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A trampoline is a great addition to any backyard and it can be of great benefit for both children and adults. It’s a device that can bring tons of fun to kids and it can also wear them out pretty quickly, making them a great exercise even for adults too. However, a lot of maintenance comes with this kind of outdoor device and not everyone has the time nor patience to provide such care. Fortunately, small indoor trampolines do exist that are a great alternative.

But, since this kind of trampoline is much smaller and it is indoor, in a constrained space, you or your kids may not be able to put in as much activity with it as you would with an outdoor one.

So, the question is: are small indoor trampolines good for exercise?

Well, I guess the answer is different depending on what kind of exercise you are looking for.

Either way, if you want to know whether this is a good investment for working out, keeping yourself and your children in shape, I suggest you read this article because we are going to cover everything related to this topic.

Great for flexibility

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One thing is for certain, a lot of people do not pay too much attention to flexibility. Most of us are just interested in working out to stay in shape or to make a fit body. Everyone would love to have a six-pack. But, people need to understand that lack of flexibility is a serious problem and that everyone should start doing exercises for improving that kind of mobility. Fortunately, an indoor trampoline could actually help you with your flexibility.

Why is that important? Well, to be flexible is not just for women, ballerinas, or yoga. It is very important and could even help you with your exercising. Even if you are just lifting weights. Better flexibility will help you progress faster and healthier.

Good flexibility is also important for children. It can help with the development of the body. Especially for children before their teenage years.

How to incorporate an indoor trampoline for flexibility exercises?

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If you believe that flexibility is important, you will need to understand exactly how an indoor trampoline can help you with that.

Well, the most basic stretching you can get out of this device is just by bouncing. Yes, just jumping up and down is enough to start stretching your body, especially your back.

Of course, if you feel comfortable, you can start implementing different types of movement to further increase the effect of the stretching. For example, you could start swinging and spinning your arms to put a little tension on your shoulders, triceps, biceps, and elbow. You could also add a little bit of movement with your legs to further increase the stretching.

Of course, these kinds of exercises could also be useful for children. Just make sure they learn proper movements and they stay safe during the workout. Also, they should have fun while doing it.

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Helps build stamina

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If you still cannot seem to understand the exercising benefits of an indoor trampoline, you have to understand just exactly how much you can build your stamina while jumping on these things.

Yes, it may seem effortless and easy at first, but once you continue doing the same kind of jumping for five, ten, or even fifteen minutes, you will definitely catch yourself out of breath. It is not easy to stay on that trampoline for such a long time. Even children can get tired after 15 minutes of bouncing.

Also, if you want to make the bouncing even more tiring, you could implement additional movements like the ones I mentioned before. Swinging or waving your arms, waving your legs, etc.

After several weeks of this type of exercising, you will notice a considerable increase in your stamina and lung capacity. So, the next time when you are out for a jog, you will feel like you can run a lot more than he used to do.

Weight loss

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You probably already know that any kind of exercising that can improve your stamina could also mean potential weight loss. In other words, if you build the habit of bouncing on an indoor trampoline every day, you will probably notice a considerable loss in weight.

Of course, it will probably get boring after a few days of bouncing, but at least it is going to be more fun than jogging on a treadmill or riding a bicycle, right? It is probably one of the only fun ways of losing weight.

Targets several muscle groups

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As you continuously improve your flexibility and your stamina while losing weight, you will also notice an increase in strength. Yes, that is right. After several minutes of bouncing or even an hour of bouncing, you will start to target several muscle groups such as your calves, glutes, hamstring, abs, pectoral, and several other muscle groups.

Basically, it is almost like a full-body workout. Of course, it will not be as efficient as bodyweight training or weightlifting, but it still much better than nothing.

You will not get six-pack abs out of bouncing on an indoor trampoline, but you will most definitely notice stronger and leaner legs. Especially your legs below the knee. That muscle group will notice the most improvements and you will feel much lighter when climbing stairs or even when going on a walk.

With the information above, it is easy to figure out that a small indoor trampoline could actually be good for exercise. It can help you build your strength, stamina, lung capacity and it can even help you with your weight loss. A small investment that can provide you with an effective and fun workout routine.