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The year 2024 has been an eventful one for the video game business, with everything from the hyperactivity of small game developers to the sluggishness of huge studios.

Increasing demand for game development services may be attributed in large part to emerging technologies like Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Mixed Reality (MR), as well as to the growing popularity of online streaming and mobile gaming.

Gaming with virtual reality and augmented reality

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Virtual and augmented reality gaming are the only options for a new level of realism and immersion in 1st person gaming experiences. AR gaming became an instant sensation thanks to Pokemon Go.

Augmented reality and virtual reality video games are expected to generate $11.0 billion in revenue by 2026, according to Industry ARC. in the next five years, the economic growth in the sector is expected to be approximately 18.5 percent.

People’s desire for immersive gaming experiences and the incorporation of augmented reality and virtual reality technologies into handheld devices such as smartphones and wearables are driving this development. The cost of virtual reality headsets is expected to decrease in the next few years, according to The Economist.

Virtual reality gaming gadgets, such as hand controllers, headsets, and so on, enable players to have a next-level experience in terms of gaming immersion.

As an alternative to being completely submerged in a virtual world, augmented reality places digital elements such as objects and noises over the player’s actual surroundings. What makes it even more enjoyable and accessible is the format’s use of visuals. AR has become more accessible to game creators because of the proliferation of smartphones.

Some of the most sought out VR games in 2024;

Astro Bot Rescue Mission

Your crew is dispersed around the galaxy in this action platformer, and you’re tasked with finding and rescuing them all. More than two dozen levels and challenges await you in this game, which is sure to keep you occupied for a long time. This isn’t just a platformer, mind you. 360-degree environments and a variety of weaponry, such as a water pistol and a hook shot, are among the game’s highlights.

Blade and Sorcery

Even though Blade and Sorcery is currently in early access, it’s exactly what the doctor ordered. Virtual reality warfare is both soothing and insane in equal measure. You take on the role of a magic-wielding maniac, ready to maim and kill any unfortunate warrior that crosses your way with his arsenal of weapons and spells.

Elite: Dangerous

When was the last time that you fantasized about becoming a cosmonaut? As well as all the complicated controls and systems necessary to bring the notion to life, Elite Dangerous provides it in plenty. It’s a little too difficult, even for a video game: Because it’s a flight sim, there’s a high learning curve for all of the game’s essential features. In spite of this, if you’re willing to put in a few hours of studying and failing, Elite: Dangerous is an enjoyable and gratifying experience in its own right. Putting you right in the middle of the action, and making the marvels of space hauntingly unforgettable, is the ultimate goal of virtual reality.

Danger Goat

We’ve all heard of the world famous Goat Simulator. Goats have never had it easy, as the one-of-a-kind Simulator game may have shown to you first-hand. Danger Goat’s traps, rockets, and robots may be less strange, but your escape is not guaranteed. Make no mistake about it; danger lurks around every corner.

Playing together across different platforms

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Playing online with players from different platforms (Cross Platform) will also be a major trend in the gaming industry by 2024. Those games that were once only playable on a single platform will no longer stay exclusive to just one sole console and players with different types of consoles can still play together thanks to this revolutionary step in the world of gaming.

The main reasons why games couldn’t be played on several platforms were due to rising expenses and a lack of technology. However, throughout the next year, gamers may look forward to playing together across separate platforms being a reality thanks to developers experimenting with game codes.

The Rise of iGaming

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Throughout 2024, we have seen a massive increase in governments working on the legislation for gambling all across the world. Online Casino companies are opening a new massive industry around a widely popular hobby that has been around since the dawn of history. People will always have a knack for a little wagering, and nowadays there’s no easier and more convenient way to do it than online casinos such as

These online giants provide all kinds of wagering experiences, ranging from sports betting, to live roulette, blackjack, and more!

Gaming on the Blockchain

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The whole view on online gaming has been rewritten thanks to blockchain technology, which has transformed gaming into an industry with a wealth of possibilities. Blockchains protect internet transactions from hackers by using advanced data encryption techniques.

The business potential for Blockchain-based video games is enormous. According to Newzoo, the entire value of the Blockchain gaming industry in 2024 was almost two hundred billion US dollars, which is expected to rise to around 225 billion US dollars in the next 2 years. People will spend 150 billion on addons bought within games by 2025, according to Newzoo.

Purchases through games might be safer thanks to this new technology, which could be beneficial to the gaming industry. Besides providing developers with new and safer regions, blockchains will provide players more influence over their gaming experience as they transition from Pay-to-Win to Play-to-Earn.

In-game assets may be created and stored on the blockchain, which is a game-changing technology. In 2024, it was a major trend to keep an eye out for! 2024 will be a watershed moment in terms of the gaming industry’s trajectory.