I would like to mention my experiences that I have related to Dental Implant Tourism in Istanbul and the advantages I have faced from this wonderful opportunity. I hope that my story will be enlightening and inspiring you as well.

Honestly, I’ve been looking for low-cost, quality dental implant treatment for years. However, the cost in my home country were at high level and were not slightly covered by insurance companies.

More importantly, deficiencies in my teeth started to affect my smile and self-confidence.

Based on the suggestion of my friend, I launched out into doing research on dental implant tourism in Turkey.

How Did My Research Process Proceed?

In advance of choosing Citydent Istanbul Dental Clinic, my preliminary research for a quality dental implant treatment was enormously comprehensive. Thanks to these researches, I have considered the reputation of clinics for providing superior quality and service. Here are some researches I’ve done: The Most Important Step Searching on the Internet

As a first step, I look over various articles and web pages about dental implant tourism. Reading positive and negative feedbacks regarding dental clinics in Istanbul, I noticed that Citydent Istanbul Dental Clinic is a very popular and reliable option. After checking the clinic’s webpage I had the chance to examine the services, professionals skills and experiences in wide detail.

Vital to consider Professional’s Review


I glanced at the articles and videos shared by dentists and dental implant specialists to learn related dental implant treatment. Additionally, I did research the training and experiences of the specialist dentists of Citydent Istanbul Dental Clinic. Well experienced and qualified staff of the clinic was sole factor that I could rely on in my treatment.

References and Comments from Previous Patients

In order to have more information as to Citydent Istanbul Dental Clinic, I paid attention to the experiences of patients who have been treated in this clinic before. Previous patients on the internet and references on social media platforms encouraged me about the clinic’s high patient satisfaction and successful results.

Equipment and Clinic Assessment

Had a look at the photos and videos on the website of Citydent Istanbul Dental Clinic, I saw that the clinic is a modern and well-equipped center. Devices and technology used in dental implant treatment were quite vital to me in terms of treatment quality and safety.

Communication and Support Services

Moreover, I had the opportunity to ask questions about my treatment process and get detailed information by contacting to clinic. The quick and professional responses of the clinic’s communication team ensured us that they had a patient-centered approach.

As a result of all my some researches, I reckon that Citydent Istanbul Dental Clinic was the most plausible option in terms of having quality dental implant treatment in Istanbul.

The clinic’s expert staff, modern equipment, patient satisfaction and communication were the reasons for my preference.

Which Clinic Did I choose?

In fact that I would like to share that I preferred Citydent Istanbul Dental Clinic and my experience in this unique clinic. Citydent Istanbul dental clinic has been my best choice for dental implants in Istanbul and welcomed me with pleasure.

When I landed in Turkey, the clinic staff greeted me with a warm smile and sincerity. My dentist gave some detail about the treatment process in a professional and informative way and quelled all my concerns. The modern equipment and hygienic environment was reassuring for sure.

The comfort and care I experienced during the every step of the treatment helped me clear all the questions and worries in my mind. This experience, combined with Turkish hospitality and expertise, has become an unforgettable one for me.

After operation process, I had been extremely surprised by the quality and aesthetic appearance of my dental implants. My post-treatment check-ups were also followed regularly, hopefully the whole process went smoothly.

Nevertheless, I did not only come to Turkey for dental implants; I had the greatest chance to discover the historical beauties of Istanbul. Thanks to a wonderful experience, I both improved my health and had a unique vacation in this spectacular city. What do you think of the dental clinic now did I choose?

Expert Staff and Patient Feedback


Citydent Istanbul Dental Clinic has cutting-edge technology with expert and experienced dentists. Their expertise and successful track record in dental implant treatment was inevitably reassuring to me. The clinic’s quality service and result-oriented approach made me feel like it would be a place where I could safely entrust my smile in my face.

Hygienic Environment and Cutting Edge Equipment

The clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and has an environment paying the utmost attention to hygiene. This ensured that the treatment process was carried out safely and effectively. In the meantime, the modern and spacious design of the clinic allowed me to receive treatment in a comfortable atmosphere.

Online Consultation Opportunity

In advance of starting the treatment, it is quite possible to communicate online with Citydent Istanbul Dental Clinic. I digitally sent my dental x-rays and other medical documents. Using this information, the expert team pondered over my situation and prepared a preliminary treatment plan in line with my needs. This online consultation helped me reduce my time and effort.

Personalized Treatment Plan

Citydent Istanbul evaluates each patient individually and creates a treatment plan fulfilling their needs. Before my treatment stages, a comprehensive examination was applied and then a personalized treatment plan was scheduled considering my expectations and health status. This approach proved to me the professionalism of the clinic and the importance they give to patient satisfaction.

Patient-Centered Communication Ability


The staff of Citydent Istanbul Dental Clinic provides service with a patient-oriented approach. I was always greeted with easy communication, understandable approach and respect at every stage. My questions and concerns were taken into consideration patiently and then I was constantly kept informed during the entire treatment process.

Affordable Prices and Easy Reservation

Citydent Istanbul offers affordable options despite the quality services it offers. The clinic, which is very advantageous in terms of dental implant tourism, also makes the reservation process extremely easy. The helpful and prompt customer service team supported me with my travel and accommodation arrangements. Thanks to the online reservation systems, I was able to set my appointments at the desired date and time. Also, the clinic’s communications team helped me communicate quickly and efficiently over phone and email.

Follow-up After Treatment

During the course of my face-to-face examination at the clinic, the expert thoroughly examined all the details and expressed the dental implant treatment process. A personalized treatment plan was carried out, taking into account my priorities and expectations.

At this stage, as I had any questions or concerns related to my treatment process, my dentist and clinic staff gladly kept me updated.

So, I would like to talk about other key factors that facilitate the treatment process.

Translation and Support Services

The best part that the clinic greatly helped me overcome the language barrier by providing translation and support services for international patients. Even though, I don’t speak English, I might have difficulty grabbing some expressions in the local language. However, the clinic staff made an effort in this matter, ensuring that all communication went smoothly.

All in all Treatment Planning


During my face-to-face examination at the clinic, my dentist carefully examined all the specifics and explained more about the dental implant treatment process clearly. A personalized treatment plan was scheduled, taking into account my needs and expectations. At this stage, as I had any questions or concerns about my treatment process, my dentist and clinic staff saliently enlightened me.

Touristic Activities and Accommodation Recommendations

When it comes to funny and enjoying moments, Citydent Istanbul Dental Clinic assisted me regarding touristic activities and accommodation options during my stay in Istanbul. They made suggestions that made it easier for me to explore the city. This allowed me to have a nice holiday experience as well as my treatment process.

Moreover, Citydent Istanbul Dental Clinic consistantly and hospitably supported me after the treatment. They regularly followed the healing process of my dental implants and provided the necessary information. Even, My post-treatment check-ups were followed regularly and then hopefully any problem was promptly intervened.

In short, the advantages I have gained from dental implants Istanbul have been incredibly valuable to me. I had an ineffable experience with quality treatment, affordable prices, expertise, tourist activities and tolerance. If you, like me, are looking for affordable and high-quality Dental Implant treatment in Istanbul, you should definitely evaluate dental implant tourism in Turkey!