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The kitchen is definitely one of the central rooms of every home because it’s a place where most create and enjoy various gastronomic delicacies. To make the time spent in it even more comfortable, it is good to have a fully equipped kitchen, where one feels inspired and motivated to cook.

The foundation of each kitchen is represented by kitchen elements, which in addition to contributing to the visual part and aesthetics also contribute to their functionality for storing various kitchen utensils. Kitchen elements include smaller or larger cabinets, as well as drawers and the increasingly popular – so-called – kitchen islands.

In case you are buying a new one, you can choose the cabinets of your choice, completely in accordance with your ideas, and design a unique kitchen composition. Also, with each kitchen element, you can complement the space, and thus upgrade your existing culinary corner.

When choosing kitchen cabinets, there are so many things to consider, which is why at times it is not an easy task.

One of the most important things to keep in mind, though, is who’s going to assemble the cabinets, and will it be time-consuming or not. If you’ve planned to pay for the professionals to assemble the cabinets, it’s a good choice, they are usually quick and accurate but sometimes cost too much. So, if you plan to spend more money on the cabinets, to increase the quality, for example, you can save up on assembling by doing it yourself. This means you choose to buy Ready-To-Assemble cabinets.

If you’re planning to assemble kitchen cabinets, you might want to consider adding an outdoor refrigerator to your kitchen setup. RTA Outdoor Living offers a wide range of outdoor refrigerators that can perfectly complement your newly assembled kitchen cabinets.

What are the advantages of RTA cabinets?

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Even though professionals take less time to assemble the cabinets, RTA can save you transport time. They are usually delivered right after the purchase, and from that point, you control the time. Or, you can take them home yourself. Depending on how many you need, and how big is your vehicle, it can be done.

Flexibility. Maybe you want to experiment with your kitchen space and have a vision of how it should look like on your own, not influenced by any style from the magazines or catalogs. RTA gives you the option to combine different styles, different configurations, based on what you have imagined. Just find a well-supplied shop like Kitchen Cabinet Depot, to design your custom kitchen.

Controlling the time. From here on, everything depends on you. It might sound scary, but it’s not. There shouldn’t be any difficulties, as long as you follow the instructions. It’s more frustrating to wait for the delivery and professionals to assemble what you have purchased. With RTA, you control your pace.

And, as it was mentioned earlier, they save you money. It’s better to invest more in the quality of materials.

By now you have to be wondering about how much time you can expect to spend on assembling the cabinets yourself.

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A couple of factors will influence your assembling speed. The first one is the experience. Have you been doing this before? You don’t necessarily need to have experience with cabinets, but any other furniture element would do. If you have been successful before, you’re most probably going to be quick with this.

RTA cabinets come with detailed instructions that also include the list of tools you would need for assembling. Just take it from the top, prepare everything before you start, and it won’t take long. For those who haven’t assembled furniture before, it might take time to finish the first piece. After that, all others will go faster. Also, all cabinets follow the same logic, more or less, so it will soon become automatic.

Time will also be dictated by the size of the kitchen. Assembling ten cabinets won’t take as much as assembling 5. So, based on how many you’ve bought, plan your time.

Before you start doing the whole thing yourself, check if you know someone who already has the experience and asks for help. You could use a couple of sets of hands when doing these things. The same rules that apply to you, apply to the help – those who have experience with DIY are more eligible than those who have never assembled anything in their life. The more help you have, the faster you’ll finish your dream kitchen.

Best of all, RTA furniture can give that sense of satisfaction, that you have invested a piece of yourself in your cabinets. You’ve contributed to materializing something with your hands. Feeling proud to have succeeded in something. At the end of the day, these kinds of skills are always welcome and useful to have.

There are two very important things to keeping in mind if you want to assemble your kitchen as soon as possible:

  • Prepare the space well, before you bring in your RTA cabinets. This point is very important to properly assemble the kitchen. Before starting anything, make sure that all installations are done properly and adapted to the kitchen design. Seek professional help when installing gas, water, or electricity to ensure that you will not have problems once you install the kitchen and all plugins remain inaccessible behind the cabinets. You must have an authorized person’s certificate for the installation of gas and electricity! Now, while your kitchen space is still empty, take the opportunity to arrange the walls and floors (level, correct irregularities, etc.).
  • Prepare all the necessary tools. Check the quality of the walls, you need to independently provide quality screws for fixing furniture to the wall depending on the quality of your wall.

Even if you have done this before, there’s always room for something to go wrong.

Therefore, the best advice for doing a quick, quality job is to perform it with full concentration and according to instructions. Some cabinet brands also have to assemble video instructions available, so using them is a smart way to go. Use all the resources you have to assemble cabinets from the first try, and ensure the material is not damaged. If you keep going back, you lose precious time.

Follow what is written in the article and you’ll finish in no time!