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If you like spending your free time playing video games, you probably know that some of them make leveling up extremely complex and daunting. But, in Lost Ark, you could level up quickly by going through the main campaign, more specifically by focusing on improving your combat skills while ignoring most of the side quests for a while.

However, there are some things that could help you improve your character even faster while going through the main quests and if you were wondering what those things are, our article can help! Here are the top eight tips and tricks that you could use for improving your Lost Ark Combat Skills:

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First Things First – You Need to Obtain Your Free Pet

Before you do anything else from our list, one of the first things that you might want to do is to obtain your free pet. In fact, you might be wondering how you can do this, especially if you saw other gamers roaming around with their little friends. After you go through the main storyline, you’ll receive an alert that’ll inform you that a quest became available referred to as “Learning About Pets”. Once you reach this point, you have to go to Prideholme and talk with Blueberry.

To obtain your pet, you’ll have to continue talking with Blueberry and her sibling, and after some time, you’ll obtain the pet, which you need to report and register. Once you complete this, your new friend will start shadowing you wherever you go, but it won’t only make your company, they can help you by picking up loot, which will, of course, help you focus on battling your enemies and improving your combat style.

Don’t Forget About Using The Points You Obtain

As you continue with the game, you’ll get a wide range of skill points that you can use for improving the features and characteristics of your character. As a new player, it’s easy to forget about these features, which is why you must ensure that you’re actually using them. As you proceed and receive experience points, you’ll obtain skill points and you should try adding them to your leveling system to determine what playing style you prefer.

Keep in mind, you should opt for improving different talents so that you can learn what you prefer, and don’t worry, you can relocate the points whenever you want and completely free of charge. You should also monitor the UI, mostly because the game can tell you when you can spend the points and upgrade your combat skills. A tripod system is also available, so, you could also specialize them all, later on, in the game.

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Consider Changing The Color of The Cursor

Now, changing the color of your cursor isn’t for aesthetic purposes, instead, it can help you quite a lot when your combats get extremely wild and crazy. By changing your cursor by pressing the CTRL button and scrolling with the wheel on your mouse, you’ll know where you’re located at all times. So, instead of panicking and not being able to find your in-game character, follow your colored cursor and work on improving your combat!

There Are Various Online Boosts

If you work a full-time job or if you simply cannot spend time on Lost Ark as much as you wish to due to other obligations, you could opt for purchasing a wide range of online boosts, all of which will help you improve your combat talents. Boosts such as the ones offered by MMOBOOST will allow professional gamers to access your profile and do what you hired them to do, hence, if you choose such boosts, they could improve your fighting talents instead of you, and you could simply pick up where they left off.

Dungeons Are Gear Havens

It would be impossible for you to improve your combat skills without obtaining and equipping high-level gear and equipment. And, you should know, some of the best places where you could obtain incredible and beneficial loot are dungeons. When you find one, you could choose to enter them by yourself or with a team, and in the end, there is always a giant boss that’ll drop some really good loot.

Now, keep in mind, when you defeat the boss and gather the loot, you should always check the new one and see whether or not it’s more useful than the one you already have. By doing so, you’ll be capable of increasing the status of your character, and this is something that is quite often seen in MMORPG games. Hence, once you’re in a dungeon, don’t neglect to glance at all the drops that you come across, there might be some treasures waiting for you.

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Don’t Focus on a Lot of Skills at Once

Just like any game, it can be a bit overwhelming to understand the mastery system, and with Lost Ark, there is a lot of skills as well. In fact, when you lvl up, you receive points which means that you might be tempted to unlock even more of them. So, to improve your combat abilities, you shouldn’t focus on unlocking more than two skills at a time. Generally speaking, you should focus on improving your skills with AoE damage so that you could easily eliminate your rivals.

Quick Travel Areas Are Crucial

You shouldn’t neglect the fast travel areas displayed on your minimap, mostly because they’ll make traveling long distances quick and simple. Of course, you shouldn’t use them for every single quest that you’re completing, and you shouldn’t forget to click on them in a new area in order to unlock them. Trust me, I hated myself a few times when I wanted to go back to specific locations just to discover that it didn’t unlock the fast travel points.

Watch Videos And Read Guides!

Last on our list, but equally as beneficial as all the other tips and tricks we’ve mentioned is the fact that you have to watch various videos and read different how-to manuals. Why should you do this? Well, it’ll help you learn what you can do in the game and you could see other players use some combat skills that you might want to try, thus, it’s worth spending some of your free time on discovering what other people are doing.

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Lost Ark is an interesting and fun game that you could end up spending several hours on. And, if you wish to ensure that you level up fast, you should focus on improving your combat skills, which you could easily do by following all of the tips and tricks we’ve mentioned in our article above.