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Betting on sports is a very popular pastime activity for a lot of different reasons. Perhaps the most obvious is the sheer amount of sporting disciplines and sports to choose from. Each of them with plenty of ways to earn money and have fun at the process, there is something for everyone no matter whether or not you actually play the sport yourself.

You do not even have to know that much about the sport in order to play. To be good at however, there are more than a few things to know about what you mean to bet on. In this article we talk about one such sport, a quite popular one as a matter of fact, that is not among the first few choices for bettors. In this article, we talk about betting on cycling.

Betting and Bicycles Mix Well

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Cycling is a very challenging sport to get involved in. The combination of endurance, stamina, and skills is like no other and the length of most races cannot be compared to other sports fans usually bet on. This makes it a great chance for anyone who is bored of betting on football, basketball, golf, or horses, as well as bettors who would like to try something new.

In order to start betting on cycling, you have to get informed on a few key elements. To improve your skills and get good at it, there are tricks and tips worth studying. Lucky for you, we have all of that in the following sections so make sure to keep reading regardless of your cycling betting experience. For additional info on this form of betting, check out

1. Many Disciplines and Races

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Cycling is an umbrella term for a lot of different disciplines involving a bicycle. There are many types of races to choose from and you have to know what each of them involves. Tour cycling is by far the most famous and exciting to bet on. There are many events on the tour, the most popular being the Holy Grail of the sport, Tour de France. Tour races last for days and have multiple stages, meaning it involves patience among the bettors.

If you want something quicker, try out one of the other races. For example, in time trial cycling, the riders race by themselves and attempt to record faster times than their opponents. Omnium cycling includes races with multiple events over a few days. Sprints include two to four cyclists who attempt to cross the line first and win. It is the most typical of all races. Finally, keirin cycling is a Japanese race where riders pursue motorbikes.

2. Remember Extreme Sports Too

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A bicycle is a very versatile vehicle and numerous types exist. This gives us the ability to use it on all sorts of terrains and in different types of sporting events. If you want something more extreme than regular cycling, you should try betting on mountain biking and BMX. The off-road nature and tricks of these, respectively, give you a whole new set of bets and possibilities.

Mountain biking includes cross-country, endure, dirt jumping, free riding, trail riding, and downhill disciplines. BMX can be flatland, dirt, racing, and street BMX. Be sure to check it out as they are pretty fun and offer good bets and chances. They are not that popular among the bettors, a common trait in any type of cycling or biking, which is why it make sense to try it and win more than you would on other sports.

3. Best Bet Types that Exist

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An equally important advice right next to distinguishing between races is the best type of bet to pick among all of them. With bicycles, luckily, there are many things to choose from. The most widespread one is that that favors the winner of the race, but it is also one of the most difficult to guess right.

For example, you can bet on a cyclist to win the Tour de France, certainly the most common bet in this sport. If it is a team-based competition, a possible bet is the team race winner. Some vents include race leaders making it possible to bet on who will be the stage leader through a single day. Parts of cycling events, especially the tour variety, include climbing and sprinting stages. Who will be the best climber, or who will win the sprint?

King of the Mountain and sprint winner in the Tour de France are some of the more delicate bets to try out, both worth your time and money. Cyclists under the age of 25 are considered young riders/newcomers with some events award the best young rider reward. You can bet on who will win this award too.

4. Top Competitions to Consider

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We have mentioned the Tour de France more than once already. It is without any doubt the best event to bet on. It lasts over 23 days and there are plenty of chances for all kinds of bets. It is the time of year every cycling bettor impatiently waits.

The second-most popular race is another tour race, the Giro d’Italia. It is held over three weeks and it has numerous classifications and cycling types. The 21 stages are enough to place many bets by the time the cyclists tour the beautiful countryside of Italy. Some of the more popular bets here include betting on the top ten, top three, and the overall winner, as well as the points winner and the nationality of the winner.

Moving on to a third Mediterranean country, Vuelta a Espana is one more tour race that is mostly held in Spain, with occasional passes through the neighboring countries. There are 21 stages, 22 teams, and so many bets to choose, similar to what France and Italy races offer.

Finally, there are the Summer Olympic Games and cycling as one of those sports everyone watches if they happen to catch it on their TVs. Betting during the Olympics is fun because you get to pick so many different sports and disciplines during every single day.

Cycling at the velodrome usually end up being highlights and spectacles that overshadow some of the more popular sports. It helps that it occurs only once every four years, too. The best types of bets include overall winners, second and third places, nationalities, and the number of medals per country. If you want the highest number of events packed together over a few weeks, the Summer Olympics are your best chance at betting.

5. Have a Sound Strategy and Plan

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Last but not least, and before we let you go, here is a lightning round on what to do if you lack a strategy. Make sure to use data on cyclists and their teams, pick a single type of cycling to specialize in and become good at, and place most of your bets during the three main tours.

In terms of money, do not stake too much with exotic bets, focus on climber and sprinter bets, and make sure your bets higher on average than what you would put towards other sports. Make sure to do this and your cycling betting career will be long and prosperous. Success is out there waiting for you when betting on this sport is concerned. All that is left for you is to grasp it.