For an organization to function at the top level, it is necessary to have a great team. This is a fact that every business needs to know. Yes, to be successful, it is necessary to have a plan, strategy, and set goals that need to be met through the time filled with work, but of course, for these things to be completed, it is necessary to have a great team. The team is not the lowest-ranking employees, ie administrative workers. It is necessary to have a well-composed whole team, starting from the CEO to the employee that is working as security. But to make the right decisions, it is first necessary to put together a top team that will work with the director.

The director has many challenges ahead of him. He cannot decide for himself. He also needs the support of a team that will stand by him and gives him directions, will help him, and will be his support in making decisions, in performing the difficult tasks on which the success of the company depends, etc. He can not work alone, so he needs to have a team. Often these teams cost a lot of money, so a small team of three employees is made or just one person is hired who will be here to help and advise him in his work. Most often it is the executive assistant who is always side by side with the director and helps him to perform his position during working hours.

The executive assistant is usually the number one person under the director who helps him in his work. It can also be a person who supports another senior official in the company. These people are usually responsible for most of the work that needs to be done for those they help, they are the ones who have communication with other employees, managers, and of course co-workers. To run properly, it is necessary to find a suitable person who will work in this position. Employees of HR structures often have difficulty finding a hard-working person, a brave person, full of energy and enthusiasm for work who is ready to be in such a position. The advertisements for this position apply to a large number of people who have to go through several filters until they reach the final one and start working. But to get to the right one often the HR team spends a lot of their time, and that is primarily because they do not know exactly what to ask the candidates and how to extract more information from them to choose the right one for the position. . But we are here to help! Here are 5 questions you need to ask to get the right candidate for this position. Let’s get started!

1. Do you think that you are the right person for the job?


This is the first of several questions that are crucial and should surely be asked to the candidate who has come with the intention to become an executive assistant and be part of the large family of the company. By answering this question, the candidate will give you his most honest opinions about himself, will tell you why he is the best solution for a position that requires a professional, and will show you why to choose exactly that candidate. According to experts from C-Suite Executive Assistants who have many years of experience in recruiting executive assistants and building a base of such free assistants, this issue is often crucial to reaching the right person. So set it up and never avoid it!

2. Do you think you have the qualities and experience for this position?

The next question that is mandatory for every HR team of companies in the selection of a candidate for a position is the question that refers to the qualities and experience. With this question, you will easily see if the person is suitable for the position you are looking for a professional, if he has enough experience if he is an ambitious person who will do his best to do his job and contribute to the successful work of the leader and the success of the whole company.

3. Do you feel ready to work under increasing pressure?


the facial expression, the reactions of the body and the answer you will receive from the person standing in front of you after asking this question will tell you everything about the person who applied for the specific position. These places are for people who would accept work under increased pressure, work with time constraints to complete a project or task, work with targets and the like. You can find out if the person is ready at such a pace simply and quickly by asking this question which will give you many more answers than you expect. So ask and watch and listen to what the candidate is saying and showing you with their reactions.

4. Are you ready to work with given deadlines?

this position implies work with deadlines which is inevitable, so the issue itself is inevitable. Through it, the team from HR will find out if the person accepts work with deadlines, if he is ready for such a work regime and if he is a responsible person that you will find out after the reaction to the question that will be asked by you.

5. Do you think that you can do your best for the success of the company?


This is the final one that can decide if a candidate is ready to be part of the team. This is the question that will bring out honest thoughts and intentions from the candidate for working in the company. You will hear all the ideas, all the plans for the period when the candidate would be part of that position, but also part of the whole organization, etc. It will make you decide what to do next with that candidate.

Try to include these suggestions for the next interviews and you will see how much easier will be the process of finding a suitable holder of the position of executive assistant. Follow the suggestions, and be amazed by the result!