As early as 2015, Phil Ydens, Adobe’s VP of Designing for Record Cloud, estimated that 2.5 trillion PDF documents may be found all over the world. Additionally, as PDF has become widely used by businesses, government agencies, educational institutions, and individuals, this number has been steadily increasing.

Over half of those surveyed, according to an analysis, claimed they were regularly required to carry out at least one of the three duties. The executives need to be changed, adjusted, or paged. However, several PDF tools isolate the PDF reader from the proofreader, which covertly complicates daily work.

Today, iTop announced the launch of iTop PDF, a powerful yet free PDF application for Windows users, especially for those looking for all-purpose and user-friendly software. A powerful tool for achieving more work productivity is iTop PDF, a one-stop, lightweight PDF application that can be used to manage and preserve PDF pages as well as convert and edit PDF files.

For professionals, educators, students, and others, iTop PDF offers a free, all-inclusive PDF solution. It can unquestionably edit, convert, and pack PDF files. With this simple, free software, users can surely manage pages, complete constructions, and create virtual signs. Clients may roll out considerable modifications to PDF records and save time with such a useful PDF layout.

Working with PDF files is as simple as ABC with this PDF software. Here are some operations you can do with it.

Convert PDF


Customers may create PDF files from MS Office documents, images, and records or convert PDF files with high quality to Office, picture, text, RTF, and PDF/A. This many tasks may be completed remotely, protecting the information of the clients.

Edit PDF

Without any modification, iTop PDF can directly change PDF files. With just a single click on the menu, users may quickly change the content of PDFs by adding text, clarifying images, adding links, adding watermarks, and even adding bookmarks. Additionally, iTop PDF can intuitively recognize and complete structures, which may be more helpful for users.

The board PDF Page

Customers may quickly create new PDF documents by quickly embedding, separating, erasing, and changing the grouping of pages. Additionally, iTop PDF can combine many PDF documents into a single one and compress PDF files while maintaining excellent quality.

PDF Security

iTop PDF protects documents using encryption and redaction since the company typically wants to provide its customers with a stable existence. Customers can password-scramble documents or redact sensitive information from PDF records. Clients can also quickly complete their online endorsements and virtual signatures.

“Similar to the iTop Screen Recorder, iTop typically produces efficient, secure, and smart technology. In any case, iTop PDF is designed to govern PDF records effectively with a one-stop PDF setup for beginners. Certainly, people may change, convert, and work with the pages of their PDF documents “iTop PDF’s Central Item Official, Andy Yang, remarked. If it’s not too much bother, stay tuned with iTop as we continue to update iTop PDF and enhance the client experience.

Compress PDF Files


The fact that a PDF file often contains a high number of graphics and photos contributes to the overall size of the PDF file, which can be fairly huge. Despite this, sending big PDFs through email, which often has a size restriction, or storing them on a computer, which has a limited amount of storage, might be problematic when the PDF file is too huge. In this scenario, being able to reduce the size of a PDF file on a mac without sacrificing quality becomes an important thing to be able to do.

After putting every PDF compressor to the test, iTop PDF emerged as the clear winner and is now our top recommendation. It is able to lower the size of a PDF file while maintaining the quality of the original document while simultaneously compressing the file to its smallest feasible size. Even further, it allows you to batch-reduce a single PDF or a number of PDFs at the same time.

During our test, which consisted of compressing a PDF file that was 4.4 megabytes in size, I found that iTop PDF was able to decrease the file size to 635 kilobytes without sacrificing any of its quality, including the document’s layout or its image resolution.


PDF is a versatile file format that facilitates the safe and effective transfer of documents during presentation and exchange. It has a lot of useful capabilities, but it’s not easy to work with in terms of editing, converting, compressing, or combining. But PDF software can help you solve all of these problems. No matter you want a simple PDF reader or a powerful PDF editor, iTop can get your needs covered.