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Back pain is a problem experienced by many Americans. In fact, studies show that over 80% of people in America will suffer from back problems at some point in their life. Furthermore, one of the most prevalent causes for individuals missing work is back discomfort.

Sometimes, injury may not be your fault. This is usually the case when someone filed a personal injury lawsuit or claim. In situations like these, you want to rehab correctly, but also want to ensure that you are compensated since someone else is responsible for your injury. One of the most important things to remember here is you need a good attorney to consult or represent you. Brandon J. Broderick specializes in injury cases across the board, from personal injury to worker’s comp.

To strengthen your back muscles and relieve discomfort, we’ve run down a list of back rehab exercises below. Your capacity to be an active participant in life will improve if you exercise your back muscles. These can also help you be set free from the captivity of back pain.

Here are some back exercises to assist you get rid of back pain:

Pelvic Lift

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When treating back pain, the multifidus muscle is one of the most significant muscles to think about. This is a tiny back muscle that connects the vertebrae one to the other. Its duty is to keep your vertebra from slipping forward due to gravity or other cases.

The muscle is trained to react faster with the pelvic lift.

You begin by lying down on your back and bending your knees. Then you want to cross your arms across your chest to prevent movement that will reduce the efficiency of the workout. Finally, raise your pelvis as high as you can and hold it for 15 seconds if you can. Continue with sets twice a day.

Leg Slides

The axial bones and muscles that surround your spinal column make up your core. One of the most effective workouts for strengthening your lower back and core is leg slides.

For a leg slide, you begin by lying down on your back, facing up. Find a neutral spine by placing your hands on your hip bones. While bending your knees, keep your feet firmly on the ground. As you stretch your right leg and move your heel on the ground, flex your abdominal muscles and exhale. Return to your starting location after that.

Perform up to 8 repetitions of this exercise on each leg.

The Hip Bridge

If you absolutely hate having back pain, do hip bridges to create a bridge and get over it. Doing hip bridges strengthens the back, legs, and hips’ posterior muscles. It’s not that difficult and will benefit you greatly.

To perform a hip bridge, begin by lying on your back with your arms at your sides. Keep your feet on the ground while bending your knees. Lift your hips while maintaining your shoulder straight and anchored to the ground. For up to 30 seconds, hold your pelvis in this position.

Lifts for the upper body

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The upper-body lift helps you stand for lengthy periods of time by strengthening the major muscles in your back.

To do this, you start by lying on your stomach. As you raise your upper body, place your arms behind your head. While executing this exercise, keep your feet on the ground. You want to repeat for 10 reps, after which you can increase to as much as 20 and do multiple sets. This exercise should be done at least twice a day, once in the morning and once at night.

Bending Over

Your back discomfort will become worse if you are afraid of bending over. Bend your back in such a manner that it remains straight.

The first step is to bend your neck and chest simultaneously. Then you stoop even lower. As you reach toward your toes, keep your lower back bowed. Without using your hands, raise your body. This will help you strengthen your core and get more used to bending.

When you bend, it’s OK to feel some tightness in your lower back muscles.

The Bird Dog

Never heard of the Bird Dog? This exercise will improve your balance and stability, while your ore and hip muscles will be strengthened as well.

Start this exercise by getting down on your hands and knees. From there, stretch your left leg behind you and bend your foot forward, flexing it. Then, with your thumb pointing upward, extend your right arm to the front of your body. To keep your left shoulder from falling into the posture, use your core muscles while supporting it. Hold this posture for as much as 30 seconds before switching sides and continuing the process.

Go for a Walk

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People with back discomfort might benefit from low-impact aerobics such as walking to strengthen their muscles. Walking may help with a variety of health issues, back pain being one of them.

It won’t be enough to walk for chores, work, and errands. To receive the cardiac advantages, you must walk for 30 minutes without stopping. If walking isn’t your thing, turn on some music to help pass the time. You’d be surprised how much music can help you get through 30 minutes of something you just don’t like.


Partial crunches can help strengthen your back and abdominal muscles. This workout is highly recommended for persons who suffer from back discomfort.

To begin, lay down on your back with your knees bent and your feet on the ground. Your arms might be crossed behind your back or across your chest. You can choose. Then, when you raise your shoulders off the floor, you tense your abdominal muscles and exhale. Hold the posture for a moment before slowly lowering yourself. Do this up to 12 times.

Wall Sitting

Performing a wall sit is another simple and safe exercise for anything that is suffering back pain.

To begin, stand 12 inches away from the wall. Then lean back against the wall until your back is flat. Slide down the wall slowly until your knees are bending. Your back should be forced against the wall at all times. It should seem as though you’re sitting in a chair that isn’t there. You want to hold this posture for around 10 seconds, then return to a standing position by sliding up the wall. Do up to 12 reps and repeat.