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Meal planning refers to the way you organize yourself when it comes to the cooking process. This is actually a completely personal thing and the goal is to make a process that will suit you the most and make you feel comfortable. In the end, it also needs to show effects. You do not want to feel bored when you need to cook because you do it every day.

Also, you shouldn’t feel nervous when you are thinking about what you should cook today. For that reason, it is necessary to get inspired and stay engaged and excited when the cooking time comes. 

In this article, we prepared some tips you can consider when it comes to learning how to plan your meals. In that way, cooking will not be a difficult and challenging task for you.

Go through recipes and get some inspiration

Spend time each week listing some recipes, cookbooks, or visiting some websites and blogs for taking some new cooking ideas. Making a meal is actually an expression of creativity, so you need to find a way to inspire yourself and make cooking a fun and enjoyable task that you are looking forward to with passion every day. With this spirit, you will become a better cook. There are millions of recipes you can find, and all of them can improve your overall health in different ways. Even though some recipes sound hard, you should not avoid them. By accepting obstacles, you will improve your cooking skills and expand your cooking options.

Create a place to save recipes

The next thing you should do is to collect the recipes and store them in the way that best works for you. Use some applications on your device, or you can rewrite them in your own cookbook. Whenever you do not know what to cook you can just simply open some pages and cook the thing written there. Your cookbook will actually represent a personal journal that guides you and makes the entire cooking process a lot easier. Also, you can just match the groceries you have in your kitchen with some recipes and cook that meal.

Consult with your family members

This is such a simple way to decide what you should cook today – just ask your roommate, your partner, or your family members what they want to eat. In that way, you can get inspired as well. You will feel even more motivated to cook when you know you do it for someone you love. The meal will represent a gift for someone.

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Organize yourself with a calendar

We suggest you start with the calendar of the meals you are going to cook that week. Prepare a menu for each day and the list of groceries you need to buy to prepare those meals. You can try with some “meal templates” and try to make everything easier in that way. For instance, it can be a soup day, pasta day, meat or vegetable day, fish day, etc. In that way, you will be very focused on narrowing down the cooking recipes. If you want to make it more interesting, you can ask members of your family to be included and share their opinions.


The next thing you need to do is to choose a day for shopping and make a shopping list and ensure all the ingredients you need are there. If you have to go shopping every single day before cooking, you will lose a lot of time. For that reason, it is better to do it once a week and have everything prepared. In the meal planning process, this is a very important step that makes the whole process much easier.

Check what’s on sale

Some of the people like to organize their cooking plan based on the things that are on sale that week. On one hand, this makes the process easier because you do not have to think about what you will cook. For instance, you see that chicken, canned chickpeas, or salmon are on sale,  and you decide to make meals from those ingredients. In that way, you save your money and still get some ideas for cooking.

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When it comes to cooking, we suggest you store together all the ingredients for every meal when you come back from the store. Also, if you have time, you can make more than one meal for that week. Despite that, you can find a way to use the food that is left after preparing a meal. For instance, you prepared roast chicken, and you have some leftovers. You can use them to make some pasta with the chicken or some sauce for the next day. 

One more good piece of advice is to design some cooking strategies around freezing food. For instance, when you are making some sauce you can freeze it so you can use it next time you prepare something with the same sauce. Despite that, you can make a double portion of soup, chicken cacciatore, cooked beans and put it into the freezer. After some time, when you decide to take them out of the freezer, they will look just as fresh and tasty as they are supposed to.

Don’t overstuff the refrigerator

It would be the best decision not to make your fridge over-full because you will not have a clear insight of what ingredients you actually have. Also, some things hidden in the back can be forgotten. For that reason, it would be the best option to keep your fridge spatially with a proper amount of food. Also, you should keep leftovers in the front as a reminder that you should eat them first. You should go to the store weekly, so you avoid the scenario of making your fridge stuffed where you can not see what is in it. Also, in that way, you will always have fresh ingredients. 

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We hope we helped you with the process of planning meals. However, there are plenty of them you can consider and organize yourself in the way that best suits your needs, time, and character. If you are interested, you can follow for more tips on the websites that are providing cooking tips and recipes. It is always better to get information from different reliable websites and improve your cooking skills as much as possible.