Singaporean online gambling platforms allow you to play various casino games, enjoy bonuses, and use several banking options to deposit and withdraw funds. In other words, you can do all the same things that other gamblers that come from other regions can do. If you want to learn more about how to start playing online casinos in Singapore, we are here to help you.

Finding the Best Gambling Sites

Like many other gamblers coming from other countries, your primary task as a gambler is to find a reliable website. There are many criteria that you can use to complete it, including regulation, range of games, software providers, customer service, bonuses, payment methods, etc. Or you can simply check out our top online casinos Singapore list to save your time and effort.

Creating an Account


After you have found an online casino that meets all your requirements, you can proceed with registering with it. In most cases, it takes you about one minute to create an account, as gambling sites tend to make the whole process as simple as possible.

To register an account with any online casino in Singapore (see the detailed review at, you need to provide a gambling site with your email address, provide the website with your mobile phone number, and create a strong password. Some online casinos require you to input your name, age, and address of residence.

The verification procedure is not mandatory right after the registration, but you may be obliged to complete it later upon request. Therefore, we recommend using your real name and other data. Otherwise, a casino where you play may block your account.

Claiming Bonuses

Most, if not all, online casinos in Singapore offer lucrative welcome bonuses that you can activate right after you complete the registration procedure and deposit funds. Signup promotions often consist of two main parts; you can enjoy some cash and free spins. Moreover, the very cash amount can be divided into portions, meaning you will receive the whole sum after making 2-10 first deposits.

Whatever the amount of the signup or other bonus is, you should never forget about the wagering requirements. When picking a gambling site, make sure that the wager that you can complete to withdraw your winnings. The average wagering requirements are 35x the bonus amount. However, some online casinos may offer 50x+ WRs that are much harder to meet.

Choosing Games


Online casinos in Singapore always offer a vast choice of games. The list of titles may include video slots, card games, roulette, dice games, lotteries, and others. The good news is that most RNG-based games (those powered by a special random number generator function) have a demo mode, allowing you to try them before playing for real money. The demo mode is a great opportunity for gamblers to learn more about a particular title.

When picking games on such platforms, you should also pay attention to software providers. We recommend opting for titles that were developed by well-known online casino software vendors. Such games are certified and fair.

Devise a Strategy

When it comes to online gambling, one thing is important – have a strategy. Yes, playing games at an online casino is a form of entertainment. We all play it, it’s fun. But at the end of the day, we play with money. Gambling for the sole purpose of playing is not what we want to do. The end goal is to win prizes. If you play without winnings it’s called losing. No one loves to lose, right? Of course not. So, playing with an empty mind is not an option. By all means, you need to have a strategy before you start playing any game. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about blackjack, slots, poker, or roulette.

The game is not important, the strategy is. Also, if you play different games, you need different approaches. Think about how much you’ll invest, how much is the estimated winning margin, and when will you withdraw? All of this is part of the strategy. Serious players work on their strategies day and night, sometimes even during game time. As we said, the end goal is to win money, not to be entertained and lose. The only way to have sustainable wins is by always knowing what you’re doing and how you’re approaching the game, the bankroll, and the core of gaming itself.

Know When to Quit


This is all part of the online gambling experience. There’s one big truth when it comes to gambling – sometimes you win, and sometimes you lose. There will be good days and bad days. The only way to know which is if you take a break from playing from time to time. Many players have issues with this approach. But, it is essential for healthy playing. One thing is to have a habit and another is to be addicted. Not knowing when to quit is a sign of addiction. It is not only about quitting when you’re losing.

No, we are also talking about stopping when you’re on a hot run. Withdrawing funds at the right time is vital for your experience at any online casino. This is the only way to know that you have won. If you never withdraw funds when playing, it is like you never one. The money needs to circulate. When you win, stop playing and withdraw your funds. Try buying something with that money. This is how you’ll know that you’re a winner. This is when a break is needed. Taking a break will give you time to rest, work on your strategy, and come back fresh to play again on a new bankroll. The taste of winning is what makes you feel good, and the only way to feel it is by withdrawing the funds and investing them somewhere else.

Final Thoughts

Every experience you might have with an online casino could be positive. If you approach it as we suggested it will be positive. There are a few steps from creating an account and withdrawing funds. We have depicted the full circle above, and with our simple instructions you shouldn’t have any issues finding a good place to spend your time, and if luck allows it, earn some cash in the process.