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Alcohol and drugs are at the top of the list of addictive substances. In addition to smokers and alcohol addicts, there is an increasing number of illegal drug addicts. Withdrawal is a syndrome of intense physical discomfort and emotional suffering that occurs when the use of alcohol and other substances is stopped abruptly. Individuals who chronically abuse alcohol, or other substances, have an increased risk of depression, anxiety, memory problems, dementia, and insomnia.

Addiction is defined as a mental and sometimes physical condition characterized by a change in behavior, which includes the irresistible need to constantly or occasionally take a certain substance, to achieve its psychological effect or to avoid a crisis due to not taking it.

Reasons for consuming alcohol and other harmful substances

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The reasons for alcohol consumption are cultural, social, historically conditioned, but there are many other reasons for consumption. Growing up, children and young people meet with a number of risks and challenges including addictive substances. We are witnessing the constant trend of increasing frequency of use of alcohol and some other means among to young people all over the world and in our country.

According to, binge drinking and using addictive substances as a young adult is a common topic in newspaper articles and other media reports. One of the reasons for alcohol consumption is certainly the growing alienation of young people who are more and more time in their growing up left to themselves and the influence of their own peers. Alcohol is increasingly recognized as the cause of socially unacceptable behavior, family breakdown, poverty, and as a cause of many diseases. Prolonged consumption of excessive amounts of alcohol leads to the development of the disease which is called alcoholism. Although addiction is curable in most cases, the process is very time-consuming and difficult, both for the person in need of help and for the whole family.

The process of rehabilitation

What is very important is that a small number of people voluntarily agree to seek help. They usually deny that they have a problem or confuse the family that it will be different from tomorrow. Unfortunately, it often happens that tomorrow never comes. Various methods are applied, and very often it is a combination of higher – spiritual, psychological, and medical.

The first step to healing is diagnosis. Diagnosis includes a detailed examination by a doctor, assessment of the patient’s physical and mental condition. After the diagnosis, the findings are reviewed by a medical team that makes a strategy and treatment plan. The next step is detoxification. Depending on the results provided by the diagnosis, the most adequate method of detoxification of the organism from alcohol is chosen for each specific patient, which will best eliminate all the unpleasant and dangerous symptoms of the abstinence crisis. When alcohol is consumed for a long time and in large quantities, there is a risk of alcoholic delirium and epileptic seizures when alcohol abuse ceases. That is why detoxification is very important and it is not only a matter of infusions, vitamin hepatoprotections, amino acids, but also a complex of preparations that protect the brain, normalize the work of the heart, liver, kidneys, and peripheral nervous system. This program lasts seven days.

This is a step that should by no means be skipped. The next step is psycho stabilization. Addiction is still present, even after abstinence. At this stage, a negative attitude towards the recent vice is created. After that, we come to medication support. When all the stages are over, it is very important to be in contact with the therapist for at least the next year, because unfortunately, even a year later, one third will still take them, one third will use some substitute and control the intake, while only one third will remain clean. After one year, the abstinence rate continues to decline.

You must seek help, not hesitate. With professional staff, you will find it easier to deal with the problem, because they are educated and trained to recognize the stages in which the patient is, and know very well how to react in which situation, because the people who seek help, or who are brought with the persuasion of the family, very often irritable, prone to mood swings, aggression, and even suicidal thoughts. To learn more about it, visit this website.

Why is detoxification a step we must not skip?

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From year to year, numerous factors such as food, water, air, drugs, cosmetics, and stress jointly encourage the accumulation of harmful substances in the human body. These factors slow down the body’s processes, cause diseases and make it impossible for us to feel energetic, healthy, and satisfied. The body has a built-in detoxification system that starts in the liver, and our task is to start it with the right dietary choices.

The essence of detoxification is in cleansing and nurturing the body from the inside out. The goal is to cleanse the body of toxins and feed it with healthy nutrients. In addition, detoxification can help protect against disease and strengthen immunity. During detoxification, the blood is cleansed of toxins, and this is achieved by removing impurities from the blood inside the liver, where the toxins are processed for elimination. The body also eliminates toxins through the kidneys, intestines, lungs, lymph, and skin. This is something all of us should do from time to time, provide our body with healthy groceries detoxification.

Final thoughts

It can be concluded that alcohol and drug consumption can lead to chronic diseases that have a devastating effect on the overall mental and physical health of a person, and thus lead to changes in behavior and social and economic decay.

It is very important to recognize the first symptoms because the path to healing will be much easier. To successfully get rid of something, you need to think about what is the strongest motivation that will motivate you to change. Consider a “substitute activity”, but make sure it is positive, for example, do not replace smoking with snacks. And be patient. As we said, the longer the habit, the longer it will take you to get rid of it.