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Almost every business field that exists in the world is more competitive than ever. People are using the benefits of online technology to reach their target audience and potentially expand their business to different local markets.

That can be a good sign for individuals that are planning to become entrepreneurs. They have a wide range of opportunities that can potentially bring them profit. However, the tough competition also requires more creativity and research. Every business owner has to use all the available advertising channels and try to split from the masses in that way. One of the ways to become viral is by using video ads for your business.

You need to understand that not all groups of people like to read a lot. That especially counts when we are talking about Millenials and generation Z. These young people would rather interact with video content than reading long-form textual content.

Still, not all business owners are aware of the benefits of video ads. They are afraid to try out a new marketing method because they are not sure how to do that properly. If you are one of them, you have come to the right place to learn how to make video ads for your business quickly. The list below will confirm that you only need to go through a couple of stages to reach your goal. Let’s find out those steps together!

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Make a Video Script

Everything starts with a proper plan. You need to outline the entire video ad you plan to publish and cover all the details it will contain in the video script. There is a good reason why this step is essential. The script will tell you whether some of the parts are monotonous or boring. Keep in mind the purpose of the video ads is to convince people to interact with your brand. Because of that, analyze all the parts as many times as you need until you get to the final solution.

Decide on the Appropriate Video Orientation

The first thing you will have to highlight in your video script is the orientation of your video. You have a couple of options when we talk about this part. Your video can be in square, landscape, portrait, and fullscreen form. Which one you will choose depends on the goal that you want to achieve. Despite that, it also depends on the platform or device where you plan to release the ad.

Let’s use an example to make things clear. Most business owners would want to allow people to see the ad on their laptops and mobile device. Imagine how that ad would look if you decide on using the landscape format. Mobile users will feel uncomfortable watching the video ad in that way. On the other hand, the square is a much better choice and it will make ad eye-pleasing.

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Decide on a Proper Font

Video ads often come with some textual content that wants to make the video more engaging. However, the font you use also needs to be eye-pleasing for the viewer. Let’s imagine that you are making an ad in the English language, but you want to target all the people in the world that will potentially need your product. Most of them are not going to be native speakers, and the textual content will help them understand the message you want to send better.

Imagine how annoying it would to read the text if the font is too small. There is a big chance no one would even visit your website while selling the product seems almost impossible.

Decide on the Right Soundtrack

Video without music usually does not bring the best possible results. More precisely, it can sometimes be monotonous to only share textual content through the video. However, is every type of soundtrack going to be good? Of course not, and you need to spend enough time finding the right one.

For instance, let’s imagine that you are selling some healthcare products. Sad and slow soundtracks are not going to be appropriate for that type of video ad. Instead of that, you need to pick the sounds that will make people feel better and improve their mood because they finally found a solution to the health issue they have.

Still, there is one small trick when we talk about sounds. Most people will primarily check the video in a silent mood. You can go through Facebook, Instagram, or any other platform and you will see most of them will start without any sound. You will have to click on it to turn it on. Because of that, optimize the video for silent viewing. But, if you want to truly grab their attention, the next step is essential.

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Find the Appropriate Visuals/Template

Social media users see hundreds of ads every single day while scrolling the main page of their profile. Because of that, you can’t simply record a video, use a soundtrack, and wait for the results to come. Instead of that, you need to add appropriate visuals that will hold the viewer for a couple of seconds.

The beginning of the video needs to be entertaining and informative. You should add some visuals that will explain what the video is all about in an entertaining way. If you miss the opportunity to grab the attention of the viewer in these five to ten seconds, there is a big chance he won’t even continue watching the video.

Fortunately, advanced technology is on the side of all video editors. There are many websites like InVideo where you can find different pre-made templates as well other tools that can potentially make your video ad more effective. Checking the website we attached after reading this article will pay off.

Final Thought

We have finally come to an end. These five pieces of advice will help you make the video ads quicker. Additional tools that we mentioned will make the entire process even quicker. However, that doesn’t mean you should not write a video script before the entire process start. That document will give you insights into all the advantages and disadvantages of the video ad you plan to release. Don’t neglect the negative side, and try to improve it properly. If you don’t manage to do that successfully for the first time, there is always a chance to fix your mistakes. Just follow the analytics and everything will be clear to you.