When it comes to finding the right sportsbook for you, there’s a boatload of factors to consider.

This includes the user interface, deposit methods, game variety, and mobile friendliness. However, above everything else, you should pay the most attention to the reviews.

Reviews, reviews, reviews – you can’t put a price on how valuable they are. In the online betting world, they’re invaluable. But why is this?

You’ll be over the moon to know that this article is going to take a closer look at the reasons why sportsbook reviews are so important.

As soon as you’re ready to, read ahead…

Discover the best bonuses

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Sports fans love to bet on their favorite teams, whether it’s the LA Lakers or New England Patriots. In the modern-day, this is because of sports-related bonuses available through sportsbooks.

Bonuses can range from small to big. For example, a small bonus would be something like:

Place a minimum bet of $5 today to receive a free $5.

A bigger (and more exciting) bonus would be:

Receive a 100% match on any deposit you make today.

In this instance, if you deposited $200, you would receive an extra $200 (for free) to gamble with.

Thankfully, bonuses are a big topic of discussion in most sportsbook reviews, whether they’re posted by fans or professional companies. If you’re an NFL fan, click to learn more about the best NFL betting bonuses available right now.

Remember, always check reviews to see the mentions of bonuses. This is especially important if you’re looking for a new sportsbook to join, as you’ll be able to gain an understanding of which bookmakers are providing the best high-value bonuses!

Learn about customer service

Sports betting involves real-life money. Naturally, this means that customer service is very important, as people will need assistance whenever anything goes wrong or minor problems occur.

Let’s say that you place a bet on an NBA game and win a substantial amount of money. When this happens, you’ll probably want to withdraw your winnings to your bank account, right? Of course, you will! However, if you attempt to withdraw your winnings and nothing happens, this is a clear indicator that there’s a technical problem happening (something you likely can’t fix yourself). The solution? Customer service.

Whether you contact customer service via telephone, social media, or email, they should fix your problem within 24 to 48 hours, as it’s their responsibility. But if there’s no customer service, then your problem can’t be fixed, which means you can’t withdraw your money!

So, this brief example should highlight to you why customer service is so important in the sportsbook world. Fortunately, customer reviews will usually discuss this factor, from how fast the customer service is to its general reliability.

In 2024 and 2024, a sportsbook should be offering customer service via:

At a minimum, three of these mediums should be ticked! If not, make sure to avoid the sportsbook in question.

Know the different bet types

In the sports betting universe, there are many different types of bets that you can place, such as moneyline bets and against the spread bets. Typically, the greater the variety of bets are, the greater the experience – simple.

When reading sportsbook reviews, make sure to check for mentions of the bet types. If there aren’t many bet types available through a specific sportsbook, then you should ideally look to avoid them. Instead, go with a sportsbook that offers a variety of bet types, as this helps to make the experience more fun, valuable, and worthwhile – particularly for betting pros.

Find out about deposit and withdrawal methods

How people handle money has changed a lot over the past decade. This is all due to technology and smartphones.

Now, you can deposit and withdraw money in a variety of ways. Of course, you can stick with the standard credit and debit card options. Or alternatively, you can use Apple Pay or PayPal, which are fast becoming the crowd favorites.

Whatever your personal preferences are, make sure to check customer reviews so that you can find out about the different deposit and withdrawal methods made available by a specific sportsbook.

If a sportsbook only allows you to deposit funds using a credit or debit card, this is considered quite dated in the 21st century. In addition to credit and debit cards, they should be allowing you to deposit funds via PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and even crypto exchanges. This way, everyone is happy!

Check for downloadable apps

Most of the time, reviews will also make mention of smartphone apps that are available.

For example, nowadays, most sportsbook websites also have app versions of their products that you can use. This is great for smartphone users who want to bet on sports while on the move without having to continuously log into their accounts via a web browser. Instead, all their bets can be placed through a smartphone app!

When a sportsbook has a highly reviewed smartphone app, then this is an indicator that they’re an excellent company that cares about its customers. After all, developing and maintaining a sportsbook app takes a lot of time, effort, and resources – which is why only the best companies go ahead and do it.

If you’re someone who only want to gamble through an app (and not a website), then make sure to bear this in-mind.

Final thoughts

Thanks for reading this article all about the importance of checking sportsbook reviews!

Now, you know exactly which factors to check for in reviews. Here’s a final reminder:

  • Bonuses
  • Customer service
  • Bet types
  • Deposit and withdrawal methods
  • Smartphone apps

Remember, there’s no bias in the sportsbook reviews world. People are never afraid to voice their genuine opinions, and neither are the professional review companies. This is why – more often than not – sportsbook reviews can be trusted and relied upon!

Good luck with your next gambling venture and make sure to always gamble responsibly. Have fun!