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As you already know, slumber is, perhaps, the most essential process for all living beings. Not only does it allow your body and mind to rest, but it might prompt healing, it’ll make you feel energized, as well as focused throughout the day. If you’re searching for methods that’ll make sleeping better, you must seriously think about investing in a mattress topper.

But, if you’ve never used it before, you may be wondering about what benefits it can provide you with, and more importantly, whether or not it’s actually suitable for your body and back. Before we look at the top health reasons for purchasing one, let’s first learn what these bed add-ons are:

A Mattress Topper: Explained

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As the name implies, this add-on is an additional layer that is placed over a mattress. Its initial purpose is to provide individuals with more convenience and protection while they’re resting. They come in diverse forms, sizes, thickness levels, colors, and they could be manufactured from a wide array of materials. If you research them online, you’ll see that you could find one from almost all bed options available on the market from beds for kids to king-sized ones.

When talking about the materials used for manufacturing these add-ons, you could opt for ones manufactured from memory foam, wool, fleece, as well as egg crate options that come in a padded cover. Now, keep in mind, each of these materials has its own advantages and drawbacks, hence, before you choose the first one that comes up in your search results, you must research each of them to figure out which one may be the most suitable for your requirements.

How Can it Help With My Back?

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1. It Can Give More Comfort & Support

One of the first advantages that you’ll gain from buying a bed topper is that it might and will provide you and your spine with extra support and ease. In fact, it often acts as a pressure-relief component of the bed, which won’t only assist with relaxing but can help with falling asleep faster too – something that is extremely important for individuals suffering from various health problems and conditions.

However, even if you don’t suffer from chronic shoulder and neck discomforts and issues, a topper could prevent them and it’ll definitely make sleeping more comfier for you. For instance, if the bed you own is too sturdy for you, applying a topper could help you with making a buffer, which basically implies that you’ll make it gentler, without having to invest in a new one – which could cost quite a lot depending on the bed you have.

2. If You Like Resting on One Side

I’m a side sleeper and I can say that it does have its drawbacks. For starters, sleeping like this always added extra pressure to my shoulders, one leg, and hips, which is the reason I often woke up with backaches and shoulder pain.

This, combined with the fact that my bed was too soft caused various sleep issues for me until I discovered the wonders of a topper. By adding it, you can find the perfect level of sturdiness, which will support your legs, shoulders, neck, spine, and, of course, joints.

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3. It Could Help With Restless Leg Syndrome

If you or your spouse suffer from restless leg syndrome or if you often wake during the evening, this could generate a wide array of problems for you, particularly if you don’t own a bed that’ll lower movement transfer.

However, applying a memory foam mattress topper such as the one offered by will help, mostly because it’ll allow your partner or you to stay asleep during the evening, even if one of you moves often.

4. It’ll Keep You Temperature Regulated

Warmth is our enemy during the summer, and it is something that will cause us to frequently wake up, toss, as well as turn, all of which could lead to spine issues. Since most mattresses cannot enable air to pass freely, your body temperature will remain high.

Now, you don’t need to purchase a new bed just so you could sleep better and alleviate neck and body aches, instead, you could simply opt for a topper that’ll assist you with regulating your body temperature. Some might even eliminate the excess moisture, all of which will enhance your slumber.

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5. You’re Bed Will Remain Sanitary

Besides assisting you with your spine problems, a topper could also help keep your bed hygienic. What does this mean? Well, if you place it over your bed, it’ll stop dirt and dust from getting into it, implying that it’s completely hypoallergenic.

Almost all options available on the vast market can also be cleaned in a machine or have a cover, hence, they’re easier to wash and maintain than an entire mattress. People suffering from allergies should seriously consider investing in such an add-on.

6. A Wide Array of Options

As we mentioned at the beginning of our article, there is a wide array of toppers offered on the market, which basically implies that you’ll easily and quickly locate one that is suitable for the bed. All you’ll have to do is to measure the bed and search for an option with the same dimensions.

Also, it’s worth stating that these add-ons are extremely affordable, which isn’t the situation with purchasing a new bed. Hence, if you wish to save money and gain extra support for the back, opt for this add-on!

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Whether you suffer from body and back discomfort or if you simply want to prevent such issues, you must definitely opt for purchasing a topper for a mattress. Not only will it keep your legs, back, neck, shoulders, joints, and arms supported but it could help you keep undisturbed during hot nights, all of which will aid with resting better.

Since you now know what are the most effective benefits of purchasing this particular add-on, you shouldn’t lose any more time. Instead, you may want to start browsing different online and physical stores so that you can find an option that’ll suit your requirements, circumstances, and naturally, the budget you have.