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Friends with benefits is a hot topic for discussion with a myriad of views. You might be one of those who think casual sex without all the emotional drama sounds ideal. After all, your friend understands you better than anyone. What are the chances that things might get complicated and messed up? Does casual sex with a friend work in real life?

Besides, if both of you are not ready to walk down on the commitment and relationship path, casual sex is a big bonus. Sounds alluring and appealing, but how do you decide the lines and boundaries that you should not cross?

What happens when these lines get blurred, and one of you decides that it was the wrong move? Considering all the pros and cons that come with casual sex with a friend is important before you take the next step!


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1. No drama

Yes, this is the biggest advantage when you have casual sex with your friend. There is no emotional drama that occurs after sex. Besides, you would feel more comfortable sharing your intimate moments with your friend.

No hesitation or fear of being judged for your desires or fantasies means you can relish these moments! There are plenty of dating apps and sites designed to help you find friends for casual sex, like You might consider this as a safe and secure site to find FWB!

2. No Commitment Phobia

Suppose you are scared of being committed and engaging in a long-term relationship, then FWB is your safest bet! Friends with benefits ensure that there is an understanding between you both, and you might even try and overcome this phobia during casual sex. It is never wrong to try out things and see if they work in the end.

3. Boost your confidence levels

Many people are worried about their performance in bed. There are too many factors that either make you hesitant or scared to have sex. One constant worry you might have in your mind is about your partner’s satisfaction.

Your skills and sexual performance are often hindered because you are unsure. Having casual sex with your friend ensures you have perfect comfort levels. This means that you are confident enough to trudge on the performance path! Who knows, maybe you might improve your performance during these very moments.

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4. Physical intimacy to love

Even psychology believes that physical intimacy and sex might make your bond stronger. Emotions and sex are intertwined in more ways than we can imagine. Physical intimacy elicits that soft corner, and spending intimate times might make you fall in love with each other.

What is better than friends with benefits? It is your friend being your partner!

5.  Avoiding Awkward Meetings

If you are in a new relationship, your partner might insist you to meet his or her parents. These meetings can turn out to be quite cumbersome because you would be judged based on tons of parameters.

Besides, having a partner might mean additional responsibilities that might limit your dreams. In an FWB, there is no compulsion for you to meet your friend’s parents. Since there are no strings, you can always stay focused on accomplishing your dreams and achieve big things in life. No one understands this better than your friend!

6. Safety and security

Casual one-night stands might expose you to significant risks. There are thousands of creepy strangers lurking out there, and a one-night stand is a simple way for you to fall into their trap. However, you and your friend would be transparent and open books. This means that it is easier to trust each other and shove off insecurities and fear.


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1. Heartbreak

A heartbreak sounds contradictory to no drama, right? You might be confused by the complexity of these contradictions. However, are emotions simple? Well, that answers your question. Casual sex sometimes transforms into a one-sided love, and when your friend does not care about those feelings, you might feel that your heart has shattered into a million pieces.

The pain and numbness you feel will destroy all those fun moments, and you would be left with sadness.

2. Losing your friend

As the saying in search for gold, we lost the diamond goes; you might realize that you have lost your friend in the process of searching for sex. While having sex with your friend sounds safe and non-risky, it might be the one thing that might destroy your precious friendship.

Yes, the hormones released when you have sex might bond you with your friend on an emotional level. It sounds shocking, but it can not be denied. Society always connects sex with emotional connectivity, and while you may think that you are above it, you are prone to high risk!

In the end, you do want to end up losing everything, do you? Or is it worth the risk? That is something that you must decide.

3. Regret

Having sex with a friend is messing up boundaries that might leave you with regret for the rest of your life. That ounce of guilt and regret is sufficient to haunt you for the rest of your days. Perhaps crossing some boundaries is not worth the risk.

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4. Dumped Casually

Since the sex was casual, your friend might end up finding a partner. So, where does that leave you? You would obviously be deserted as your friend embraces his new relationship. Now getting dumped casually might be irksome and a massive blow to your ego.

You might even find that you are unconsciously comparing yourself with your friend’s partner. This comparison is all your confidence needs to dwindle and extinguish.

5. Insecure Future Partner

Even if you end up casually dumping your friend, your partner might always feel uncomfortable around your friend. This insecurity can create massive misunderstandings and rifts between you and your partner.

This often ends up with heartbreak because you are left with the choice to choose between your friend and your partner.  This means that you would have to bid goodbye to one of them, which might affect your emotional state of mind.

6. The confused state of mind

Sex is unlike other moments in your life because it can never be undone or erased. You might choose to ignore your commitment phobia and resort to casual sex with a friend. You can ignore the reality and relish casual sex.

However, you would never be able to embrace a long committed relationship, and your mind would always be at war. This ultimately destroys your peace and sanity, which is not a good sign of a healthy life.

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While casual sex with a friend might sound like the best option at hand because of the perfect sync and rhythm, do not forget that your friendship would be at risk. Future is not in our hands, but you can always make the best out of your present. Remember to analyze these pros and cons before you dive into FWB because there is no going back once you are in an FWB.