Renting a virtual server is more than an attractive alternative to buying one. In fact, it has the same list of features as a physical one, but it costs much less. The desire to save money is hardly reprehensible. To rent a high-quality and at the same time inexpensive VDS-server can help service

The owner can quickly change the computing resources used, install the necessary programs and applications, install any operating system, manage and change the contents of files in service and root directories.

Information security is at a high level. In a virtual environment each server has an individual copy of the system, the ability to quickly backup data and backup archives.

If the business project is growing and requires higher performance, the huge amount of resources can be easily increased by installing additional processors

Advantages of VPS/VDS Server


With root access, you can influence the settings of your server at any time. Install any software for your needs. There are very few “neighbors” on the server, in addition, they can’t use your resources. This server can withstand heavy loads: a lot of visitors to the site and a lot of traffic. Your VPS is allocated a separate ip-address. VPS/VDS server allows you to put the necessary number of sites on it, and it is limited only by its capabilities. It turns out that the advantages of such a place for sites is more. But it is not suitable for everyone, because there are disadvantages.

What Are the Advantages?

There are quite a few offers on the market. Many services offer free product testing. Only in the first place it is worth paying attention to the tandem of tariffs and the reliability of the service provider. Smooth operation and fruitful interaction is extremely important. Rent a server in the Netherlands is one of the most attractive and rational offers.

If you rent a VDS/VPS server, you can forget about various technical problems and downtime for a long time. All the problems will be handled by the service company. Trusting professionals, you can get a guarantee of peace of mind and confidence. Even if it happens that one of the servers instantly ceases to perform its functions or work correctly, the other tenants will not be affected. Each of them works in an autonomous mode.

Independence from the provider is also a key advantage. A virtual server does not limit the tenant in terms of software installation, which is unacceptable when it comes to a physical one. The quantity and quality of software can be absolutely any.

The security aspect for many plays a priority role. In this case, the analogues of the virtual server doesn’t exist. It is perfectly protected from hacking and other unauthorized interference in the systems. Theft of data is completely excluded.

Virtual server has numerous advantages, which are hard to deny or ignore. It allows the tenant to gain full control over the processes. If desired, the customer can configure the entire range of parameters independently, based on the needs and requirements of a personal resource, or leave this to the experts of the service. The ability to choose is a pleasant surprise. There are no limits on the number of resources, databases, email accounts or mailboxes. The tenant has the right to allocate resources between the portals himself. Everything depends on the needs at a particular time.

Are There Any Disadvantages?


The only drawback is the need to have some knowledge and skills in terms of server administration. Although no one forbids to involve a “third party” to perform the tasks. In other aspects, the VDS/VPS server rental is the best solution to optimize your website and significantly improve its performance. In addition, do not forget about the high security threshold, which is relevant in today’s environment. Improper operation of a virtual dedicated server will lead to problems in smooth operation and security. The cost of such a server will be higher compared to shared hosting. In some cases, rare server neighbors can still affect you with their incorrect actions.

What Operating Systems Can Be Installed on Such a Server?

Many companies prefer to use for corporate purposes not only Windows. This is due to the high cost of licensed software. In addition, it is less suitable for fine-tuning to personal needs. Therefore, KVM virtualization is well suited for remote servers. It allows you to choose a suitable OS, be it Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS or Fedora.

The Difference Between VPS and VDS


VPS implies virtualization of the server within the OS (operating system) – containerization, which is implemented on the basis of special technologies such as iCore Virtual Accounts, FreeBSD Jail, OpenVZ, Parallels Virtuozzo Containers, etc. By renting a VPS, the client gets an isolated environment (software environment) to work with the rights of root, but can not change the kernel or the operating system itself. As part of VPS service provider can set some restrictions (for example, the availability of resources).

VDS implies renting a server on the hardware level. The client receives physical allocation of hardware resources based on LDoms, Microsoft Hyper-V, VMWare, XEN, KVM, etc. In addition to the use of processing power of the processor, disk space and RAM, the administrator can install a different operating system on the VDS, modify it and even change the BIOS settings. VDS differs favorably from VPS in the breadth of possibilities.

Recently, more and more companies rent VPS and VDS because the price/quality ratio of this service allows customers to get the most favorable conditions for work. But few people think about the physical location of the data center, which rents a dedicated or virtual server.


It turns out that VPS/VDS hosting can be used for virtually any Internet resource. Given all the advantages and disadvantages of the server, it is most often used

  • online stores with large traffic
  • game servers
  • testers and developers of new online resources
  • email clients
  • resources with large amounts of personal data
  • sites with IP telephony
  • sites with regular video surveillance

Virtual dedicated server suits beginners in programming for a simple site with little attendance. You just need to choose the necessary power and price for your needs.