Weight management is a universal problem. There are countless programs and books with all kinds of advice on how to lose weight.

You’ve probably already tried some extreme diet plans or taken your exercise to a whole other level to shave off the extra weight. Not saying that these routes don’t work or even any of the guru pointers you may have tried. It’s just that no one strategy works for everyone.

If we agree that there are no quick fixes when it comes to losing weight, we are left with the question of what works.

Well, weight loss is a journey.

It’s not just about losing weight but also keeping it off. That requires certain lifestyle adjustments and making certain habits a permanent part of your life.

Now, we are not talking about observing some ridiculous diets forever. We share with you five easy habits you can maintain that will help you lose weight and actually keep it off.

1.    Cook More Often


Do you cook most of the time, or do you get takeout and are done with it?

The reality is that many American households do the latter, and it’s understandable because not everyone has the time to sit down and prepare a meal from scratch.

The reasons people eat out or get packaged foods are many, and it may come down to the fact that some people can’t cook. But is it worth learning how?

If you consider that cooking more often makes it easier to eat healthier, it’s worth the effort to learn or spare some time to prepare a home-cooked meal.

Remember, you have no control over the ingredients in your meal when getting takeout.

That changes when you cook your own meals because then, you will eliminate, substitute, or use in moderation products that contribute to weight gain, such as fats, carbs, and sugars.

Cooking your meals also makes avoiding processed foods easier, making your diet more organic.

All of these changes are easy to implement when you foster a habit of cooking.

2.    Boost Your Water Intake


Losing weight usually comes down to balancing how many calories you take and how much you burn. If your calorie intake is higher than your body can burn, you gain weight and vice versa.

You could go for strict diets that mostly starve you, but we all know they are not long-term sustainable.

What you may not know is that water, which your body needs in plenty, can help you lose weight safely, effortlessly, and permanently.

One study found that you can boost the calories your body burns by increasing your metabolic rate, which you can accomplish by drinking more water.

Several more studies have linked weight loss to drinking plenty of water, which doesn’t require much effort.

For instance, one study of overweight women found that simply drinking a liter of water daily resulted in the loss of over 4 pounds of weight in a year.

3.    Manage Your Portions


It’s important to manage your eating habits when you want to lose weight and keep things that way. That means eliminating unhealthy eating habits and adopting healthy ones.

Most people enjoy eating. It’s not a bad thing, as food is one of life’s gifts. But you can still love food without overeating. Keep in mind that overeating fills your body with more calories than it needs.

However, overeating to feel better emotionally and not because the food is super delicious means you are stress-eating, which is a psychological issue.

Make a habit of serving yourself on small plates. It will train your mind to get used to smaller portions.

In case you’re struggling with the need for servings or feel hungry shortly after meals, appetite suppressants may help. You could go with medications or natural options like cannabis.

If you are considering the cannabis route, check with a dispensary near you if they have strains that encourage weight loss.

4.    Walk a Lot!


When you get down to it, walking is a form of exercise, but one that everyone is born with the ability to do unless they are disabled.

On the other hand, not everyone is equipped to hit the gym. Also, for various reasons, some people find it challenging to stay consistent with other forms of exercise.

Basically, walking is easier to maintain long term as it’s something you can continue to do more of until it becomes a habit.

Physical activities, including walking, can help control weight as they burn calories. You easily fit walking into your daily routine by making it your primary means of movement.

However, it’s also about how much you walk and your pace. Since walking is something you can do more of with time, continue making them longer. You may also want to reserve a specific time during your day and take long walks or short brisk ones.

5.    Bask in the Sun


Too much exposure to sunlight is damaging due to ultraviolet radiation. However, a little bit of sun is good for you in many ways, one of which is promoting weight loss.

Sunlight in moderation may have an influence on your weight due to changes in metabolism. But ultraviolet radiation is also a factor. Researchers discovered that UV radiation helped suppress weight gain in mice.

Basking in the sun at some points during the day is also your best source of vitamin D. A recent study has shown that vitamin D promotes weight loss.

According to the study, the overweight and obese participants on vitamin D supplements lost 7 pounds on average after only a year.

It’s worth keeping in mind that prolonged sunlight exposure is not good for you. 15 to 25 minutes during the morning hours before the sun gets too hot would be best.


Final Thoughts

There are many weight loss strategies out there. Some may work for you, and some may not.

While you try out various programs, consider simple habits that will have long-term effects on your weight.