WoW is one of the most exciting and impressive video games that has always attracted players with innovative features and unique functions. Every single expansion that appears within the game is highly awaited and appreciated by both new players and experienced ones. A plethora of exclusive features, impressive quizzes, and thrilling classes to choose from contribute to the popularity of the game. However, how is it possible to achieve the desired results and take advantage of the most challenging options? Keep reading this article from to get detailed information about available covenants and specifications that will help you unlock new quizzes and start playing.

If this is the first time you hear about covenants, you should define the notion and deal with their characteristics before you dive deeper into the area. In fact, covenant has become one of the most impressive options that was added to WoW Shadowlands. There are numerous items you can choose from, each of them offering unique abilities and exclusive features. Once you still have to take the first toon through the extension, you will have to play for a while in order to get access to the covenant. However, it is critical to mention that any alt you take into the afterlife may draw you closer to the desired result.


The moment you reach level 60 in the video game, you will unlock the WoW covenants. Among experienced players, covenants are known as the endgame feature, which means that you will have to clear the levelling campaign and hit level 60 on any of your characters before you get an opportunity to pledge allegiance. The moment you come to the end of the Revendreth arc and get redirected to the Oribos hub, you should act fast, choosing the first quest, which is known as “Choosing the Purpose”.

To tell the truth, it is one of the most expected moments in the game, as a player discovers a whole new world of the video game, with its unique covenants and their exclusive features. At this point, it is critical to remember that every covenant will have its representative in the Enclave, so you will be able to interact with it, getting numerous helpful options.

Covenants as They Are: Key Features and Peculiarities


When it comes to the expanded world of Azeroth, all the Afterlife is associated with the series of infinite realms that are interrelated and controlled by a specific power group. The most influential ones include the Kyrian, Night Fae, Necrolords, and Venthyr. All of them are more known as covenants that are characterized by the same nature, but completely different responsibilities, objectives, roles, and focus. Therefore, the moment you reach the afterlife, you will have to make a serious decision, which may predetermine the further route of the game.

It is critical to mention that a new Shadowlands expansion is associated with an unlimited number of characters, covenants, and other items that will contribute to the game plan, making it more interesting and appealing. At the same time, the player will not have an opportunity to succeed without making right choices and focusing on authentic characteristics of each option.

Discovering Covenants


If you have coped with the previous stages and entered the Shadowlands, it means that your character is at least level 50. Nonetheless, you should be interested not only in the development of the hero, but also getting access to quizzes and other interesting tasks. Here, it is fundamental to remember that your actions and choices will matter a lot.
Although the whole process may be a bit confusing for a new player, later you will acknowledge the specifications of the game and understand the way it works. Once you enter the expansion for the first time, you will have to face the challenge of covering the whole storyline. You will start your journey in Bastion and move through several other places right to Revendreth. At this point, you are likely to reach level 60 and get an opportunity either to align with one of the most powerful covenants or perform independently. If you make the right choice, you will get the desired access to quizzes and other profitable activities and tasks.

Selecting the Covenant

Are you excited about an opportunity to join the covenant and start quests? Keep in mind that the decision you make will predetermine the further development of events in the game. Additionally, it is inevitable to mention that opting for the covenant, the player should take into account numerous factors, such as the class, desired abilities, aesthetics, roleplay sensibilities, and playstyle. Forget about any comments and recommendations of the covenant that seems to be the most beneficial for your class, but rather focus on your preferences and desires.

An important note: you do not make a lifetime decision, as it can be easily changed anytime. You will just have to go back and select another option.

If you are convinced that you have made the right choice and are ready to proceed with the game plan, you should relax and enjoy every new quiz and task that becomes available.

At this point, it is critical to remember that each covenant has its unique features and exclusive peculiarities that can contribute to its popularity. However, you should never be deluded by some characteristics, which seem to be effective and helpful for some players.

Keep in mind that what is excellent for one person may be bad for another. Thus, mind your playing style and preferences to make the right choice and eliminate mistakes.