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People who have a lot of followers on Instagram and publish new content every day are known as Instagram bloggers. Sometimes, they have a chance to monetarize what they are doing and working on, especially if a popular brand or person approach and ask for a collaboration. Usually, they are exchanging goods for common promotion – the one is getting new potential customers, and the other party is getting new followers and higher reach.

Nowadays, these bloggers are known as influencers, and while everyone thinks they are just visiting different restaurants, and take pictures and videos, and consider it an easy job, they have a very bitter task to complete during the day.

First, they have to look like they are happy with what they are doing, also take care of the aesthetics, being creative with the captions too. Sometimes, something that is perfectly done isn’t very influential over the audience, and other content that is practically very bad can reach a bigger audience. Also, the social media platforms are changing and adapting the algorithms, without giving any clue what are they doing.

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Instagram was very easy to maintain since there were only low-res photos and catchy captions at the beginning. But, after they merged with Facebook, now you have stories, reels, messages, and many other features to track. Using the relevant hashtags can increase the traffic, but another popular “cheat” that doesn’t cheat at all, is buying likes for relevance and if you read more, you will see that plenty of popular bloggers are already doing that.

In order to make money from Instagram, the user also has to show interactions and engagements, and the potential clients take care only of the numbers.

Some profiles may have a lot of followers, but most of them are there “just to watch” and don’t really interact with their friends. But, every user can make money on Instagram, knowing some of these tips and ideas:

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Recognizable concept and content

You don’t need to have thousands of followers to make money. There are successful profiles with less than 5.000 followers that still manage to earn some cash. Keep in mind that fake followers aren’t worth much, and it’s better to dedicate to quality content, especially if you are interested in some topic. For example, the most popular niches are still fashion and beauty, fitness, food, cosmetics, cars, books, home decor, and many others. Even though there are plenty of them on the network, you can still manage to have a nice looking and catchy profile, and encourage your followers to share their opinion with you. That’s a way to build a brand from yourself, and become more interesting for those who offer collaboration.

Organize giveaways

You can invest in something and offer it as a gift to the followers. Once they start tagging their friends, more people will visit your profile, and if they find it interesting, they will follow you, and approach for a potential collaboration. Giveaways are an excellent way for common promotion, and you can even consider investing in some goods if that results in more real followers and natural engagements.

Work with your local brands

The common promotion is something everyone prefers when having an online brand. You are promoting their product to your followers, they are increasing the sales, and share your post, and both of you are getting benefits. Even though it sounds easy, it may not work on the first try, but it’s crucial not to give up, especially after some brand asked you for collaboration.

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Analyze the audience

You can run an Insta-analytics so you can know who are your followers, and what they are interested in. Probably you already know that knowing their current interactions, but it’s also important data when you negotiate for a sponsored post. There is one trick – if you turn to a business account, you are getting the basic analytics tools for free, and you can track the audience behavior, and understand them better.

Don’t be afraid to contact the brands by yourself

Many Instagram personalities expect that the brands will track them and offer a deal. But, there are a lot of active profiles there, and if you explore the brands deeply, and see what they offer, you will surely find someone to collaborate with and offer to promote them. Most of them are open to listening to the potential clients’ ideas, and if you pitch an idea, and ask for compensation or sponsored content, they are very likely to accept it or negotiate, until the conditions are acceptable for both parties.

Be recognizable

You can get inspired by some profiles, but you will have to work on yours to make them recognizable. For example, many popular profiles are using the same color scheme for the pictures and videos, they have some specific effect or filter, or they don’t use anything like that at all. Also, for the informational posts, you can create a template using some online tools, or even Photoshop, if you are skilled in that. After some period, the followers will know who’s that content is without even looking at the username.

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Popular brands also love the profiles that are almost brands, due to the recognizable colors, typography, and styling. You can have 50,000 followers, but if you aren’t recognizable among the others, your content won’t be that visible and demanding. Many people pay more attention to the aesthetics instead of the content – so do that, and don’t be afraid to make it stylish, even when you don’t have a lot of ideas for content.

We don’t say it’s easy to be an Instagram blogger, since you will have to be consistent with the content, and show your perfect days, even when you don’t feel like that. But, knowing how popular it is right now, it’s some kind of profession, and if you work full time as a blogger, then you have to remember that you must be professional at work. We really wish you a lot of luck with your project.