Corporate events and conferences are a great way to show the world the values that your company represents. Companies put in a lot of effort to project themselves as professionals and thorough experts in their respective fields. One easy yet effective way of improving the company’s reputation is to make the employees wear name badges.

Name badges or cards can be simple or highly fancy depending on the type of event at which they are worn. However, irrespective of the complexity of the design, name badges have a profound impact on the goodwill of a company.

Why Name Cards Leave A Lasting Impact?


Incorporating a simple change like introducing name cards for corporate events goes a long way in upholding the professionalism that the company stands for. Apart from professionalism, it creates more intimate contact between the employees and potential customers.

Name cards also bring in a great deal of accountability within an organization. This blog post shows how a simple change, like introducing a name badge, can work wonders for a company.

Badges Bring In Professionalism

When every employee at an event wears a badge that shows their name, designation and the company’s name, it gives a unique identity to the employees. A badge brings in the much-needed formality in the attire of the employees. It also gives a sense that the company is well organized, and the name cards bring in a sense of unity among all those who wear them.

Badges Help Enforce Accountability

When all the employees of a company wear a badge with their name and designation written on it, it brings in accountability. For instance, if one member of a team messes up a demonstration or a presentation, then the outsiders know whom to blame. Likewise, if a person stands out due to his good work, the outsiders also know whom to praise.

Moreover, since badges also have people’s designations written on them, the hierarchy within an organization becomes pretty evident. So as an outsider, you know whom to go to if you wish to complain against any particular individual.

Also, since it is easy to identify the wrongdoers, employees are more conscious of their behavior. Employees know that if they impress a client, their work will be appreciated and recognized. Hence the motivation to do good work and outperform others is greatly enhanced.

Name Badges Help Maintain The Security At Events


Gate crashing and unwanted entry of people are common in mega-events. However, the organizer’s job becomes easy if the participants wear badges that uniquely identify them. When a company introduces name badges, maintaining security becomes easier, as anyone without a company’s name badge cannot get entry to the event.

Name Badges Help Create Better Bonds With Potential Customers

Marketing and brand awareness are all about creating a more intimate bond between the service provider and potential customers. When the customers know people by their names, it creates a sense of familiarity.

Also, if a customer has had a great interaction with a particular person, he may want to talk to that person again. It becomes very difficult to locate an individual in the absence of any means for easy identification.

However, when employees wear name badges identifying them becomes very easy. More than anything else, a name brings in a humanlike element in every customer interaction. So in place of chatbots, which answer every query, a human element is greatly appreciated by all customers.

Name Badges Give Greater Scope For Brand Promotion

A particular badge designed for a company will have the company’s brand colors, logo, tagline, etc. So every time the customer comes across an employee of a company, he is reminded of the brand logo, name etc. So name badges help potential customers remember a particular company.

Brand recall is essential for customers when making a purchase decision. So if the identity cards or badges have been seen repeatedly by the customers, it helps in brand recall and subsequent purchase from that brand.

Name Badges Enable Easy Tracking Of Employees

When every person’s name and designation are written, it becomes easy to establish a line of command. Hence, tracking becomes easier if anything goes wrong or if any modification is needed in the plans.

What To Look For When Ordering Name Badges For Your Company?


When finalizing a supplier for identity cards or badges, their level of expertise, the designs, and the final price all matter. Some of these points are discussed below.

Look For Expertise

Go to a company that has expertise in producing identity badges or cards. Many tools like UV printing, digital printing, laser-based cutting or engraving may be used in making a badge.

So go to a shop that specializes in using many of the techniques mentioned above so that you can create a unique identity card for your company. Also, some shops specialize in braille identity cards. If your organization is cautious about inclusion and diversity, include braille and other disability-friendly features in the identity card.

Pay Attention To The Seller’s Reputation

Finalize the deal with a person or company that has been in the business for a long time. Check out reviews and feedback from past customers to zero in on the best supplier in the market.

Look For An Affordable Deal

Most suppliers will give you a discount for bulk orders. You will most likely need hundreds of cards for all your employees. Moreover, you will need fresh supplies every time a badge gets torn or a new person joins. So finalize the deal only when you get good discounts on placing bulk orders.



Having name cards for all the employees of your company has several benefits. It is a simple change that transforms the way in which your customers perceive you. It brings in a sense of discipline and professionalism and helps garner brand loyalty. Apart from this, fixing accountability becomes easier when there is a way to identify everyone who contributes to a task.

However, if you wish name badges to be useful, you must order them from a reputable manufacturer who has been in the business for a while.