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The first tool people are reaching for whenever there is a clogged drain in their home would be the plunger. Unfortunately, this tool can sometimes help, while other times is ineffective. However, in case a plunger fails to fix a clogged drain, there is the possibility that the problem may be more serious, which means you will need to use other appropriate tools. There are many options, but the most useful and widely used ones are hydro jetting, snaking the drain, or chemical drain cleaners.

The use of chemicals for this purpose is recommended as a last option since when compared to the other alternatives; they might cause more damage rather than a benefit. Therefore, you can handle it by choosing one of the two other options available to you, namely hydro jetting or snaking.

In fact, the hydro-jetting technique is considered much more technologically developed and modern. As technology and tools have evolved, they also have become much more compact. When it comes to hydro jetting, only a specialized technician should operate it.

What does the term Hydro Jetting mean?

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You may feel slightly doubtful about this kind of service in case you have overheard the term “hydro jetting” or if a plumber has suggested it to you, but the only thing you know about it is the price. When performed by a qualified plumber, the process of hydro jetting can have some surprising advantages to your overall plumbing system. If you wish to check these tools and their prices, visit Citysupplygroup  that offers a wide range of products.

Hydro jetting entails the usage of specialized tools to force highly pressurized water to pass over your plumbing system. Forcing the water through can pull down and clear away tough accumulations.

Hydro jetting handles a variety of possible waste materials. For example, it will handle the accumulation of minerals, tree roots, hair, food, grease, and soap. As a result, it will clean the pipe walls so that they may seem completely new.

How does Hydro Jetting function?

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Hydro jetting includes a process by which pressurized water will purge the pipes. Through a special hydro-jetting machine, plumbers force the pressurized water to pass into your pipes. By doing this process, you will clear the inside of the pipe of stored debris that has caused a blockage or slower flow. It is preferable to use hot water for extra effective unclogging of the debris when there is an accumulation of grease.

Hydro jetting has proven to be much more effective in removing debris and minimizing the likelihood of repetitive clogs. As soon as a professional plumber identifies the perfect spot of the problem to pump the water, he puts a hose that will be connected to a large water tank or water line. Then the plumber will pump sufficient amounts of water pressure into your pipes, determined by the type and condition of your clog.

This will make the water rub the sides of your pipes, as well as remove debris, and the gravitational pull will push that dirt downward ensuring they will be flushed out of your home safely. The process works great for both clearing clogs and keeping the overall condition of your pipes in good shape.

Is Hydro Jetting worth buying?

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The question is how to vindicate such a cost, plus determine whether it is worth it? By considering the pros of hydro jetting versus the cons, it is easy to see. Here are the pros of hydro jetting, which makes it a well worth investment.

Hydro Jetting is a highly preferred choice for plumbers due to several reasons. Simply put, it will never fail as the adaptable water pressure of the hydro jetting makes it possible for experts to fix all sized drains. Plumbers are able to adjust the water pressure with ease as needed to clear any buildup or debris completely.

Secondly, it is a much better option for maintenance. Snaking a drain has the ability to unclog a clogged drain; however, it does not effectively clear buildup from the pipes, which can cause future blockages. With the use of water via hydro jetting, you will eliminate dirt and residue along the edges, making your sewer line easier to maintain.

In addition, it is eco-friendly. With hydro jetting, you will only be using water to clean your pipes, which makes them extremely protective of the environment. There are no chemicals in the process.

Finally, you can save money in the long run. Even though you will have to hire plumbing services, this will actually result in money savings for you in the long term. Washing the lining of your pipes will remove all residue and debris that may lead to blockages in the future. Undoubtedly, you will find out that this is an excellent preventative method.

Hydro jetting also has its own cons, although for most people it is highly preferable. Therefore, here we will highlight some of the disadvantages.

One of them is that it consumes lots of water. Since it requires strong water flows, its prolonged use can lead to considerable water consumption. For this reason, you must choose professional plumbers to ensure that water is properly consumed.

Another disadvantage is that you will need the training to use the equipment all by yourself. Although you can use any hydro-jetting tool by yourself, if you are not properly trained, you may consume more water than you need, and you may even do damage.

When you experience slow drains and repetitive blockages, it is natural for you to become extremely irritated. Having a clogged drain could affect your lifestyle; including showering with stagnant water, plus it could cause some safety issues in the event of a sewer backup.

If you consistently encounter serious blockages, which do not seem to be cleared, high-pressure hydro jetting may be your ideal option. This is when the plumbing problem is in your main sewer or drain line. If you stay informed about your plumbing system with the relevant service choices will help you resolve your issue and maybe the best benefit you will have.