The original Bingo version was completely different from the game that we are playing today. The game was actually invented in Italy around 1530 in the form of the lottery. As time passed, the game found its way to France, however, the game was modified. In France, only aristocrats were playing this game and they called it the Le Lotto in the 1770s.

From that point, the game did not experience some huge transformation. As you can probably assume, it did not pass a lot of time until the game was brought to the UK around the 18th century. At the same time, the game became popular in the USA as well.

However, the original name – Bingo was invented in 1929 in the US by Edwin S Lowe who was a toy creator. The game included cards with different combinations that were packaged and sold as a game.

Bingo game truly had different developments and innovations. As time passes a lot of people were attracted by this game, so it truly became a very popular game worldwide. Still, the biggest popularity growth this game experience with the advancement of technology, when it became available for people all around the globe to play this game online.

Some countries truly stand out in the terms of online bingo popularity. This is all thanks to the many online sites that offer SmartBingoGuide for this game, so users can enjoy the game anytime and anywhere, even from the comfort of their homes.

The Popularity of the Bingo Game in Europe


The bingo game immersively became a popular game in Europe, especially in London. It is very interesting to hear that British soldiers enjoyed playing this game during World War II. However, London truly created that time entertaining venues, there were various bingo halls where people gather around to have fun, drink, and play Bingo. In the television period, in everyone’s household, there were cinemas transformed into bingo halls.

Bingo was most popular during the 1960s, in fact, that period was called the golden bingo age. Interestingly, bingo games attracted more people that football games in England. The game did not lose its popularity and charm, this game is still a huge entertainment for people. Around the whole of Europe people of all ages are enjoying this game. Now, people are mostly playing bingo through their mobile apps or casino online platforms because there is a wide range of innovative options that people can enjoy.

The Popularity of the Bingo Game in America

When comes America, this game first came in the 1920s and it did not need much time to attract a huge amount of people and become popular. In fact, the game was most popular in Western Pennsylvania and Pittsburgh. The game actually experienced some transformations and changes during the period of 1930s and 1940s. At that time, the game started to sell commercially. The changes that Bingo experienced during this time were referred to innovative 6,000-combination win playing card which was called today’s 75-ball game.

People in America loved these innovative changes which influenced the growth of Bingo’s popularity. It is very interesting that people did not play this game only to entertain themselves. In fact, Bingo was used by Catholic Church to generate funds. Nowadays, we can agree that this lucrative game did not lose its charm since it is generating more than $100 million on a weekly bases.

The Popularity of the Bingo Game in Asia


As you probably heard, Asia has special regulations when it comes to gambling of any kind. In general, gambling is banned and forbidden in most parts of Asia. Therefore, people on this continent did not have the opportunity to introduce this entertaining game for a long period.

However, even these restrictions did not influence the game’s popularity. What makes the whole thing even more interesting is the fact that statistics show how bingo is a more popular game in Japan than it is in the UK. As time passed and laws, as well as the regulation towards gambling, changed, Japan accepted the Bingo game widely.

In general, there is no strict legislation currently relating to this game, even for the online game form, however, Asia is very strict when it comes to a gambling sites. It is considered that sites of this kind are illegal. However, many citizens are using offshore sites in order to play bingo online.

The bingo game truly has a long tradition and history, and even though there were some changes to this game, it never had been forgotten. People all around the world enjoy this game for many reasons. Additionally, with technological innovations, online casinos became very popular and the Bingo game as their offer become popular as well. You should not be surprised to see that online bingo is now offered in different forms that the traditional version. However, with many changes it experiences, such as themed cards, the game does not lose its popularity.

Why Has the Bingo Game Been So Popular for So Many Years?

Now, you are probably wondering, how is it possible that the bingo game never lost its popularity, instead as decades past the popularity of this game experienced only a huge growth and attracted more and more people. Now, we can see that people literally in every corner of the world are playing and enjoying the Bingo game. Generally, the bingo game is one of the games that are considered safe and this game can even be played for free through online gambling platforms.

Unlike any other gambling form, Bingo does not carry any level of risk in the terms of addiction. Additionally, this game is completely safe even in the terms of cyber attacks.

People enjoy this game just because it is so casual and relaxing. It does not require some experience or knowledge, therefore, people of all ages can play it. The game is completely lucrative based and you should not develop any skills or spend a lot of time hoping to beat the odds.

Every session of the game is different and the outcome of the game is completely fair which means that it is based only on the luck of the person. This means that both beginners and experienced players will have the same chance of winning. You can invest in the game as much as you want and relax with this game for how long you want.