So, you are considering starting the procedure of obtaining your UK citizenship, and at this moment you are gathering all info related to it. One of the things that will make you eligible for it is the Life in UK test. This means that everyone who wants to become a citizen of this country will have to know everything about Margaret Thatcher, but also Monty Python since the government has prepared a manual and a test that will be taken by those who want to get citizenship.

The test itself is not something new, since it has been an integral part of the citizenship procedure for decades, but what many are not aware of is that the government has revised the manual and the tests that should be passed by those who would like to become citizen, back in 2013.

While the previous version contained some practical questions about everyday life, this one focuses on history and culture. There are also questions about sports, music, and historical figures – from William Shakespeare to Winston Churchill.

The government states that the manual also provides an insight into “Britain’s unique sense of humor and satire”. Which is not something you would expect when going through such a procedure. However, it has its purpose. The goal is to help new British citizens understand “the values and principles of the essence of the British being”.

What Does the Test Consist of, and What Is the Pass Rate?


Aside from the elements mentioned in the introduction part, one should know that they will be answering a total of 24 questions. Although the thought of having to learn again can cause jitters, the test itself is a rather quick procedure. It only lasts 45 minutes and is taken on a computer. As for how many correct answers you need to provide in order to prove yourself eligible, the answer is 18 (or a total of 75%).

Where Can You Take the Test, and How Do You Book It?

At the moment, there are approximately 30 test places located throughout the country where you can book it. Naturally, you’ll be selecting the one that suits you the most at this point in time. As for the booking, it is only available via the official government website. You will encounter many other scam websites around the internet; however, these are, as we said, only scams. Avoid them at all costs.

For the booking to be successful, you’ll need a valid e-mail address, a valid ID, and a credit card to pay for the fee. If by any chance you do not have an ID, the alternative is to present a passport, or a residence permit/card (whichever you have). When booking you must provide the exact same data as in your document, as they have to match. Otherwise, your booking will be invalid.

In case you manage to fail the test, you need to wait at least a week. The great thing about is that there is no limit on how many times you can take it. You’ll continue taking it until you are successful. However, this does not mean you should relax too much and be lazy when it comes to studying, as every single booking will cost you time and money. Hence, the importance of preparing.

What Is the Best Way to Prepare for the Test?


Here are some things you should know about the test, which will hopefully help you prepare well, and pass from the first try.

Not every individual gets the same set of questions.

What the experience from others shows is that every person taking the test gets a different set of questions. So the ability to cheat is minimized. The database has more than a thousand questions, and we mentioned earlier how you’ll be only given 24. Imagine how many possibilities and combinations this gives? Yours will be randomly selected by a computer, the moment you start. Even though the person might be sitting next to you, what are the odds of having at least one same question? Very slim. So, you need to go through the entire manual, to be prepared.

Practice tests are available.

Even in schools, you are given materials to practice. It’s the same case here. You’ll be given the book to learn from, but the test on which you can actually experience the process can be found online, on These are a great tool if you want to make sure you nail it from the first try. What is also good about these is the fact that you can experience the process, as well. You’ll get used to the idea and the way it’s designed, hence the anxiety will be kept to a minimum on the day of the test.

Your English vocabulary counts as well.

The test will not only be assessing your knowledge in the aforementioned areas, but also in language. As they want to make sure all citizens are able to speak, write, and comprehend everything.

Also, there could be some terms you’re not familiar with at all. The book you’ll be given contains a glossary we highly advise you to consult a couple of times in order to memorize these terms.

Needed less to say that the one who struggles to comprehend, reding, or write will surely fail the test.


Final Word

What we would like to stress at the end of this article is the fact that the practice test is a bit harder than the actual one. This is the feeling most people have when they finish the procedure. And it comes in very good as a preparation method, since you’re preparing for the worst, all to find out the actual one is a piece of cake comparing to it.

This fact is supporting the idea of taking as many practice tests as possible, before going to the actual one. It will most definitely arm you with enough knowledge and self-esteem to pass the test from the first try.