Sports have gotten cutthroat in recent years, and expert sportspeople constantly strive for a chance to compete. Many people have selected hyperbaric oxygen therapy as their tool to remain competitive! Hyperbaric oxygen treatment has been effective in helping competitive football, volleyball, and baseball players heal from injuries and improve their athletic ability. However, HBOT can benefit many kinds of athletes. In addition, there are divers, golfers, hockey players, fighters, and wrestlers. Lebron James, Michael Phelps, and Tiger Woods are just several of the millions of athletes who utilize HBOT. They have each stated that they have benefited from using a hyperbaric chamber.

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NFL Players’ Use of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Although hyperbaric oxygen therapy is incredibly effective in curing sprains and strains, athletes use it for various reasons. Many athletes use HBOT for prevention. There is proof that hyperbaric oxygen therapy may improve athletic efficiency, increase vitality, hasten to heal and shorten recovery time, lessen inflammation, improve the clarity of mind, and do other things.

Although it may sound futuristic to rest in a hyperbaric chamber, several NFL athletes have been doing this for several years. The fact that a hyperbaric chamber lowers inflammation, speeds up the healing process, aids in the battle against hazardous viruses, and raises blood oxygen levels is the purpose that so many NFL athletes rest in them. The top 8 advantages of HBOT for NFL athletes are listed below.

1. Improved Athletic Performance


Athletes frequently practice at increased elevations to boost the body’s ability to produce red blood cells and transport oxygen. The Colorado Springs Olympic training centre is at an elevation of more than 6,000 feet for this precise purpose! Hyperbaric oxygen therapy can have the same objective of improved circulation and blood aeration without requiring a cross-country trip. Research of 22 athletes competing in the Nagano Winter Olympics in Japan describes the impact of HBOT on fitness levels. More than 77% discovered slight to notable benefits.

2. Increasing Energy

The requirement is the considerable muscular effort for athletic performance, which leads to mental exhaustion. The buildup of a tired chemical like lactic acid, problems with metabolism management, and, most crucially, a reduction in a power supply are all signs of physiological exhaustion. The body typically uses oxygen to fight weariness. By boosting oxygen uptake and oxygen levels in tissues and cells, HBOT can hasten this process.

3. Speed Up Healing & Shorten Recovery

Most people think practicing is essential, but recovery is equally critical for a player’s success. The muscles of an athlete deteriorate when they work out. Their muscles are built bigger throughout healing, increasing their power. A proactive recovery technique, hyperbaric oxygen therapy can speed up your recovery by up to 33%! HBOT floods tissues with oxygen, accelerating and promoting tissue repair.

Injury-related absences may cause athletes to drop in the rankings or possibly be dropped from the squad. Many top sportspeople have used HBOT to hasten their healing. HBOT encourages the production of stem cells, essential for healing damaged tissue. Additionally, it boosts the production of white blood cells and reduces the body’s inflammatory reaction, which reduces the risk of infection and disease.

4. Reduce Post-Injury Swelling


White blood cells and fluids flow to the area of the injury whenever a sportsman or other individual is harmed. The body is responding defensively with this response. The intention is to prevent an athlete from overtraining and injuring himself further. Swelling can occasionally be severe and go beyond the requirement for recovery. Experts examined the effects of HBOT on post-surgical inflammation. The discovery was that the oxygen influx from HBOT decreases the proteins and other molecules that induce swelling, suggesting the potential of HBOT for reducing swelling following sports injuries as well. Additionally, HBOT increases the creation of collagen, reducing scarring.

5. Improved Mental Acuity

Both strong and wounded athletes need mental acuity, stamina, and attention in addition to physical strength and endurance to perform at their peak levels. HBOT can deliver the high levels of oxygen that the brain requires. Your brain produces energy, awakens dormant neurons, and forms interconnections as a result of the oxygenation of the brain. Even medical research shows how the brain becomes active following hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Additionally, it promotes clarity of thought, concentration, and memorization.

6. Treatment for TBI and Concussions

Although HBOT is not FDA-approved to treat TBIs, initial data points to its efficacy in the aftermath of both injuries and TBIs. The CDC estimates that 3 million TBIs happen annually, and 10% of those injuries happen while playing football! In a study on military personnel who had suffered mild to moderate brain damage, researchers discovered that HBOT significantly improved subjects’ cognition, impulsivity, and life quality.

7. Improved Sleep


You’ve had nights where you have trouble falling asleep, but you’ve also had nights where your sleep was sporadic and of poor nature. It would be best if you got enough restful slumber for your brain. According to research, HBOT facilitates the brain’s transition from energetic, elevated slumber to restful, slow-wave nights of sleep.

High-quality, deep sleep is vital for NFL sportspeople. It is important that they receive 9 hours of sleep per night. Your body recovers most effectively at night when you are sleeping. Additionally, sleep keeps us healthy. According to research, sports like tennis, basketball, swimming, and other activities benefit from increased speed and precision. Other athletes claim that getting good-quality sleep helps them feel less worn out and react faster.

8. Lessen Aches

Although stiffness may indicate improved strength and capability, it can make it difficult to exercise in the foreseeable future. Athletes can accomplish and perform their best during practices and contests thanks to hyperbaric oxygen therapy, which encourages an oxygen inflow to weary, aching muscles. The increase in oxygen brought on by HBOT aids in lowering lactic acid, a major cause of muscular discomfort. This skill encourages quick recovery following challenging workouts and intense training.


By delivering oxygen-infused plasma oxygen-starved tissues, hyperbaric oxygen treatment (HBOT) aids wound healing, reduces inflammation, and repairs tissue damage.