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Which type of pain do people hate the most? We are pretty sure most people will agree that toothache is the number one answer to that question. This sort of situation mostly happens during the night. Because of that, we are consuming painkillers to try to ensure a good night’s sleep. 

It is fine if you do that only once. However, reducing the pain is not going to solve your problem. Things usually get back to normal for a day or two, but if you don’t visit the dentist, the problem will only expand and become bigger. 

Anyway, the good news for all the people is that science and technology are improving every single day. Because of that, dental clinics such as are using the most modern techniques and treatments to fill the holes that occur because of a lack of teeth. One of the options that you will definitely have is – dental implants. 

Dental Implants are actually an amazing solution. Unfortunately, many people will not decide on adding them for a simple reason – fear. You can often hear people saying that dental implants can cause chronic pain, complicate the current situation, etc. Well, we truly believe it is about time to get familiar with the entire procedure and find out the reasons why getting dental implants is not as scary as people think. The text below will change your way of thinking!

What Are Dental Implants & How Does a Process Look

For those that do not know, dental implants are a good quality replacement for tooth roots. Many people decide on adding them because they are durable. The dentist will use metal posts and insert them in your jawbone. The purpose of this post is to keep the crown, bridge, or a single tooth in place. If you pick the right dental expert, he or she will try to make dental implants that are identical to your natural teeth. That is the reason why most people will not even notice that you have them when you smile. 

The treatment itself lasts a bit longer, and that is the reason why people avoid them. However, we guarantee you will be satisfied with the results. A bit of patient is necessary for every “success”, isn’t it?

The dentist primarily checks whether you are suitable for this type of procedure or not. If you are, the dental expert will insert the implant into your jaw. When he finishes his first task, he will put on a temporary crown and wait for the entire area to heal. Of course, the dentist will follow the progress over time and check out whether your jaw accepted the replacement part. After a few months, you will get a permanent crown that goes directly to your implant. 

How long the entire process will last depends on many factors. It often lasts around a couple of months, but you may have to visit the dentist for around 12 months. 

But, Is Sounds Scary

In theory, when you imagine that someone puts a metal post into your jaw, things truly sound scary. However, there is nothing to worry about, especially if you know that your dentist has a long experience in this industry. We would like to highlight a couple of reasons why you should be completely calm before deciding on this treatment. 

Success Rate Is High

Many people are afraid of dental implants because they are not sure whether their bone will heal or not. Believe it or not, in nearly 95% of cases, nothing bad happens. Even if the situation starts to complicate for some reason, there is nothing the dentist could not fix with the latest technology and modern techniques. Your only task would be to contact your dentist as soon as you notice that something bad happened. 

So, what happens if the bone does not heal? Well, the procedure is pretty simple; the dentist will remove the implant and allow your bone to heal for a couple of months. When your bone is ready, you can repeat the procedure once again without any concern. 

The Entire Surgery Is Precisely Planned Out

Every detail of the surgery is precisely determined even before the entire procedure starts. Thanks to the details that your dental expert gains during the planning process and check-up, he or she will manage to find the best possible solution to your problem. Most professional dentists will try to explain to you all those details even if you are not familiar with the dental industry at all. This is something you should put into consideration if you are not pretty sure whether the dental expert you chose is good or not. 

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There Is No Pain During the Procedure

There is one big misunderstanding about the dental implant procedure that most people believe is true. No, there is no pain that you will feel during the procedure. You will be under local anesthesia all the time! If one dose of anesthesia does not work properly, you have to tell that to your dentist so he could give you another one. 

Yet, there is also a psychological factor here that may mess up your plans. If you are too afraid of the surgery, then you have to tell that to your dentist. He or she will give you an anti-anxiety medicine that will calm down your nerves and ensure the entire procedure is completely painless. In other words, if the communication is good, nothing is going to hurt you. You can even take a nap while the dentist finishes his part of the job. 

The Post-Surgery Pain Is Not That Tough

A certain dose of discomfort may appear when the effect of the anesthesia ends. However, this is a normal thing even for the less complex procedures. However, after a few days, you won’t feel pain or any other form of discomfort. The preparation process before the surgery confirms this. Even if something bad happens, the dentist will fix it. As mentioned, every sort of trouble that could occur here has a solution, but you must tell your dentist! 

Final Thought

As you see, there is nothing you should be afraid of. With a bit more patient, you will get new teeth that look natural for the next 25 to 30 years. They can last even longer if you take care of them, but that’s something that depends only on you. Are you ready to take action?