Nobody could have anticipated, what would one day become of Twitch when it was launched back in 2011. It started out as a small platform for gamers to stream and share their gaming sessions live online and has since turned into the biggest live streaming platform in the world, luring in more than 140 million viewers every month. It brings the gaming community from all around the globe together to interact, chat, learn, watch, and simply celebrate their passion for games with like-minded people. While gaming is not the only topic on Twitch, it is one of its main markets, with millions of streamers broadcasting their gaming sessions live on the platform, while interacting with their followers who can watch and comment in real-time.

Streaming technology is shaping the future of gaming and entertainment at large. If you want to have a piece of the cake and become a Twitch streamer yourself, the following things will help you get started. Remember, though, that becoming a successful streamer on Twitch is not an easy feat, and will require a lot of hard work and dedication. Do you have what it takes?

Live videos are taking over the entertainment realm


Live Streaming technologies are taking over the world of entertainment in more ways than most of us would have thought possible. From concerts streamed live to real-time entertainment options via streams and the ever-growing realm of video game streams, this technology has made a massive splash in online entertainment and continues to change the way we interact with brands, content creators, artists, and other users, and almost everybody else. Event live streams, for instance, have created new ways for musicians to reach a global audience and for fans to see their idols live on stage from anywhere. Influencers and celebrities of all kinds make use of live streaming via social media such as Instagram Live to interact with their followers, while entertainment brands offer new experiences through streams.

It’s now possible to enter a live escape room virtually no matter where you are by playing via live stream with a real game host. In a similar fashion, players can enter the realm of casino games virtually through online casinos from all regions around the globe. For instance, some of the best-rated platforms listed for Arabian players on ArabianBetting offer a variety of betting options and casino games online. Many include a live casino, which connects players with a real dealer via a live video for a virtual casino experience. With so-called Let’s Plays, where gamers stream their gaming sessions live online, this technology has also had a massive impact on the video games industry, connecting gamers from around the globe online. Do you want to get in on this trend and become a streamer yourself? Here’s everything you need to know.

Skill: Do you have what it takes?

If you want to be successful as a streamer, you don’t necessarily have to be a pro gamer. That being said, you should be good, if not very good, at the games you want to stream live. Nobody likes watching a gamer who just dies and doesn’t get ahead in a game. If you know your way around the controller or keyboard and mouse, are familiar with the ins and outs of your chosen games, and got some skills to show off, you are ready to stream live. Many streamers specialize in one or a few games that they stream continuously. Some of the most popular games are League of Legends, Fortnite, Apex Legends, and CS:GO.

Personality: Are you a born entertainer?

While skill is essential to get a following on Twitch, it’s not the only thing that matters. Your personality and charm, humor, and the ability to entertain your followers are just as important. You might even be bad at a game, but make up for it with your humor and fun way of entertaining. What matters most is that you’re giving your audience an enjoyable and engaging time. When you’re a streamer on Twitch, you’re essentially an entertainer who wants to grab the audience’s attention and interact with them. During your live stream, followers can use the live chat box to comment or ask questions. How you reply and interact with them is integral for a good and captivating stream that will keep your audience coming back for more.


Equipment: Get a professional setup for high-quality videos

Are you all set when it comes to soft skills? Then it’s time to make sure you have the right set of hardware to ensure professional and enjoyable streams. Low-quality video, broken sound, loud background noise, or lags and crashes will drive people away, so make sure to pick high-quality equipment that will ensure a professional video. The main things you will need are a microphone and a camera – apart from the machine you’ll be playing on.

Rather than simply relying on the integrated mic on your headset, it’s usually a better idea to opt for a standalone microphone, as these tend to offer better quality sound with more efficient noise reduction. While you’ll be streaming the screen of your game, your stream should also have a video of your face. Make sure to get a camera that allows for streams in high resolution, so your audience can see your face, mimics, and reactions clearly as you broadcast. There are many reviews out there such as on PC Gamer that will help you pick a suitable device and get the camera rolling. One more thing you should consider regarding hardware: If you’re playing on a computer, is it powerful enough to run both the game and live stream simultaneously? Both tasks can drain a lot of performance, so make sure your machine has got the needed juice to power these processes smoothly.

Twitch has become the biggest live streaming platform in the world that lures in millions of streamers and viewers each day. It brings the gaming community from across the world together on one platform to share their gaming experiences and passion for games online. Livestream technology has been changing the face of entertainment and gaming in the last decade and doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. Do you want to take part in the trend? Make sure you have what it takes to start on your path to becoming a successful Twitch streamer.