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The loss of something or someone you highly value is hard. Some people in an attempt to comfort you use the wrong words like “you will get over it with time.” But who wants to forget those cherished people, moments or things that they hold so dear?

Memorabilia is one of the ways to remember the people and moments that we no longer have.

Dealing with loss is one of the hardest things for a human being, and everyone reacts differently to it. Human beings are created to hold on to good memories, according to a BBC news report.

One of the coping mechanisms is to keep the memories alive. This helps to heal the heart and also relive the moments. You may also want to keep the mementoes when your children leave the nest. However, saving everything that reminds you of the good times will add up and you might not have the space in your home to accommodate all of your memories. Learn to pick the essential things and keep them in the right way.

Besides losing a person, thing, or moments, the next painful thing would have no memorabilia to show for it. Working with the wrong service provider can be a fast way of losing all the cherished memories that you hold very dear. But how can you get the right person for the job amidst all the noise in the market place?

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Look for Personalized Services

Every individual has unique needs. A right service provider seeks to offer personalized services when handling memorabilia. The last thing you want in this delicate season of life is someone who assumes they know what you are going through from their job experience.

Experts in the field are patient with their clients as they understand the season you are going through and are willing to walk with you. Do not settle for anything less than exceptional customer support.

Quality Products

Thanks to sophisticated technology, old good things are made even better. Professionals in the field have invested in the latest equipment and software to give your old photos and videos a new lease on life. The final product is unmatched in quality as the providers are passion-driven.

Such entities also invest in the best human resources and skills to handle delicate tasks with utmost care. This ensures that as a customer, you enjoy outstanding services and great products.

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Check Reviews

The most trusted testimonial is from a client who has tried the products. Marketers believe that the most effective advertisement is through the word of mouth. When looking for a service provider to trust with your memorabilia like photos, videos, or audio recordings, look at the experience of previous clients from the reviews section of their website.


When engaging a professional to handle your memorabilia, ask for a quotation of the work. Some businessmen have hidden charges that they do not disclose from the onset to woo the clients with seemingly fair prices, only to give ridiculously high figures in the final bill. Get a comprehensive quotation from your service provider.

How to Organize Keepsakes and Memorabilia

If you are a sentimental soul, letting go of your memorabilia is one of the hardest things you may have to do. It is, however, crucial to make room for what matters most and release items that no longer make you happy.

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If you lose a loved one, letting go of their stuff may feel like a betrayal. Take time and mourn, then intentionally find time to create space. Go through the things and pick only the most important things to save.

If the deceased loved painting, choose the pieces of art you wish to keep. You can sell the remaining ones and donate to a cause they loved. Photos are also cherished mementoes that can reverse the hands of time. However, keeping heaps of old pictures is not viable. Get an expert to walk you through sorting the photos. While at it, you may consider digitizing them so that you can free your space and explore better ways of sharing and storing the images. Remember, tossing does not mean you are throwing the person or moment you cherished.


Find a right way of keeping whatever you need to retain. One of the hardest things to throw away are pictures, thanks to the sentimental value we attach to them. Look through everything and find gems and meaningful treasure. As you save the best, toss the rest.

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Choose Safe and Good Storage

When you store items, use acid-free products with archival quality as acid weaken clothes and paper. For photographs, engage an expert like Classic Memories to digitize and advice on the best storage option using the latest technologies. The professionals offer safe, stable and reliable digital content transfer services that you can count on.

Contain it

If you wish to keep a cloth, consider ripping it and making something like a frame, or a scarf that you will use and discard the rest. For pictures, videos and audio recordings, you can have them digitized so you can store in cloud storage spaces, and back them up on CDs, DVDs, hard disks, among others. You can pick some few and have an experienced service provider create a photo book, DVD slideshow, or wall art.

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It is easy to fall for the loudest businessman when sourcing for products or services in the market. Choosing someone to trust with your memorabilia may need a different approach. Many people have undergone a double tragedy. Besides losing a loved, they have lost precious memories of the highlight in their lives, and family members by choosing a wrong service provider. Others have lost every pleasant memory of a season in their life.

You can easily add to the statistics if you are not careful with your choice of a service provider.