If we have to talk about a sport that is number one in terms of popularity, then it is definitely football. It is the sport that, for the majority of sports fans, is the number one content that they would follow, on which they would bet, but also a sport in general that they would discuss with their friends. Dear football fans, you have an interesting autumn ahead of you, in which for the first time in the history of world football championships you will have the opportunity to enjoy the world championship in football – the World Cup 2024. This year the cup is played in Qatar, which is the organizing country, and will receive a large number of tourists from all over the world with one goal – to cheer their favorite team and witness the successes of their favorite team.

Not all of us have the opportunity to watch the 2024 World Cup from the stands of the beautiful stadiums in Qatar, but first of all, we have the opportunity to bet through web betting sites such as and similar ones, but we also have the opportunity to watch it from our home. A lot of football fans wonder how they can do it, but this dilemma is put to an end today because we have the solution for you. Today we are talking about the best ways to follow the matches of the World Cup that start in a few days, and we invite you to stay until the end of today’s article and learn a lot more about this topic.

5 ways you can enjoy the matches of the World Cup 2024

1. State broadcasters will broadcast all matches, so this is the first option you can consider


The first option for each of you is the state broadcasters. They are always the first solution when it comes to matches, especially when it comes to football. So make an effort to check in time what time each of the matches will be held and at what local time each of the matches will be broadcast on the channels of the state broadcasters so that you can plan in time when and with whom you will watch great football.

2. In certain countries, the World Cup 2024 can also be watched on any the commercial television

If the state broadcaster in your country has not bought the rights to the football event which is the number one event of the year, then surely one of the commercial television stations has. Search the Internet and see which of the commercial television stations in your country have the rights to the 2024 World Cup matches and make a detailed plan about which of the matches you will broadcast and at what time your home TV should be free to cheer on your favorite team who you root for.

3. You can also watch good football from the World Cup 2024 through any of the mobile streaming platforms

Finding yourself at work during your favorite game? Want to watch your favorite team fight for victory? In that case, you should look at one of the mobile streaming platforms that allow you to follow the matches. All you need is to look at which of the applications offers this possibility and choose the one that will offer you a quality picture and a timely transmission that you can enjoy at work, in the park, or in your favorite cafe.

4. Sometimes betting platforms can also give suggestions on where to watch your favorite football team in the World Cup 2024


When it comes to football, it is good to know that during major competitions in this sport there is an opportunity to bet through the excellent offers of betting services, and in addition, there is an opportunity to follow the matches through links offered by the betting platforms. All you need to do is visit your favorite platform of this type, and make your bet, but also check the links they have offered to follow the matches online.

5. Check to see if there are large gatherings in your city for group viewing of football matches

Most often, during the championships, big gatherings are organized in the cities where fans of this sport gather to cheer on their favorite team. At these gatherings, the game that is being played at the moment is streamed, and beer and snacks are served so that you can watch the moment in which you will see who the winner is. Such gatherings are held in almost every city, so it is good to check where in your city you can go and enjoy the sports magic of the championship together with your fellow citizens.

What are the other ways you can follow the big games?


1. Even radio stations broadcast the big games, so check out local sports radio stations

If you are often stuck in your car and do not have the opportunity to get there in time to watch the game of your favorite player or the whole team, there is another solution that is more than perfect. Why not check out the local radio stations, or rather check out the sports radio stations? They often broadcast the big matches, and we’re sure they’ll be broadcasting the big matches of the 2024 World Cup. So don’t despair, you can even stream the matches in your car on the radio while you wait for the traffic to clear.

2. Check out the official World Cup 2024 profiles – they post live scores all the time

Stories, Posts, Lives, and many more options – social networks offer the opportunity to broadcast the results of major competitions, and they will certainly do so during the World Cup 2024. So make sure you follow the World Cup 2024 profiles and have a look occasionally their announcements because they will surely broadcast all the results of the big competitions.

In front of you is a detailed guide that will help you follow every single match of this championship, even when you don’t have the television in front of you, but you have a mobile phone or a radio that will allow you to see if your team is leading or winning the match which is of great importance.