Lingerie is one of the ways for a woman to show the femininity and sexuality of her nature, to express her essence on a non-verbal level, which is felt on the subconscious and fluids. The naked body is sexy, and the leather underwear on the body is even sexier and more erotic.

You can be convinced of this by paying attention to the new collections of leather belts and underwear

Isabelle Korolitsky believes that lingerie is a barometer of the psychological state of the woman herself, the way she sees herself and how she feels.

The history of lingerie is interesting, and what is familiar and banal for us today has gone through a whole stage of evolution in tastes, fashion, mores, as well as in design technologies and materials that are used for this.

Fashion does not stand still, and designers are not only in search of new models, but also materials with which to create new intricate products. Women have always wanted to emphasize sexuality, create erotic and feminine images with the help of lingerie (classic, sports, erotic), complemented by various interesting accessories and additions. And now the fair sex has great opportunities to choose their own style and image, experiment with colors and materials.

One of the modern trends in women’s sexy lingerie is the fashion for leather harness and leather lingerie.

What is its popularity, we will tell you below.

Sexuality and femininity


Fashion for lingerie is closely related to the art of seduction, reflects sexual freedom and mood, the essence of a woman and beauty.

The history of women’s underwear, as an element of the expression of eroticism that went beyond functionality, has been developing over the centuries. Back in the days of ancient Greece and Rome, women wore leather belts and prototypes of bras – strophy, emphasizing the chest and waist. Amazon women wore leather-like bras and belts. Such an image is still subconsciously perceived by the opposite sex as a female goddess, female warrior and huntress.

Leather belts, panties or bras that emphasize the chest and waist, drawing attention to the sexy curves of the female body, attract the eyes of men. It is impossible to resist such a woman, her energy will conquer and cover with her head with her unbridledness and courage. A full-body harness or bra and crotchless panty sets are a bold, open version of erotic fantasies and desires, one of the shameless accessories for role-playing games.

Style and beauty

Modern fashion embodies a new look at the female body – the crown of the beauty of nature, which is tired of concise and predictable forms and strives for fantasy images and lines in the silhouette. Interesting design solutions amaze with their unpredictable geometry – cage bra, lingerie bondage, leg garters that are connected to a wide belt. It looks unusual and stylish at the same time.

It is these clothes that enable a woman to take a fresh look at herself, to love herself.



Modern options for leather lingerie and harness accessories allow women with any figure to choose this format. The special cut and features of the material and accessories allow not only to highlight the dignity of the figure, drawing attention to feminine forms, but also to hide the flaws. For example, a wide belt and legs garters can highlight the waist, a corset and collars for woman give an hourglass shape, and harness bra can visually enlarge the chest.

For each type of figure, leather underwear can be selected and you will look feminine and attractive.

The color palette of leather linen and harness is diverse and will please even every fashionista. Classic variations are sewn in traditional colors – white, red, nude or black.

Classic black in belt or patent leather products takes the lead, as it successfully combines with almost any thing and suits any style from rock, gothic and punk to sexy and BDSM erotica.

Nude skin tone is a win-win option for those who want to try wearing a harness but are not ready for the increased attention from others. After all, a leather harness always attracts the eyes of others, so it is important to choose it correctly and in accordance with your proportions.

Where to buy and how to choose

Whatever factor of choice you take in favor of purchasing a set of leather underwear – beauty or eroticism, a tribute to fashion or a desire to look at yourself with different eyes, or it can return a fading passion to a relationship with a partner or just going to a rock, pop, themed party with friends, punk, you can check our internet-store and find your perfect set.

The versatility of lingerie harnesses makes it possible to create a set on your own, which will be unique and unlike other models. Designers understand not only the latest fashion trends, but also know the nature of female nature well. Therefore, models of women’s leather underwear are created with love based on the physiological features of the structure of the woman’s body and with care for health. We believe that beauty and aesthetics should take into account the safety and comfort of wearing products.

Our experienced consultants are always in touch and will answer all your questions. It is also possible to custom-make according to your sketches and fantasies. We work with materials of proven Italian quality, and on our website you can find more than a hundred different options from casual to erotic. Delivery worldwide, and the mandrel immediately after payment.

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