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Dogs are man’s best friend. This is a fact that as cliché as it sounds and as unbelievable as it sounds, is true. They are the best thing that can happen to a person. Great pets that are loyal to their owners and happy to be part of their family. They are our antidepressants who correct the moments instantly giving us a little of the unconditional love that they have every day without stopping. They are happy when we are happy, they make us happy when we are sad, and we are happy when they are happy. But what happens when they are sad? In those moments we do everything to make them happy.

But grief is often inexplicable. There are days when they are sad too. Most often it happens because we are not at home because we are at work or out somewhere, sometimes it is because of the wind and the rain because they are afraid of them, and rarely it is due to some pain. It is very difficult when dogs feel pain because the feeling of pain and fear manifest the same behavior in them – fear, stress, and bad mood. Sometimes owners may suspect that something is wrong with their dog’s health. And what then?

In those moments, the owners need to stay calm and insure themselves first. To do this, you will need to examine your dog yourself. You will start with the legs and feet, then continue with the head and the area around it and at the very end, it remains to check the back and abdomen. They usually respond to pressure on the hind legs and abdomen. If it responds to touches around the lower abdomen and lower back then you may begin to suspect that your dog has kidney problems. Visit this site to see if your pup is experiencing this health problem and speak with your vet. Below we cover 5 symptoms that a dog with chronic kidney disease would go through. Check and be sure, and if you notice any of these changes that we pass on to you, you will need to react quickly and take your pet to a veterinary examination immediately so that the problem that the dog encounters can be solved in a timely manner.

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  1. He refuses to eat any food, even his favorite – when the pet is not happy, but also when he refuses to eat then you must know that something is wrong with him. The first sign of any pet problem is the loss of appetite. They lose their appetite because of the pain or discomfort they feel just like us humans. The problem is that when they are stressed and in pain, they react the same way, ie they do not want to eat. So try their favorite food, and if they refuse it in that case you can suspect that something is wrong with your pet, and if necessary it is good to consult a veterinarian.
  2. Refuses to drink water and any other fluids – discomfort, stress, and poor health in dogs can be detected and noticed in another way. It is through refusing to drink water. This is especially a symptom when it comes to kidney problems. In both dogs and humans, the urge to drink fluids is reduced when it comes to kidney health. You will easily notice this in dogs. Approach the bowl of water and see if they will want to drink or refuse by turning their head to the other side. Try several times during the day. If they do not show a need for water within 24 hours then take something to make them feel better or go to the vet.
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  3. It lies in unusual places – if your pet has a favorite place, has his own crib, and has a habit of sleeping on the beds in the house and you do not find it there then surely something is wrong. In those situations, they either run away from being scared or run away because they feel some pain. In situations where this happens, the first thing you need to do is do the review we suggested above. Once you have done the examination you will be able to know what it is about, and for a more detailed it will be necessary to examine the veterinarian who will make a complete analysis and find the source of that reaction.
  4. Hides from everyone and refuses contact – the most obvious of all the signs is when a pet refuses contact and hides in unusual places. Then something is definitely wrong with him. The first thing you do in such situations is to offer him food and water, if he refuses continue to check the limbs and the rest of the body, and if he refuses contact and does not want to go out or does not allow you to examine him (growls, attacks or barks ) in that case it is definitely necessary to contact a veterinarian or visit this site to find out more and be instructed on what to do next and at what time it is most advisable to do so.
  5. Breathe fast and look exhausted – the last thing you need to notice is exhaustion, weakness and rapid breathing in your pet. You will notice the weakness in the movement, ie you will see if it barely goes on its feet, if it shakes and if it is completely straight. You will notice the exhaustion in whether it can move at all and whether it seems fresh or tired. Also, if you notice that your pet is weak and already knows his ribs, then there is a problem. So act in a timely manner to detect the problem and act in a timely and effective manner for the dog to be well.

If you notice any of these signs or symptoms or any other unusual change, in that case, your task is to go with your pet to a veterinarian who will do the necessary tests and tell you what therapy to take. Do everything you can to bring back the smile on your face and the energy back to your best friend, it is your responsibility to keep that friendship going happily ever after.