.