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What do we think when we hear the word technology? Usually, mobiles phones and ways of communication come to our mind. But after them, the next thing is commuting ways. Cars have developed and changed a lot. There are online services available for your vehicles. If you want some reliable automotive supply, go to

Just like that we now have cars that do not need a human, they run through driverless technology. This is also technology that has brought the magnetic and bullet trains.

These are just a few examples. The innovation in the technological sector has changed the world too much. Everything that we use nowadays has some sort of technology involved in it. And when we talk about automobiles, they depend a lot on this sector.

You want navigation, cars have it in them. You are feeling bored, watch TV in your car. No need to suffer from traffic jams. Rest and chill in your car. But sometimes the parts, even the technological ones, suffer from breakdowns. The only solution is to remove them or change them. And you need an expert to do that. Here are some of the ways that tell you how our modern technology is bringing changes in the automotive industry.

1. Online stores

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Previously, we had to go to workshops to get our work done. If there was something wrong with your vehicle, you have to take some time to go to the market and find what you need. This was not an easy job because not all products are available in the market. You have to find the shop that has the part that your vehicle requires. It sometimes takes a day or more.

But not now.

Things have changed. We now have online stores for almost everything. Whatever you need, you can search it on the web and get some reliable sellers. So you do not have to take some time out and go to the market. Just make your order and get your parts at your doorstep. Furthermore, the sellers also provide some return and exchange policies. You can easily get the automotive supply from

2. Better safety features

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With better technology, we now have better safety features. When the driver is in the driving seat, he cannot see everything around the car. This was the case in previous days. However, nowadays, there are tiny cameras that help you with reversing your car and viewing sideways.

But not only this, you will have various more features that include;

  1. Tire pressure sensors, will check for the right pressure in your tires and let you know.
  2. Lane change sensors, so you can easily change your lane with complete safety.
  3. Collision control sensors are really helpful in protecting against road accidents.
  4. Anti-lock brakes and traction control features allow the driver to keep his control of the vehicle.

All these and other features are made to meet customer demands and provide them with a better safety on road. Connectivity between technology and electrification helps to revolutionaries the automobile industry.

3. Augmented Reality in cars

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Augmented Reality is not limited to games only. Although this technology started from the gaming industry, but it is not limited there. There are brands that make your windshield connected to Augmented Reality. This allows the user to see the things on the windshield. This is a great way to turn your car into the cinema. Considering the lockdown situation and how covid is affecting our lives, this will turn into a reality.

Even other than movies, a driver will be able to see some relevant information. And these information include,

  • Current weather
  • Speed
  • Gas mileage
  • RPM

And many others. Or the manufacturers might let the driver select the information he wants to appear on the windshield. So your car will be just like the ones that we see in games. You will be able to see the control settings and features in front of your eyes.

4. Low emissions and less pollution

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Modern technology has helped us a lot in reducing the emission levels of cars. At first, automobiles used gasoline, petrol and diesel and they released a huge amount of pollutants. The smoke was black and contained lead, Sox and NOx and many other pollutants.

However, with better technology and awareness about these pollutants, manufacturers are now using filters. Therefore, the new parts are better, safe and less polluting.

Furthermore, better communication skills have resulted in the outsourcing of work. This has created market competition and thus, manufacturers can get a better product at a lower rate.

But wait,

Something is even better than all this. The per capita income is increasing and so does the lifestyles are changing. Furthermore, with more awareness about pollution and its harmful effects, brands are developing electric vehicles.

Hybrid technology and electrical cars seem like the future of the world. These cars are gaining popularity among users and some countries like Germany are eliminating gasoline-powered vehicles for their roads. Such initiatives are taken by considering the technological automobiles.

Why not choose better, if it is available in the market?

5. Predictive technology

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Road accidents take hundreds of lives every year. Therefore, car manufacturers are making efforts to prevent such accidents from happening. One such technology is the use of predictions in automobiles.

The predictive technology provides drivers with a more personal experience. The settings are easy and you can set them according to your personal preferences. It will be easier to adjust the settings because you will have the application to do so.

In addition to these settings, there is also an option for voice commands. There are certain cars that operate through voice commands.

Another option is to connect your mobile with your car. You can connect your smart devices and manage the controls through them. And if there is any danger, you will receive the notification on your phone.