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Drug rehab centers own experience of many years when it comes to treating addicted males and females of the community. Many centers do not consider it important to offer a separate treatment for males and females. People think that gender should not be specified but the reality is that males and females somewhat differ in functioning in some matters.

Also, there are a lot of people who are not comfortable sharing their journey with the opposite gender. They are not able to speak up in front of other gender and as a result, their group therapies are not that much fruitful. Every gender has specific issues that need to be addressed. If you are in need of a rehab that offers gender-specific treatment then click here now and get detailed information.

Need of a separate rehab

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People often raise a concern in separate treatment that why we need to separate males and females. This is because we share biological differences. There is a significant difference in the psychological structure of males and females. Women possess different behaviors, practices, lifestyles, customs, and perceptions as compare to males. When they enter a drug and alcohol rehab program, their treatment is designed on the basis of their features and personality. In this way, accurate treatment is designed for the addict.

The researchers observed a pattern in women who consume drugs that shows that women once start drugs they become very aggressive, irritable, and unashamed. They start using strategies to manipulate others. The journey of drugs in females always starts with the use of cigarettes first. The treatment at rehab is based largely on the therapies and it is observed that women feel difficulty in correcting themselves. They take relatively more time than males. At the start of treatment, women are anxious and depressed. In males, the level of aggression is also high but they do not experience fear or much sadness that is very obvious in females.

We know that women are way more emotional than males hence it takes more time to make women emotionally strong. It is hard for them to overcome emotions whereas males do not feel much difficulty in this regard. Women have complex nature and when on treatment they find a solution to one problem, they immediately start stressing out about other issues.

Such factors make addiction treatment difficult in females. When we talk about personal needs, women always show dominant conflicts. They keep grudges and keep on recalling old blunders. Their reactions are sometimes violent and the other moment they are crying. Such emotional complications demand different therapies in females as compare to males. Apart from all these reasons, the most important thing to consider is comfort and safety at rehab in order to achieve a sober life.

Variations in men and women addiction

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Addiction remains the same for both men and women but due to biological differences, both genders show different mental and physical challenges to get a sober life. Some of the variations are:

  • When females consume drugs, they metabolize them at a faster pace in comparison with men. That is why women tend to become addicted quickly and in a short time.
  • The nature of women is caregiving. They always try to care for others and put their selves later. When they need help for addiction, they face a tough time in admitting that this is time to take help.
  • Males don’t like to socialize and communicate about their addiction issues whereas women are communal and use the same approach for their recovery treatment.

Advantages of selecting Women Rehab Program

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Open discussion

Many females start doing drugs when they are involved in an abusive relationship or abusive marriage. They go through trauma and offer bear violence by their partners. They don’t feel comfortable sharing such personal issues and don’t open up when they are enrolled in a combined rehab.

When the rehab will be only limited to women, they will feel secure while sharing the happenings and in this way, the rehab team will be able to identify reasons behind drug addiction. Safety is the biggest concern of every woman. Many women who visit rehab are pregnant and they only open up when they are in their comfort zone. However, a study reported that women who are in the last weeks of pregnancy recover at a fast pace.

Supportive environment

When women are together, they love to share their issues with other women. This creates a nurturing environment where all the women are helping out each other and they support each other as well. Women together live like a community and buck up each other which is very important for relapse prevention.

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Personalized therapies

As we know that women have mostly much responsibility for their homes, kids, and work so they feel very uncomfortable and guilty when they have to take a break from all this routine and live at rehab. Most of the women mostly live a routine where they get up, look after their homes, cook meals for their kids, etc. When they live in rehab, they are constantly worried about how their kids and family will manage the routine without them these days. They feel regret and guilt.

They worry about others and as a consequence, they don’t eat properly and face self-esteem issues. The rehab team already knows that these issues are going on in the mind of the female client so they specifically address these issues in the personalized therapy sessions so that they don’t get bothered by responsibilities and only focus on recovering. Self-love is very important and many women forget this. They are so busy taking care of other members and let go there selves.

Apart from personalizing counseling, cognitive and behavioral therapies are also conducted in form of group sessions. Holistic techniques are added so that the client feels relax. The treatment serves the purpose of dual diagnosis treatment because it targets all the mental, physical and emotional problems.