Battle Royale games are a new model of shooting games that provides a lot of excitement. Some of the most popular titles are PU Battlegrounds, Fortnite, and Apex Legends. When it comes to Apex Legends, one of the features that makes it unique is the speed of this game. It can be especially difficult for beginners who got used to some other, more passive options.

When it comes to the basics, there can be two or three teams of Legends. Each Legend has some unique abilities related to attacking, support, defense, and recon. If you are struggling to become a better player, different methods can help you improve. We have to mention the common feature in modern games where you can buy boosts. If you are interested in this option, visit

If you are losing more often and facing issues with the development of your skills, there is no reason for frustration. You will need to focus on learning some important things that will help you to become better over time. Here are some tips that will help you to improve your skills in Apex Legends.

1. Gain More Experience


This is an important tip for any video game. There is no reason to rush into battles with other players before you learn some basic things about Apex. The great feature is that there is a practice mode available.

Therefore, you should play in this mode and check out the abilities of all Legends, different weapons, and learn more about the maps. Moreover, that will help you to improve your shooting skills and reflexes, which are some of the most important skills in every shooting game.

2. Watch Online Streams


We can notice a huge increase in the popularity of gaming stream channels in recent years. The most popular platforms where you can find professional gamers are Twitch and YouTube.

It can be entertaining to watch experts while showing their advanced performances. Also, that will help you to learn more about strategies and skills that are required to become better in this game. Besides that, if you manage to become very good, you could start your channel at one point.

3. Muscle Memory

The shooting games can be quite intense. You will have to improve your accuracy and learn more about the map and features of different characters. Also, reaction time will help you to make faster moves and choices. In that matter, you should work on your muscle memory.

When you improve the level of this skill, you will be able to perform much better. For example, when an enemy got in front of you unexpectedly, which is common in shooting games, milliseconds could be important, and muscle memory will help you to become faster.

4. Team Work


There are three players in every group, and you will be dropping from the sky on the map. You have to be prepared with the right plan that will help you to position and start fighting against other teams. It is common for people to separate upon arrival to collect weapons and other things. However, gathering up at one moment is the best solution.

Besides that, communication is crucial. You should determine some roles in the team and which parts of the map to cover. Also, you should know that after getting killed, you will need to wait 90 seconds to appear again. The challenge is that you will be dropped from the sky without any equipment, and it will be easy for everyone to notice you. Therefore, your team should put some effort to back you up before you manage to collect some weapons.

5. Play More Often

Even if you have a lot of experience in similar games, some unique features make this game challenging. We suggest you never rush into playing against other people. You should focus on building some skills before that.

First of all, you should check out the available Legends in the game and see which one suits you the best. Besides that, there are many weapons and other gear, and it is important to learn more about their abilities.

6. Don’t Forget the Armor


It is common for players to forget about the armor and focus only on getting different weapons. On the other side, you should keep in mind that even the best players will find it hard to play if they avoid getting the proper armor.

The gear available in this game provides decent protection, and it is a huge difference when you are wearing protection. We suggest you look for the armor for the first moment when you appear on the map, and the best situation to load it is after you kill an opponent.

7. Zip lines Are Great Against More Opponents

The excellent feature for examining and moving through the map is that there are some spots where you can use a zip line to escape or chase your opponents.

For example, if you find yourself in front of three opponents, running with a zip line is an excellent way to reduce the chance of getting killed. It is important to practice your skills with zip lines because it can be an excellent way to deal with more people at once.

8. Be Patient


Rushing into the battlefield and trying to show your performances against a lot of enemies at once will probably get you killed quickly. This is the reason why even professionals are choosing to be more patient and never go frenzy.

It is difficult to effectively fight against more opponents at once. Therefore, you should focus on choosing the right strategy and determining the right moment to attack.

Last Words

Battle Royale and shooting games require a lot of practice. The first thing to do before you start playing is to learn about the main feature like available weapons, different ones on the map, unique abilities of characters, and more.

If you are a beginner, we suggest you to start playing with people who are on a similar level as you. It can be frustrating if you keep losing all the time. However, you should test your skills from time to time by playing against professionals.