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The apartment, where everything is subject to the laws of ergonomics and minimalism, may look uncomfortable. Such a house-museum: kind of beautiful, and everything is in its place, but very much soulless and faceless. In this article, we have collected interesting ideas about how to make a room cozier with your own hands with the help of properly placed accents and interior items.

Frameless and hanging furniture

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Frameless furniture has three trumps: first, it is home-like home cozy, secondly, it is very comfortable, and thirdly, it will fit perfectly into any interior. Soft armchairs, poufs, sofas, even a hammock has its place! And the furniture in bright colors will help to set accents!

Textiles, pillows, rugs

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In one fell swoop you kill several birds with one stone: introduce color accents, create comfort and provide yourself a comfortable rest. Pillows can be different textures, colors and sizes – do not be afraid to mix them. You can complement the picture with a carelessly thrown fur or textile patterned rug – the embodiment of home warmth.

The coziest rugs – cashmere, wool with the addition of artificial fibers (in this case the product is not prickly), cotton, knitted (especially large knit), as well as with “tartan plaid”. If you are not using the rug at the moment, do not put it away, but fold it carefully and throw it on the armrest of the sofa or the back of the chair: the mere presence of this element will warm up the room.

Undoubtedly one of the most important attributes of coziness will be a carpet. Someone will call it a dust collector, and probably will be right, but what could be better than a barefoot walk on a soft fluffy carpet? Trends in 2024 are carpets in unusual shapes – in the form of a puzzle, an irregular rectangle or “puddle. In fashion are rich monochrome shades, 3D drawings and geometric prints.

Is it difficult to keep the carpet in great condition?

Warn in advance that any rug requires proper care. On it, as well as on other items of furniture, a lot of dust and dirt accumulates.

Of course, you can wash the carpet yourself, but it will take a lot of time, effort and money, because the means for cleaning carpets are very expensive. We recommend that you contact one of the best cleaning companies offering carpet cleaning –

Professionals of their craft will quickly and effectively remove even deep stains from your carpet.

Storage boxes and baskets

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They will not only help to arrange the room, but also become a highlight of the interior. They are indispensable for the kitchen and children’s room! Choose materials depending on the style, it can be wicker baskets, wooden, plastic or textile boxes and drawers.

Curtains and window decoration

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Blinds and roller blinds are practical, but the room becomes office-like. Roman blinds, transparent tulle or loose curtains give a sense of privacy and coziness. Heavy curtains should be avoided. Stylishly look a variety of draperies, a trend this year – tulle with the effect of ombré and curtains of bright colors.

The right lighting

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A dark room looks like a basement or a bunker. If there is not enough natural light, you need to compensate for this with artificial light. Now in vogue are simple and concise forms of fixtures. It is important that it was not just one chandelier on the ceiling: we need spotlights, and cute floor lamps, and bedside tables.

Living plants and ikebana

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Of course, it is not necessary to turn the house into a greenhouse. More often than not, designers use the “rule of three” – this amount is quite enough to green the room. An empty table or nightstand can be filled with a composition of dried flowers or fresh flowers. Ampelic gardening also looks great if you have a blank wall.

Perhaps the easiest and most pleasant way to freshen up the interior is to put a vase with a beautiful bouquet. Seasonal flowers always look romantic and eye-catching.

No one is saying that now you will need to buy a new bouquet of flowers every week. The composition can be made from branches, herbs, as well as artificial flowers that you can make from paper. A round vase filled with pebbles will also be a good decoration.

Favorite things and cute trinkets

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These can be figurines, vases, favorite collections or souvenirs. It is important to find a suitable place for them and not to overdo it. Massive elements should not be placed in corners or along the perimeter of the room – they are grouped with smaller items in one of the zones. They should match in style and color.


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Even if you do not cook at home very often and even less often receive guests, it is not a reason to reject the beautiful tableware, which (with the right approach) can become a real highlight of the interior. For example, the same oils and sauces will look much more aesthetically pleasing not in factory packaging, but in the same glass container. As for the plates, they also have a say in the kitchen.

It is not necessary to buy them as a set – different plates will decorate the table no worse than a set of identical plates. A jug with beautiful glasses will also come in handy – such a set is especially useful in summer, when you make refreshing drinks day after day: morsels, lemonade, iced tea, etc. By the way, later the jug can be used not for its direct purpose, but as a vase.

Create a cozy corner for reading

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Sometimes there is nothing better than relaxing in a soft chair with a book in hand. And even if you can hardly call yourself a bookworm, everyone needs such a place to relax. After all, in such a cozy corner you can watch videos on your tablet, can’t you?

How to diversify your interior: brick masonry

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Okay, it’s going to take some effort, but we just couldn’t resist including this method on our list. After all, brick always looks very classy! Of course, that doesn’t mean you have to brick an entire wall, no. Brickwork can be imitated, for example, with thin tiles. And if the natural color of the brick seems too rough to you, then the facing tiles can be completely painted in white, it looks very elegant!

Beautifully decorate the walls can be and without plaster, paint and wallpaper. Interior stickers create great effects, and to transfer them to the wall, no skills are required.

Buy furniture from older collections

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If you still feel like you can’t do without new furniture, consider furniture pieces from older collections. You can find pieces that look ultra-modern even though they were created years ago. It’s a great idea to decorate a room without spending a lot of money.

As you can see, it’s not hard at all to “domesticate” a room! The main thing is not to give up your cozy and favorite things for the sake of fashion and practicality!