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When we say Jacuzzi or a hot tub we immediately think about a luxury item. It is probably because of all those Hollywood movies. This is why most of us average Joe’s think that there’s no way in hell we can afford them. But, things change, and thanks to many advancements in technology surrounding hot tubs, the situation might be different right now.

Now, if you want the real thing, being it a piece for the house or your backyard it might still be too expensive. But, we are here to talk about other solutions you might have on your hands. An alternative worth your attention in the form of an inflatable hot tub. This might be the right thing for you, but we’re not pushing anyone to make this choice. Instead, it will be your decision. We’ll only make a stand and discuss the small matter of is an inflatable jacuzzi worth the money. Keep reading and find out.

Are They Good as Advertised?

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Hot tubes are a luxury everyone of us deserves but can’t afford. Something similar as Batman and Gotham relationship. This is where the inflatable version comes into play. If you have a low budget but still want to indulge yourself a bit, this is the right thing for you. Of course, you’ll face many issues such as puncture issues, short lifespan, and malfunctioning during the cold weather, but the price justifies all of it. You just must live with the fact that it won’t last as long as the real deal especially if you install it on the outside.

But, when you part with only a couple of hundreds instead of tens of thousands it all makes sense. Now, don’t get us wrong. It’s not like they’re of bad quality, it’s just how they are. In the end, you get value for your money. If you are lucky and are living in not-so-cold areas they can work just fine if you take good care of them. There could be instances where you won’t be able to tell the difference between the real deal and the inflatable jacuzzi. If you are prepared to get yourself one straight away please visit this site. We, on the other side, are going to dedicate some time to the price of these babies.

So, What’s The Price?

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Sit down and tie your seatbelt. Not because you’re in for a rough ride, but because we don’t want you to jump through the roof from excitement. If you are looking for built-in models that go into the ground or inside of your home it is going to cost you money. But we are not here to spend too much, aren’t we? We are here, of course, to tell you all about the inflatable version which is quite cost-effective. The inflatable jacuzzi is much less expensive compared to its built-in counterpart and the price is precisely what makes it so appealing. Of course, all the hot water and relaxation do too.

If you go for the above-the-ground inflatable version you only need to part with a couple of thousands of dollars. In the best-case scenario, you’ll give out $500 for the tub itself, while the installation costs could amount to another $500. There probably won’t be any extra expenses, as we can’t think of anything that could make you invest more money. If you choose some of the expensive versions or some extra features you could have some more expenses, but this is all up to you. On the other hand, if you insist on the built-in tube the things are going to get a lot more expensive. These hot tubs cost p to $20,000 and their installation is in the same region as it requires various materials, electrical installations, plumbing, and contractors. We’re going to leave it to you to do the math. It shouldn’t be too hard to see that the advantage lies on the side of inflatable tubs. It’s like Bengals at Patriots – a clear advantage for the home side.

How About The Convenience And The End Results?

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You won’t be disappointed in this department. Convenience is the first thing you receive with an inflatable jacuzzi. For one they’re easy to transport, install, and uninstall. When there’s no longer need for one, it is easy to store it away. A garage, an attic, or a spare room should do the trick. All of the parts are transportable, which makes it much more convenient than the regular version. Permanent ones are more stable and add more prestige but once you set them to their place there’s no turning back without many more expenses.

When it comes to what they offer in their essence we can say that not much differs. While the principle is almost the same, there are a couple of drawbacks you need to be aware of. The operative system is a bit different when it comes to inflatable models. First of all, there’s a small issue of heating. It won’t go as fast with the inflatable jacuzzi as it will with the built-in version. There’s a simple reason behind this – the insulation. The heat protection is much simpler when it comes to an inflatable version which is something you can’t overlook. If you pass this little bump, the rest of the road is straight as a runway. For the price, you pay you’ll receive a product like no other that will give you at least a peek at luxury you saw in movies such as Austin Powers International Man of Mystery and Boogie Nights.

Bottom Line

Trust us when we say it – these tubs are as good as advertised. Yes, they’re not the high-end luxury you saw on TV but rarely anything is these days. After all, you can have that but for much more money. There’s no need to spend a fortune when you can have almost the same sensation for a lot more. Do not wait a moment longer but order yourself a perfect inflatable jacuzzi right now.