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We know that this title is very long and it may seem confusing to the people who need to buy their first property, but every term mentioned there is important, and we will explain them separately, so we can get to the point and answer the question. If you are already here, then you are probably trying to find a new home for yourself, and you want to complete all the formal things online, so you can save time. And, now, let’s go one by one:


This is an action of transferring the ownership from one person to another, usually followed by a contract. The agency or the institution that is mediating the process need the signatures of both parties, so they can know their right and obligations, in order for the sale to be completed. It’s also known as an exchange of contracts, and in the past, it was a procedure that can take a few hours to be completed. Today, we are lucky to have all these things accessible online, like on HomeBuyer Conveyancing, and everything is just a few clicks away from us.

Conveyancing comparison

This is when you are comparing the different offers, and find the best-rated ones, so you can see if the conditions are suitable to your preferences. Also, don’t mix the conveyancing with soliciting, because the second one is more expensive and provides different legal support. But, it’s a part of the comparison, and if you are new and inexperienced, you probably need all this information until you decide what do you really need.

The struggle with the personal details

People live in a constant fear that their personal details will be misused for bad things, or stolen, for creating a fake identity for something. And we have a complete right to be afraid, knowing that many apps are collecting our data. If you check the browser or even Facebook, you will be freaked out how many tracked activity is stored there.

When buying a new home, or offering your property for sale, you don’t need to share the personal information, but you need to at least mention the area, or something significant about the location, your name, and the phone number. The conveyancers are good because you can offer the property, and get contacted by the mediation institution if someone is interested in it, without leaving your personal data available for everyone.

See how we are getting there?

Online conveyancing is also practical because we can use an app or a website, check all the costs, use the integrated calculator, without sharing anything personal in the meantime. Also, it’s much safer to do all these things online right now, when social distancing is highly recommended. Usually, this service is cheaper, because the fees are already included, and everything is done automatically.

Also, you can check the reviews before you take any further steps, and estimate if they are real and genuine, or they are fabricated. It’s easy to recognize that by the content. Then, compare the different services, until you find the one that will be the best for you. Most of the legitimate conveyancers will allow you to calculate the quotes without having to sign in, but if you want an offer specially tailored for you, you will have to create an account and join the community.

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Online conveyancing is cheaper and anonymous

There is a point in the whole process when you will have to share your details, but until the seller or buyer is found, there is no need for that. Also, online conveyancing can be way cheaper than going to the office and waiting in line to meet with the person responsible for that. At the same time, you have all the additional expenses transparently listed, which is different than seeing the price, without being aware of the other expenses. You can also add an insurance policy immediately if you want it.

The online option is good for deeper research because there can be a lot of services around you that you aren’t aware of. Local knowledge is also recommended and required because that’s one of the ways you can estimate if the offered price is fair or not.

How is the process going?

The selling process begins with listing the instructions, claiming them, providing enough information about the property, including the proof of ownership, and making sure those details won’t be shared with the potential buyers, until the moment someone decides to buy it. Also, you need to provide photos, the required price, copies of the ownership documents, and your conditions as a seller. Once the other party agrees with the conditions, the conveyancers will ensure you are connected, and the contract between you is regular and legal.

The buying process is also simple – you list your requirements and preferences, including the payment options, loans, and mortgage offers, all the documents that you are a real person, so the conveyancing service can list you as a relevant buyer, and then wait for the right match. Once you find the property that is the best for you, the contract is signed, and the documents and properties are exchanged.

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The benefit of not sharing the details with the other party

These services surely require some personal information so they can approve your application and see that you are a real person who is interested to sell or buy a property. They are doing that so they can protect themselves and of course, you, as a user of that service. Then, when their system finds the right match, they handle the whole process until it’s all set. Then, you can meet with the other person, so you can complete the process of payment, and hand them the keys to their new home (or get them if you are the buyer).

The main benefit of this process is being unavailable for the other side until everything is done, and you will be protected from trying to bargain or negotiate the conditions, and approaching the other party privately, so both of you can skip the conveyancing expenses.

Never forget that this service exists to protect you from that, and complete the whole process through them.