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Grand Theft Auto i.e. GTA is the name that you will always hear when talking about the biggest video game series. It involves reckless driving and crime sprees that excite the players. But with the wide range of gaming series, it is hard to find the one that suits your taste. Everyone has a particular likeability towards games. If you like a series, your friends might not.

Therefore, we are going to list the most liked series from best to worst. Although your preference may vary, but you will still find the one that will suit you. GamingBeasts provide you with the full version of GTA Vice City that you can download on your PC. Simply visit GamingBeasts and you will earn more about the game its missions and features.

So here is a list that goes from most liked to least liked ones.

GTA tier list

1 – GTA: San Andreas – GTA 5

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GTA: San Andreas is one of the best games in the GTA series. The online mode received new content gradually, which make the gamers more interested in it. Furthermore, it is also one of the best games for PlayStation 2 (PS2). Furthermore, because of its amazing market performance and a great deal of interest of users, GTA 5 is coming in the new generation consoles too.

That is why it is at the top of the tier list. A lot of gamers love to play it and want it in the new gaming setups.

Furthermore, if we compare it to the previous versions of Grand Theft Auto, this one is based upon the modern lifestyle. It is designed based upon a modern city, which is filled with bad people doing the things they love i.e. not very nice ones.

This includes robbing a bank, stealing the helicopter and mow down the police by using your mini-gun. Furthermore, it also involves blowing up headquarter of social media networks. And you will also get a sniper rifle that you can use to shoot don planes.

Although the protagonists are not much attractive and stylish but you will have three options to choose from. The amazing thing is that all 3 of them have their unique abilities. So you can choose them based upon your skills and the abilities you are good at.

2 – GTA: Vice City or, GTA 3 or GTA: Vice City stories

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Vice city has always been one of the favorite gaming setups for players. The game city is designed according to Miami. Furthermore, recently the Vice City received a lot of new users and gained huge attention. The reason behind this is the rumors of GTA 6. According to the rumors, the 6th version is also based upon the city of Miami just like the Vice City. Therefore, players are paying attention to it to pre-learn the features and roads.

But that is not the only reason. During its launch time, it attracted a lot of attention and was one of the favorite games. As the new series of the previously Grand Theft Auto, the attention was expected. But players kept on playing it because of the amazing features and design.

3 – GTA 4

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Grand Theft Auto 4 involves a self-seriousness story, which ridiculed it a lot. But when we go through the whole journey, the final Niko makes us feel pleased. If you don’t like getting bothered, you can ignore this one because the Roman cousin will always bother you. He loves going to the bowling alley and asks you to join it too.

Moreover, there are a lot of emotional cut-scenes and the story tone shifts to absurd. Despite that, there are a lot of interesting characters like the Rockstar. This character involves us with the tale of Niko. Furthermore, his appearance is also quite dashing. That is why we root for him.

Apart from the storyline, you will have a long list of side quests that you have to complete. Moreover, you will have to drive different cars and master various weapons.

4 – GTA: Liberty City Stories

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The Liberty City Stories is ranked 4th on our tier list but that doesn’t make it less enjoyable. Of course, during the time of its launch, it was a great hit and did an amazing business. Furthermore, this series was designed on the PSP during the initial stage. Therefore, it was not playable on PlayStation 2 (PS2).

Afterward, with the amazing response of players, the designers decided to make a port for PlayStation 2. Thus, even the PlayStation users started playing it. From this demand, you can accept some interesting features to enjoy in the Liberty City Stories.

You might question the 4th ranking of this game, right? Well, it is basically because of its edition. It goes 3 years back from the Grand Theft Auto 3. So most of you guys won’t be interested in the older version when the new version is more fun. Furthermore, it has more interesting features and offers an exciting time.

5 – GTA Auto: Chinatown Wars and GTA 2

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Both of these games come under the category of below average because of the release time. Today, technology has improved a lot and so does the designing and programming. That is why the latest games are much more fun than the previous versions.

Although they were better than the initial versions but the ones that came after are much better. Therefore, both of these games could not make it to the top of the list.

6 – Grand Theft Auto, Grand Theft Auto: London and GTA Advance

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These three series are at the bottom of the list merely because of their launching time. All three of them are the earliest games and therefore, they lack a lot of dimensional features and design. Furthermore, all of them have fewer gaming modes and very few levels with limited playable characters. Therefore, beginners will not like them at all especially if they have already played the latest versions.