The gaming industry has increased manifold and millennials are the biggest consumers of gaming streams. To make Xbox, Nintendo, and Playstation are some of the very successful video games that have celebrated incredible wins. They have sold millions of copies across the globe and people are not able to get over the craze. Seeing the unexpected boom in the industry, gaming options are only increasing day by day.

This popularity gives rise to multiple opportunities for people including being a YouTuber, a streamer on Twitch, or an eSports professional. Live streaming is one of the craziest acts that has gained great popularity among gamers, especially millennials. Study says that millennials are big gamers, and when they are not playing, they are watching gaming content.

YouTube and Twitch are the two biggest platforms where people consume gaming video content, and on average a person spends six hours watching such content. For more info on streaming visit

How Does Streaming Help Streamers?


Several gamers stream their gaming skills and the way they play games with their opponents, to inspire people. Individuals or to be more precise, viewers support content creators in numerous ways, that include subscriptions, or donations. Here subscription refers to the monthly fees that creators are being paid by the platform on which they stream or upload content. In addition to it, donation refers to the payment viewers make to the creators.

With the rise in popularity of gaming streams, streamers have seen a considerable rise in the money earned through their streaming skills. A few streamers are unbelievably good at it. Through millennials, the creators get a good amount of support and at times they make more money through donations when compared to subscriptions. Furthermore, more than millennials, Gen X and Gen Z spend more on subscriptions.

There are several reasons why streaming has gained unexpected popularity among millennials, especially after the lockdown happened. Let us go over a few of them to get to the details.

Why Do Viewers Tune Into Streams?

Below mentioned are some reasons why viewers tune into streams:

Watching Other Play Game Is Entertaining

A lot of people enjoy watching others play. This is one of the major reasons why streaming has gained great popularity among people of all ages. Yes, that’s true, not only millennials but even adults are fans of game streaming. Watching a few internet personalities play games in their style is a whole different level of entertainment. Son enjoys watching the playthroughs without being sure if they will play the game themselves.

Some also have favorite streamers on Twitch and YouTube and they find everything about them entertaining. According to a report, out of all the stream viewers, almost 46% are females, and the rest 54% are males. It was also found that the average age of gamers was 33 years and not only Millennials but Boomers and Gen X are also playing games.

Viewers Tune Into Tournaments From Across The Globe


Another reason behind live streaming becoming considerably popular is that watchers get to enjoy their favorite international games as well. Many players take part in some of the famous tournaments to win money as prizes. This act is popular in the eSports industry. Others are just interested in tuning into the streaming sessions to enjoy international tournaments being held.

Some of the very famous eSports tournaments that were held in 2019 include a few popular games as well, such as Fortnite, League of Legends, PubG, Dota 2, and much more. Out of all such tournaments help, the League of Legends was the most watched eSports tournament that crossed 3.9 million viewers from across the globe.

Players Take Inspiration And Some Gaming Lessons

Streaming has gained popularity manifold because players are eager to learn new skills from other players. Through streaming, they get to achieve this by watching others play. Several different types of games are live-streamed from several platforms. Users tune into the streaming videos to get some insightful and useful tips from their favorite players. At times, they are stuck on a level and they watch streams to gain some valuable insights on how to cross it.

The platform can be any like YouTube, Twitch, or just any other streaming platform and they tune into videos. Recently, a similar app is launched by Facebook as well named Facebook Gaming which allows people to watch and create gameplay.

Players Get A Chance To Interact With Other Players

With the rise in streaming sessions, the streaming platforms out there have evolved as the foundation for gaming communities of all levels. The players get to exchange ideas, share cheating tips, compete with others and also have fun. This communication with people having the same interests help foster relationships, make new friends, discover several new players and explore so much more.

Irrespective of if you are a casual player or a dedicated one, live-streaming offers several opportunities to see and take inspiration from others playing the same game. Several platforms offer a chat feature while live streaming a game where people can chat with each other and better their gaming skills. Through this feature, viewers get to chat with other viewers as well where they can discuss a few thoughts about the game.

There are a few other features that help streamers themselves do better at their gaming sessions. All in all, there are several reasons why streaming helps players and viewers make the most of the games being played.


The Bottom Line

The rise in popularity of several online games has enabled players to make forging careers in the industry. With the help of their gaming skills pe, people are earning a huge amount of money. According to the data, hours watched have jumped almost 50% these days and people are enjoying it more than ever. This kind of content is helping marketers as well.

Google reported that display and video ads are the highest viewability rate with gaming content. Over the years, the gaming pattern has experienced a clean shift from what it was, five years back. Millennials consider it a stress-buster and are hence, keeping themselves engaged with streaming content.