A home renovation that adds beautiful new bathroom or kitchen countertops can create a warm and inviting space for family and guests. Granite countertops can add extravagance and functionality to kick your kitchen (and bathroom) up a notch. New granite countertops are stylish, and durable, and make any of your space shine. No surprise that granite has been a popular option, like other countertop types such as quartz and marble countertops, for house owners hoping to enhance the appearance and ambience of their entire home – including the kitchen and bathroom. The advantages of using this classic material are provided below! Curious why?

There are several benefits of adding granite countertops to your kitchen, including these:

1. Granite countertops are tough.

It’s difficult to find a similar stone-based material that is as durable as granite countertops. Granite is a hard surface, so scratching and chipping concerns are kept to a minimum.

2. Granite is a natural material.


As granite comes from nature, it retains its natural appearance. And, because granite countertops are tumbled and polished, they shine to bring out the natural patterns in the stone. And your kitchen counters can be chosen to show a wide range of patterns, from marbled to speckled. Find out more here:

3. Granite is a bacteria and dirt deterrent.

As granite countertop surfaces are sealed, they are nonporous, so liquids cannot soak into them. This keeps a clean surface that is not infected by dirt, bacteria, or other unsanitary substances, making it ideal for any kitchen. It is this sealing that makes a kitchen clean and ready for food preparation.

4. Granite can easily be repaired if scratched or chipped.

Pots can be heavy, and if they hit a granite countertop in the wrong way, they could leave a chip or scratch in the stone. Your professional kitchen countertop installers can use a special putty that is dyed in your chosen color to repair the damage. It can then be resealed to protect it from debris and spills. The repair can be done so that it is unnoticeable.

5. Granite countertops are value-adding to the kitchen.

If you are concerned about adding value to your home and making it appealing to potential buyers, choose granite, for it has timeless appeal. Even though it might not increase the home’s resale value financially, it will increase its appeal to potential purchasers because a kitchen with granite countertops is undoubtedly more enticing than one with outdated countertops, which are often on purchasers’ must-have lists. Additionally, whenever you choose to incorporate exterior components into the interiors of your residence, notably something as environmentally friendly as granite, you raise the total value of your house.

6. Granite surfaces are flawlessly flat.


A flat surface is essential for cooking and baking, as everyone who practices the culinary arts or likes baking as a pastime is aware of. Now, due to their perfect flatness, granite countertops make the ideal kitchen countertop for rolling and kneading bread and cookie dough.

7. Granite counters are distinctive.

Granite is perfect if you want a distinctive kitchen and bathroom countertops. Each granite slab has its swirls and patterns, giving your kitchen and bath a unique finish that one cannot find anywhere. Each block of granite is unique because it is a natural substance. As a result, whichever option you select will be totally specific to your room, provide a distinctive kitchen and bathroom finish that no one else can duplicate, and probably reflect your taste.

8. Granite countertops come in a variety of hues.

Granite comes in a wide variety of colors, contrary to popular belief or perception that it is only available in gray or black. There is a choice that will fit your preferences and the design you desire for your kitchen, whether you want lighter or darker countertops. Granite is available in several unusual colors, like Azul Bahia, Black Galaxy, Sienna Bordeaux, and others. Granite has a rugged design that allows you to observe how various colors blend and occasionally even some dazzling bits that also reflect light.

9. The cost of granite countertops.

Despite what you might believe, installing granite countertops doesn’t seem to be very pricey. When finding competitively priced countertops, look no further than cheap granite countertops. Additionally, it’s not only about the cost; it’s also about the value of your money. Granite countertops are a great investment because they last for many years and come in a variety of price ranges for you to consider. You could spend less annually on granite countertops than you would on countertops made of other materials. If you experiment with different countertop sizes and colors, you can discover something that meets your budget.

10. The upkeep of granite countertops.


Well, granite countertops are viewed as a countertop surface with low care requirements. There is little chance that it will need to be fixed or resurfaced. The technology for sealers has advanced significantly over time, and many of them now endure for more than ten years before needing to be reapplied. Most homeowners may easily reapply themselves as necessary by simply applying the product and wiping off the excess. Asking your installer the first used brand of sealer and using that brand again is a smart suggestion.

11. Granite countertops are chemically resistant.

Chemical resistance in granite countertops is excellent. Acids or bases won’t damage the substance. However, if the sealer is used repeatedly, some solvents may eventually wash it away, necessitating re-sealing before the prescribed period has passed.

With all that being shown above, granite is our #1 countertop recommendation for any makeover due to its many benefits. You can’t go wrong with granite countertops due to their exceptional durability, variety of distinctive slabs, and an immediate boost in home value. Granite countertops may be expensive, but they are well worth the cost when you consider how long they will last. A kitchen remodel that includes new granite countertops can make your home more welcoming to invited guests. Granite countertops can turn a boring kitchen into one that’s functional, retaining all the original space’s functionality while providing a lovely countertop surface.