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A building maintenance system is not something that is taken care of after some period. This is one of the jobs that is planned in detail when designing the building itself. To make building preservation more practical, efficient and precise, the maintenance system must be part of the architectural development plan of the building itself. This system is adapted and keeps pace with the aesthetic, structural, and urban requirements of the building itself.

This system that we’re talking about here includes a whole range of different activities. This involves window cleaning, painting and maintenance of the facade, repairing various damages, repairing the roof, regular maintenance of ventilation, lighting at the building level, security appliances and many other jobs. The building maintenance system has a basic goal: to make the building functional, safe and aesthetically appealing.

For soft jobs within the building maintenance process, no special conditions and equipment are required. However, for some jobs such as repairing the roof or ceiling, maintaining the facade, specialized and useful tools are needed. These special aids are mostly very expensive and clumsy, so it is simply impossible to buy and store them for the maintenance needs of the building. That is why there are specialized companies that deal with renting such equipment. That is why there are specialized companies that deal with renting such equipment. Visit to learn more about tool rentals.

In the following text, we will present you 5 useful tools for building maintenance access that CPSLift has singled out for us:

1. Step ladders

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Stairs are something that every household has and needs from time to time. They can be used when replacing light bulbs, hanging curtains, watering flowers on shelves, or anything similar. Their application is quite wide. However, when it comes to stairs for building maintenance, they must be more robust than ordinary stairs for household and everyday use. Ladders used by maintenance workers must comply with business and worker safety standards.

Precisely for safety reasons, stairs are used to solve problems with less risk and short duration. As safe as they may seem to you, never carry too many tools on the ladder and remember that they are only designed for one person. There is a huge number of different materials from which ladders are made, of different heights and with different purposes. The biggest difference between them is the number of treads.

2. Platform ladders

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Much more stable ladders intended for work at higher heights, but also greater worker safety, are platform ladders. These ladders are also very stable, and the last tread of these ladders is a spacious platform. There are a large number of different models, depending primarily on the number of treads and the comfort of the space on the platform. These ladders can be single-sided, double-sided, or with stabilizers.

You don’t have to pay too much attention to balance here, and you have enough space to store a large portion of the work material. If the facade on the lower part of the building is cracked, or the entrance part of the building needs to be repaired, these ladders are ideal for you and they will be of huge help. They are very easy to install and assemble after the task is done.

3. Scissor lifts

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Scissor lifts are used to lift and lower workers, equipment, or certain goods, with great safety. Unlike ladders, you don’t have treads here and you don’t need even a minimum of strength to climb to a certain height. Therefore, this tool is very often used in the maintenance of buildings because, with minimal power, a large number of materials and equipment can be lifted or lowered. Scissor lifts consist of a platform secured by a fence, the lower frame, the scissor system, which is activated using one or more cylinders, and a hydraulic motor. All safety standards are met when it comes to this machine. At the same time, it saves costs and workers’ strength. Very easy to handle and highly efficient.

4. Cherry pickers

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You’re probably already familiar with Cherry pickers, or more commonly known as the boom lift. There are almost no construction sites that do not have this hydraulic crane with a railed platform, and you can also spot them next to buildings or near telephone booths. They are perfect for building maintenance systems. Their basic function is to raise and lower people to the desired height, to do their job. They are also ideal for high areas that are inaccessible or limited. These mobile access machines are hydraulic or mechanical assistants for every occasion.

If there is access to your building, even a little flat ground, you have no problem: with this machine, everything is done in an hour. Of course, their cots are not very low, you can rent or buy them CPSLift offers a range of cherry pickers suitable for building maintenance tasks, which you can get acquainted with at

5. Truck-mounted platforms

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If your building requires roof repairs, problems at the height, then you need just this machine. It is excellent for high altitudes and difficult jobs, and very safe. This platform truck can even lift you to the appropriate height and then move as your job requires, without the need to lower yourself. Another great advantage of this machine is that it can be removed from the place immediately after eliminating and repairing the problem. He simply started the truck and drove off the platform. It is ideal for tall buildings located in densely populated urban areas. The platform is very durable, so you can carry all the necessary material with you without having to go down and climb multiple times.

Everyone wants their building to look nice and tempting, whether they want to sell the apartment or still live there. That is why the building maintenance system must constantly be active, often checking and paying attention to even the smallest details on the brackets. Different solutions and different approaches to specific problems need to be considered. Very often, it is necessary to seek the help of professionals. Not only are the remediation of problems in the building, but also the safety of workers items that must be taken into account. No problem is small enough to be ignored, because tomorrow that little problem may become big and serious.

We hope we have helped you at least a little to understand that a building maintenance system is not something that is activated when problems arise. It is a detailed planned and managed project during the planning of the building.