A calming drink with a refreshing taste and the kick of alcohol to help you unlax is what makes up the infamous seltzers. An alcoholic beverage you can slowly enjoy without going through bitter-tasting shots and head-breaking hangovers. Aside from the flavorful cocktail recipes from liquorlaboratory.com, you can also try and enjoy this alcoholic beverage without having to go through head-breaking hangovers the next morning. It’s a drink easy to relish because of its full taste and natural fruity flavors. For all our soft drinkers and others who enjoy occasional drinking, what’s there not to like? These days, wasted parties using hard-core drinks are coming out of style.

People are more on the elegant, light, and chill vibes to dance around and interact more. Aside from its hotshot because of its alcohol content, seltzers are also in demand because of their exciting components. Most hard seltzers are made with dissolved carbon dioxide that is the primary component of what most people call sparkling water. Along with it are fruit flavorings that are responsible for the sweetness of the drink.

A great example would be the grapefruit, strawberry, and raspberry flavored hard seltzers from longshotdrinks.co.uk. Others like it bitter and pungent, but a few people prefer to get tipsy in a more subtle manner. If you belong to the population who can’t stand bitter alcoholic beverages yet still enjoy the feeling of getting drunk, here are some of the reasons why you should switch to seltzers instead of your usual sweet drink.

Seltzers are known to be healthier

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Hard seltzers are dominating the world by storm, not out of random luck. People prefer this drink for the reason that it has been proven healthier compared to other alcoholic beverages. It has lower calories levels than others, and in some brands, real fruit juices are used in mixtures.

Long Shot’s hard seltzer is the perfect choice for people who decide to take a healthier drinking path, from its low sugar and calorie levels to its all-natural fruit flavorings. No need to worry about limiting your high-calorie foods during hangouts, Long Shot’s seltzers make sure you’ll still have a lot of room for another round of your favorite hamburgers and pizza. Sounds fun, right?

Most people drink to have fun and loosen up, but for those who follow strict health rules and diets, every glass might be as bitter as those hard beverages. Isn’t it such a bummer when you’re drinking to have fun, but you can’t fully enjoy it because you’re restricting yourself? I know, right? That is why it’s not a shock that seltzers are extremely popular these days. It’s fun, it’s light, and most importantly, it’s healthier compared to all your other usual alcoholic drinks!

Seltzers have a wide variety of choices many people can enjoy

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Because one of its ingredients is fruit juice, hard seltzer is preferred by many people due to its wide variety of fruit flavors. These days, as the drink’s popularity continues to grow, many new emerging choices have been made as well.

Before, seltzers were only mixed with a single fruit flavor. It might be lemon, watermelon, pineapple, etc. Now, there are seltzer brands that decided to top it up a notch and improve the quality of the drink by having two fruits in a single bottle. From the usual strawberry flavor, some have a mixture of strawberry and rhubarb, or from raspberry to raspberry and blackcurrant.

As a result, people are getting more intrigued by this drink, forming a broader array of consumers. From all of its available flavors, you’ll definitely find one that would perfectly sit right with your palette! Something you can’t usually find in your regular beverage.

Because of its excellent availability and a good number of choices, seltzers are also considered a more convenient beverage. Finding the proper mixer for your alcoholic beverage doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming. With hard seltzers, all you have to do is choose the flavor you like, open the can, and enjoy the flavorful experience.

This easy-to-drink beverage is perfect to have after a long, hard day at work or even in a relaxing, stress-free environment. But if you do want to explore and test out your bartender skills, you can do basic Pina Colada, Tom Collins, Margarita, or Paloma. These drinks go well with hard seltzers of different flavors.

Seltzers are Gen Z and Millenials’ favorite

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A higher percentage of Millenials and Gen Z people enjoy occasional drinking, and as we have noticed, their presence is very prominent. These are the people we often find at parties and social gatherings. If you belong to the millennial and gen Z era, we’re sure you can relate to this!

One of the main reasons seltzers are getting extremely popular is their impact on the younger generation. Because of their healthier components, lower alcohol and calorie levels, young people prefer seltzers over classic, old-school beverages. The rise of hard seltzers has significantly impacted liquor sales that even beer brands started to create their taste of it. Millennials and Gen Z somehow coined this drink into being “cool” and “in style.”

A lot of them enjoy it that hard seltzers became a statement. An indication of a hip and chic youngster. Who can judge them? The drink is enjoyable, convenient, and flavorful! Hard seltzers may not give you the world’s best hangover, but they will surely ensure that you enjoy its sweet taste and the entire night being tipsy. The younger generation went past the rebellious hard nights and fainting on the streets somewhat drunk.

Millennials and Gen Z prefer to have it chill and just lay back from the chaotic demands of everyday life. Seltzers understood the assignment and delivered it well. Hard seltzer’s popularity went from the last you’ll pick in the store to being the nation’s No. 1 choice in holding parties and enjoying the fun.

And Oh! What’s also great about this trendy favorite is that it breaks the gender stereotype of alcoholic beverages. It might be all fruity and light, but the number of men preferring to drink it is as high as the number of women who find joy in it. So, for the guys who want to try a can of it, seltzer said, “Don’t worry, your masculinity is safe with me.”