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With skin you can become special, bright and memorable. This is especially true if you spend a lot of time in the game and you’re tired of looking at weapons in black or banal khaki coloring every day. Change with the skins can be not only a weapon. One of the most popular items to buy, as well as having the most weight in CS:GO roulette can be called gloves. Despite the high cost, you can win them in roulette with a minimum bet of 1 ruble. You will see and enjoy your improvements all the time, not just by buying a certain type of weapon.

The cost can range from a couple of rubles to several tens of thousands for a single skin. They serve only an aesthetic function and do not affect the in-game functionality of the weapon or the character itself. They are bought to emphasize your status and the uniqueness of your character. In addition, we advise a service where you can open Hotpizza cases.

Mecca for collectors

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Skins for Counter-Strike: GO skins are released in limited editions – on the one hand, it allows for constant updating of their assortment, and on the other – leads to the emergence of skins of interest to collectors. For rare items in Counter-Strike: GO arrange hunting – buy for fabulous money or exchange them for other values from their collection.

New skins are randomly dropped during matches – and this element of the lottery is also loved by players: there’s always a small, but still a chance that this time you’ll get something cool. Many people enjoy “spinning the reel” so much that they even exchange their skins for boxes of new items to try their luck again. No one is stopping you from trying your luck – there are plenty of stores that sell the same skins or boxes for money.

The opportunity to make money

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The demand for skins is huge – both on the official website and in dozens of third-party stores they can not only be exchanged, but also sold for real money. This, of course, attracts those who want to make money from their favorite game. The most popular way is gambling – even in spite of the uncertain legal status in many countries, as well as Valve’s attempts to limit this business. The scheme is very simple – skins can be used to bet in various online casinos and sweepstakes, where you usually need to predict the result of cybersport matches. If you win, you get even more skins, which can be further let into the game, as well as sold, traded or used for yourself.

Despite the fact that you can get skins just by playing Counter-Strike: GO, it does not bring a lot of money – falling items are not very much, and their value is often a penny. But many players try to capitalize on their knowledge of the market – for example, by investing in skins that will increase in value over time. Another popular option is to barter your skins for more valuable or promising skins. To earn money in this way, you will have to spend a lot of time and money learning all the features of economy Counter-Strike: GO – but the ability to analyze the market can be useful in many more serious professions.

Benefits of Use

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You choose how you want to stand out in the game – your play, your appearance, or both. How much money you need to invest in the game to get more enjoyment out of it. After all, you need to buy a huge number of skins for all categories of weapons and equipment, and in CS:GO roulette you can get almost free rare and valuable skins.

Each player can choose the appropriate occasion. Especially relevant are these purchases if you play at a professional level and act in competitions.

What are the reasons for trading skins?

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The game has its own market, where gamers can trade items from their equipment. The only drawback is that it is not possible to get real money here. Various platforms offer users to sell their inventory in the safest way possible.

To trade skins for real money, you need a Steam account. Then you need a trading URL and email, after which you can add the item you decide to sell. You also need to provide your payment details. After the transaction, the money is credited to the balance within a day, and then it can be withdrawn by any available method.

Skins could be erased, but they were not.

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When creating skins, the developers of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive acted at random. They used examples of “skins” from the real world. Obviously, weapons in the real world often have a camouflaged pattern. Therefore, there was a misconception that camouflage would be more popular than brightly colored skins.

Another misconception had to do with the wear and tear system. At one point, the development team planned to add wear and tear to skins over time. The idea was that a worn skin would emphasize the user’s experience and form an emotional connection by visually showing how much time you had spent with that skin.

In the end, it was decided to abandon the wear-and-tear system over time. There were two reasons. First, the developers couldn’t find a suitable wear factor. A frayed cannon was supposed to show the player’s experience. Fast wear and tear didn’t match that, and slow wear and tear wouldn’t be enough.

Second, different skins deteriorate differently as wear increases. This makes some look peppy even at the Battle-Scarred threshold, while others are covered in scratches even at Minimal Wear. So, they didn’t add wear and tear over time, but made it fixed.


To buy CS GO skins, you don’t need to make a lot of effort. You can buy both Factory New knife with Stattrak index and cheap graffiti on different sites. And the list of such things is huge. In addition, both on the trading floor and on the sites you can pay both in rubles and in usd. And, of course, before you buy CS GO items, you need to look through all the offers from several sites. Choose verified sellers (list is not very long). Because information about your account can fall into the wrong hands and you will lose your items.