Improve Your Slingo

The game slingo has been available online for a while now and is rapidly increasing in popularity as more casino players discover the fun this hybrid game brings. There is now a great selection of slingo games to play on the internet with more sites now adding it to their game library.

We take a look at what exactly the game slingo is, as well as some best practice advice to help you get the most out of your online slingo gaming experience:

What is slingo?

Slingo Game

Slingo can be described as the perfect fusion between the games bingo and slots. Just like an online slot game, there are a number of reels, but instead of containing the usual symbols you would expect to see there are numbers on each reel.

There is also a game card with a random selection of numbers on, as you would see in a typical game of bingo. The game card is most often a 5 x 5 grid and games have all sorts of fun and unique themes, just like slots.

If you enjoy fast paced casino games with bonus features and fun themes then slingo is likely to be a great option for you.

Here are some top tips to improve your slingo gaming experience:

Find the best gaming sites

Take a bit of time to look for the right gaming site for you. Look for reputable sites that are highly rated or recommended by others and check out whether they have a good selection of games before signing up.

You might also want to consider any welcome bonuses or promotional offers the site is offering to new users and whether these can be used when playing their slingo games.

If you haven’t played slingo for, you may benefit from a site that offers a free demo mode for you to try before you play any cash games.

Trialling the game in demo mode gives you an opportunity to check your understanding of the rule and learn what to expect in real games.

Think carefully when buying extra spins

Another useful tip is to buy extra reel spins with great care. While there isn’t an exact answer to when is the best time to purchase these extra spins, there are a number of factors that you may wish to consider.

For example, look at the amount of numbers that are left on your game card to complete. If you are only in need of one or two more numbers this might be a good indicator that it is worth the purchase.

However, you should also consider the cost per spin compared to the possible amount that you could win. For instance, if it costs £4 to buy each spin, it may not be worth it if the prize is £10 and you still have a few numbers to go.

There is careful analysis between expense and potential reward needed here and you are likely to get better at making such judgements when you are more familiar with the game.

Make use of multipliers

multipliers  in Slingo

One feature to look out for when selecting and playing games of slingo is the multiplier feature. The multiplier works by multiplying the win by a certain amount when you complete a line.

It makes sense you look out for games that offer this feature, and many of them do. However, you might not want to make this your only factor in choosing a game as the Return to Player rate or RTP should also be considered.

Use wilds strategically

Wilds are another great feature that you will find in slots and slingo games. A wild symbol could allow you to cross off all the numbers in the row above where they are.

You may want to think carefully about which number you use your wild on as you do not want to have wasted that wild on a number that could be crossed off on your next spin of the reel anyway.

Ultimately, wilds are a great slingo feature and finding them puts you that little bit closer to winning a prize.

Mastering Game Rules

To excel in slingo gaming, it’s vital to master the specific rules of the game you’re playing. While the core concept of combining bingo and slots remains constant, different slingo variations may introduce unique mechanics, symbols, and win conditions.

Take the time to thoroughly read and understand the game rules provided by the casino or gaming site.

Understanding the rules allows you to develop effective strategies tailored to each game’s nuances.

Pay attention to details such as winning patterns, special symbols, and bonus features. This knowledge empowers you to make informed decisions during gameplay, increasing your chances of winning and maximizing your enjoyment.

Chasing Progressive Jackpots


Progressive jackpots are enticing opportunities for slingo players. These jackpots grow over time as more players participate in the game, often reaching substantial amounts. When chasing progressive jackpots, it’s essential to keep a few strategies in mind.

First, check the rules of the specific slingo game to understand how the progressive jackpot can be won.

It may require achieving a particular pattern or completing a specific task. Second, be aware that chasing progressive jackpots can be costly, as it often involves buying additional spins or meeting specific wagering requirements.

Carefully evaluate whether the potential reward justifies the expense. Finally, consider setting limits for jackpot chasing to prevent excessive spending.

Promoting Responsible Gambling

Responsible gambling is a fundamental aspect of a healthy and enjoyable slingo gaming experience. It involves recognizing and managing any signs of problematic gambling behavior. To promote responsible gambling:

  • Set time and financial limits for your gaming activities.
  • Monitor your gaming behavior and be mindful of any changes in habits.
  • Seek help or support if you believe you may have a gambling problem. Many organizations and resources are available to assist individuals in maintaining control over their gaming activities.

Responsible gambling ensures that slingo gaming remains a form of entertainment rather than a source of stress or financial hardship. It allows players to enjoy the game responsibly and sustainably while avoiding potential negative consequences.

Don’t get carried away

This piece of advice does not apply only to slingo, but all other games too. It is important to set yourself a budget limit when playing cash games like slingo and ensure that you do not go over it, even if you feel like you are close to winning a big prize.

Only ever play with money you are comfortably able to lose and avoid playing when there are lots of distractions around you or if you are frustrated, as this can impact your decision-making skills.

Finding a calm place, free of distractions will help to improve your concentration and enjoy the game more.



In summary, mastering slingo gaming involves smart bankroll management, understanding game rules, chasing jackpots wisely, and promoting responsible gambling. These principles will enhance your gaming experience while maintaining a healthy balance.