One simply cannot consider themself a part of the global gaming community without participating in one-of-a-kind first-person shooter wonder such as CS:GO. Now that we have covered the basics, we should move to the point of today’s article. Namely, to level up your experience in Counter-Strike Global Offensive, you should consider gearing up your standard wares.

Thus, we kindly invite you to check out our list of the hardest items and skins you can both pick up on your way through enemy ranks and trade with other gaming enthusiasts. The year 2024 brings us novelties but also keeps the memory of the most distinguishing segments without whom a player cannot enjoy the game to the fullest.

To make a long story short, we should clarify that having peculiar skin does not make you a better player, nor does it increase your effectiveness in any countable way. On the other hand, it should unquestionably affect your foes because wearing a specific type of weapon endowed with a unique visual appearance speaks about what you might have done to earn a chance to wear it in the field.

You can acquire your gear either by trading or earning it on your journey through the game. The best thing is that it can earn you some serious cash if you decide selling an item is what you want. On the other hand, you can enrich your arsenal easily as long as you are willing to spend a small fortune on the pleasure.

Souvenir SSG 08 Detour


If you want a legendary piece of equipment, you should stop right now and consider this amazing skin right away. In a nutshell, the infamous Olofpass made a name for itself during a mythological clash back in 2014, when it made the impossible and allowed a team to recover from the seemingly irreversible score and beat the odds that were everything but in their favor.

If someone would see you wearing this piece, they would automatically conclude they should not play games with you but do their best to run for their lives and break a sweat to even attempt to resist you’re the skill that goes along with Olofpass.

Dual Berettas Cobalt Quartz


We dare not to talk about the rare without mentioning this pair of guns you cannot pick up nowadays no matter how you try. Besides unique visuals, this pair has a story to tell, and the storyline is attached to the same year we have already mentioned in the previous paragraph. Thus, do your homework and consult your web browser on why you would have to spend as much as $200 to have them at your disposal.

StarTrak AK-47 Fire Serpent


If you think a pair of guns costing as much as we have just mentioned in the previous subtitle is expensive, try adding another zero to the number and you should get the price tag on this beauty. Naturally, we are talking about a brand-new piece that has not been used in combat.

No, you cannot obtain it in any other way other than trading, thus, check CSGOSKINS.GG for more info on how to make it yours. The artwork on this AK-47 is as unique as it gets, but we recommend you not to waste your time or your money if you have no idea how to handle a Kalashnikov.

Emerald Gamma Doppler M9


There is no better way to humiliate your foe than by killing them with your knife. Now, if you would want to do it as the royals do, you would like to consider using the emerald version of the infamous Gamma Doppler M9. Unfortunately, obtaining this piece of equipment is not only hard but also pricey. Gaming aficionados do not use knives all the time, but when they do, they want to do it with style.

AWP Dragon Lore


Wanna see a white flag waving from your enemy lines? This piece should do the trick, but we should highlight that the price tag of this beauty outshines anything we have mentioned so far. To make a long story short, a fresh version of the skin costs as much as a couple of tens of thousands of dollars. Yes, you can buy a decent car with that money, but a car will not impress your enemies as much as one-of-a-kind skin such as AWP Dragon Lore.

MAG-7 Bulldozer


Even though there are several variants of this skin, any version would significantly lower your bank account regardless of the condition. On the other hand, you could earn more than enough if you have this piece at your disposal, but we reckon you would not give up on it considering how amazing it appears and what an impact it would make on the enemy on the other side of your gunpoint.

M4A1-S Knight


This piece might appear as nothing special to the layman’s eye, but a real CS:GO aficionado should know how hard it is to obtain it by playing the game. Thus, assess your options and try to determine whether this amazing piece of gear would make a difference and level up the impression you make on your foes.

Desert Eagle Blaze


If you prefer shooting from a devastating gun then you must be aware that Desert Eagle has no alternative in terms of firepower. Well, this skin suits the description perfectly. Spending as much as $200 on a gun skin might seem as if it was a bit too much, but if you want to enhance the experience the right way then the price should not be the problem.

We hope that the previously mentioned items intrigued you as much as they amazed us while researching the market for the most valuable skins. Looking good in the field will cost you money, but we recon the pleasure is worth any invested dime. Having any of the pieces we have talked about in the lines above is also a good way to earn extra cash, but only if you look at it as if it was a good business opportunity. Namely, a CS:GO enthusiast would hardly give up on a unique skin just for the sake of profit.