Get ready to be amazed by the enticement that is Grand Dunman Singapore, the most luxurious living space within the midst of Singapore. Its stunning architectural design as well as its unparalleled amenities and a privileged site, this astonishing residential development is set to revolutionize the notion of luxurious urban living.

No matter if you’re searching for your ideal home for your family or an attractive investment chance, Grand Dunman has it everything. It is located on Dunman Road in District 15, Grand Dunman boasts a number of residential units totaling 1,040 with a range of 1-bedroom homes to sprawling 5-bedroom apartments, with the dual-key options.

Each carefully designed and planned space seamlessly combines functionality and elegant design, providing residents with the luxury of a home with comfort and elegance.

Beyond the architectural beauty, Grand Dunman dazzles with an abundance of luxurious facilities. Enjoy the 80-meter Grand Pool, indulge in the hydro massage pool and enjoy the stunning view from the top of the tree. There are two clubhouses on three levels, the Grand Dunman Singapore playground, playground with barbecue facilities as well as more There is an abundance of leisure and recreation options.

Grand Dunman Singapore is not simply a residence It is also a lifestyle which exudes elegance, luxury as well as convenience. Get ready to be overwhelmed by the splendor and elegance of Grand Dunman and discover an unmatched level of refinement.

Specific Features that Define Grand Dunman Singapore:


Grand Dunman Singapore, the most recent luxury condominium project situated in the middle of Singapore, provides the most luxurious living experience. The top location, beautiful style, and an array of extraordinary facilities, Grand Dunman sets itself apart as a unique residence.

Architectural Brilliance

Grand Dunman showcases architectural brilliance by presenting a sleek and modern layout. It is comprised of seven residential blocks that can be between 17 and 18 stories, seamlessly blending with the natural scenery. The striking tallness of 64 meters gives an element of elegance to the cityscape.

A Variety of Unit Types

Grand Dunman accommodates residents’ diverse requirements through its wide range of units. From cozy 1-bedroom units all the way to large 5-bedroom apartments, which include double key units, you can find an ideal home for each household or individual. Living spaces that are well-planned offer an unison of function and style.

Spacious Living Spaces

The residents of Grand Dunman can revel in the luxurious living areas. They are created to make the most of sunlight and provide stunning views. Outward facing stacks offer views of neighboring estates with lands as well as breathtaking panoramas of the city’s skyline, or of the peaceful ocean.

The Investment Benefits of Grand Dunman

The Grand Dunman’s central position in District 15 provides great connectivity and ease of use. The property is situated on Dunman Road, it offers the convenience of accessing renowned shops, schools and effective public transport. This strategic position increases the possibility of rent yield and capital appreciation and makes it an appealing investment for potential investors.

Developer’s track record

Grand Dunman was developed by the highly regarded Singhaiyi Group, renowned for the determination to provide quality and superior service. A proven experience of delivering positive projects making a decision to invest in a development through the Singhaiyi Group offers peace of knowing that you are investing in a development of the highest standard.

Demand for High-Rate Rentals

The appealing location as well as the lavish amenities offered by Grand Dunman make it an desirable option for renters. The proximity of the development to schools, commercial areas, and leisure amenities ensures that there is a huge interest in rental property. Investors stand to gain from steady rentals and the possibility of long-term capital appreciation.

The Natural Benefits of Grand Dunman


Tranquil Surroundings

Grand Dunman is nestled amidst an idyllic and lush environment and offers its residents a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of city. The natural surroundings enhance the peaceful and serene atmosphere of the area, offering an unwinding living space.

Treetop Walk Green Spaces

Nature lovers will enjoy the elevated treetop walks within Grand Dunman. This elevated walkway gives residents an opportunity to immerse them in the beauty of nature and enjoy amazing landscapes. The development also is dotted with well-designed green spaces in which residents are able to unwind while exercising and reconnect to nature.

Close proximity of Parks and Beaches

Grand Dunman benefits from its closeness to East Coast Park, one of Singapore’s top spots for outdoor activities. Residents can enjoy leisure sports, like biking, running, or taking a picnic along the beautiful coast. The beaches and parks nearby offer a relaxing escape, as well as encourage an active way of life.


Grand Dunman Singapore presents an extraordinary opportunity to live in luxury and a solid investment. The architectural beauty and variety of units and spacious living areas this property is an ideal blend of luxury and luxury. Its prime location, the development’s history, as well as the high demand for rental properties makes it a desirable investment choice. Furthermore, the inherent benefits such as tranquility such as a treetop walk and close proximity to beaches and parks make for a more holistic life experience. Grand Dunman Singapore truly embodies an ideal blend of luxurious, convenient, and natural surroundings, which is why it’s a sought-after residence.



What’s the background of Grand Dunman Singapore?

Grand Dunman Singapore is a contemporary residential area that was completed in 2021. It provides residents with the latest amenities and extravagant living space.

What are the most important aspects in The Grand Dunman Singapore?

Grand Dunman Singapore offers an array of amenities, such as the pool, the fitness center, landscaping with 24-hour security giving residents a cozy and safe environment to live in.

What is the location of Grand Dunman Singapore located?

Grand Dunman Singapore is situated in the thriving district of Dunman and is famous for its rich cultural history and easy access to many facilities like shopping malls restaurant, parks, and restaurants.

Do you know of any educational establishments close to Grand Dunman Singapore?

It is true, Grand Dunman Singapore is near to numerous respected educational institutions. These include elementary schools and secondary schools as well as tertiary colleges This makes it an excellent alternative for families that have children.