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Natural stone has been in use for many years. Builders and homeowners use the material for construction, home finishes, or commercial premises. While it may appear like there is nothing new to offer, designers and contractors are always coming up with new styles to meet their client needs. Natural stone remains one of the most versatile building materials. The impressive creativity levels and advancing technology make users believe that more is in store, and the natural stone trend will not go out of style anytime soon. Every decade we get to see new natural stone finishes products in the market.

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Reasons Why Natural Stones Finishes is Here to Stay
Sturdy: Natural stone finishes are sturdy and can withstand many forces. The stone has an impressive heat resistant character. Since they are non-flammable, they are the best to use in the kitchen finishes. These countertops outperform almost any other material in the market as they do not bend and are perfect for any space in your home.

When adequately sealed, natural stone finishes will withstand scratches and abrasive materials. You can find more on Uniquely Coastal.

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  • Unique: There is beauty in uniqueness. Natural stone finishes are one of the most popular choices among seasoned interior designers of all times. The versatility and color variety that comes with the stone makes it interesting to work with. You will get all colors from solid blacks to a wide variety of dark and light hues in various shades. You can opt for wild patterns from the wide variety of natural stone trusted dealers’ stock if you are an adventurous personality. Since no single piece ever looks like another, natural stone finishes give the most distinct finish.
  • Easy to maintain: People love quick fixes, and that is what natural stone finishes offer. The daily care and cleaning of natural stone cleaning are minimal. All you need is a clean piece of cloth and water to keep your space clean. Depending on the type of stone, you may need to seal the surface once or twice a year. Sealing is an incredibly simple procedure, as well. The ease of care and maintaining natural stone makes people fond of the finishes, making it a lasting trend.
  • Resell value: Most property valuers, contractors, and interior designers advocate for natural stone finishes for the high ROI. While the investment may seem steep, homes with natural stone finishes fetch more hence high resell value. Use the material in your kitchen, bathrooms, bars, laundry areas, or even commercial properties to raise the value of your home.
  • Beauty: Everyone loves beautiful things. While beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, natural stone offers a wide variety of options that accommodates almost every style and taste. Spaces with natural stone finishes are elegant and clean. This is another reason why the material will is not going out of style anytime soon.

Types of Natural Stone Finishes

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  • Natural cleft: Experts break the stone into a biological flaw to achieve a natural texture and finish on the rock. Since this is a 100 percent natural process, the pieces are unique and distinct. This kind of finish is typically available in slate and sandstone, but you can find some granites and limestone with strong clefting.
  • Polished: The polished finish has a highly reflective surface, showing both the vibrancy of the stone’s colors and the stone’s ‘character.’ The texture is extremely fluid and not very porous. With a polished finish, you can see the full color, depth, and crystal structure. A polished stone with transparent stains is often easier to preserve, as the stitch seals the pores of the stone’s surface and repels humidity.
  • Horned: A stone is grounded to achieve the horned effect for a smooth finish. Depending on the degree of honing, you will find shiny stones that are matt or satin. Each of these stones looks a little different. The sharp stone is perfect for a finer look, which shows the luxury of each piece. Most colors on this finish are calm, so the honed stone works well if you want a rustic or traditional look. There’s no glitter on honed stone tiles. Honed finishes can withstand scratches. For example, if you use a smoother stone, marble tiles also get refined, particularly when used for floors in a heavy area.
  • Flamed: The flamed marble and natural stone finish give the rock a raw, glassy look. Flamed stone is rough, with soft mounds and depressions alternating and curling the top, which offers a sleek anti-slippery treatment.
  • Split Face: The split face is achieved by breaking the stone by hand or machine so that the surface shows a natural quarry texture. It has an irregular surface.
  • Antiqued: This finish is filled with sand to produce a weathered, aged finish. The finish gives the stone an old look by replicating use and wear.
  • Sawn: A sawn finish lightens the stone and gives it a matte look. This finish is great for external paving, stairs, sidewalks, entrances, and patios.

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  • Sandblast finish: Sandblast is used to glue, form, and clean a hard surface by pushing solid particles across a high-speed surface; the effect is similar to that of sandpaper but provides even finishing without any problems at the corners or the middle.
  • Rich texture: Here fine silica sand granules are blown on the stone surface make up a rich texture. This adds a lot of depth and dimension to the stone and creates a warm and dynamic, soothing, and visually appealing setting.

The sandstone provides strong traction and is suitable for high traffic or wet weather following rainy days or around pools. The sandstone flavor offers great versatility.


Natural stone finishes never get old. The products are a true work of art and add beauty to any installation you have in your homes, such as the fireplaces and water walls from Creations from natural stone have impressed every generation, and this explains why trends are repetitive. The finishes on natural stones only get better with time.